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COVID Vax Approved for Babies

COVID Vax Approved for Babies
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The march toward a yearly COVID shot for young children continues.

The FDA has amended the emergency use authorization (EUA) for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination to include children aged six months to five years. We believe the campaign to get young children vaccinated against COVID is really about getting COVID shots added to the CDC’s Childhood Immunization Schedule: a yearly COVID shot to help pad the coffers of Big Pharma.

Getting the COVID shots recommended for children is the first step to making them part of the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule—that is, a yearly shot for COVID, potentially long after COVID is no longer a pandemic. If COVID vaccines are added to the childhood immunization schedule, it means billions in sales for vaccine manufacturers and complete liability protection when children or adults are harmed by the vaccines. Note that liability protection for COVID vaccines will go away by October 2024 according to the PREP Act Declaration made by Health Secretary Alex Azar in 2020; vaccines on the CDC’s schedule are permanently protected from liability.

To us, the scientific case for vaccinating all young children is dubious. As we’ve reported previously, kids have made up tiny fractions of total hospitalization and death numbers from COVID. Children have a 99.995 percent recovery rate from COVID and virtually no risk of death. Nor is there compelling evidence that vaccination prevents transmission or infection. In fact, CDC data show that children aged 0-4 made up about 1 percent of total hospitalizations for most of the pandemic. From January 2020 to the present, COVID has killed 105 children aged 1-4, which is about 0.01 percent of total COVID deaths. For comparison, pneumonia killed 284 children aged 1-4 during the same time period.

This data has prompted health authorities in Florida to recommend that healthy children not receive the COVID vaccine, contradicting the CDC.

Further, the 80.3 percent efficacy reported by Pfizer to support expanding the vaccine’s EUA is based on 10 children who were symptomatic seven days after the third dose of the vaccine. Even vaccine proponent Dr. Paul Offit admitted that “It’s a small number, so it’s really hard to comment on this as something more general since you don’t know because the numbers are so small.”

As we’ve stated previously, all of this shows that the case for vaccinating children against COVID is weak, since it offers little protection to a disease that, overall, does not threaten children nearly as much as other age groups. So why are government regulators pressing forward anyway? The only reasonable explanation, to us, is to move toward getting annual, required COVID shots for young children, which would be a tremendous boon for Big Pharma. It is crony medicine at its finest: special interests using the power and clout of the federal government to guarantee massive vaccine sales, all while being shielded from the responsibility of paying for the damage their products cause.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them we cannot sacrifice children’s health for vaccine manufacturer profits. Please send your message immediately.

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