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Hillary’s Medicine “Bizarre”?

Hillary’s Medicine “Bizarre”?
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What your doctor doesn’t know could harm you.
Recently, TV celebrity doctor and board-certified internist Drew Pinsky made some waves by mocking the medicine that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was receiving, saying that he was “gravely concerned” about her “bizarre…1950-level sort of care.”
Pinsky was referring to the treatment of Clinton’s hyperthyroidism with Armour thyroid, which is a natural, desiccated thyroid extract (DTE) made from pig thyroid glands.
Yes, Armour has been around for a long time, but as we’ve reported before, natural thyroid medications are far superior to the Big-Pharma-produced synthetic thyroid drugs. The human body produces five different thyroid hormones, though today most patients are treated with Big Pharma’s levothyroxine, which only gives patients one thyroid hormone, T4, not even the hormone that the human body actually uses. To be of any help, the T4 must be converted to T3, and many of us cannot do this efficiently.
In contrast to what many conventional doctors will tell you, many hypothyroid patients prefer and actually need natural thyroid medicine like Armour. This is likely due to the fact that pig thyroid glands (from which DTE is typically derived) produce T1, T2, T3, T4, and calcitonin. Despite this, most thyroid patients are prescribed the inferior pharmaceutical drug. Why? This makes no sense. Is it because doctors only listen to drug companies? Or because the newer, inferior drugs make more money for both government regulators and the pharmaceutical industry?
There is a further twist to the story about Dr. Pinsky’s ignorant comments about natural thyroid medicine. Shortly thereafter, Pinsky lost his show. Was it because of his attacking Armour? Certainly not. Was it because he commented on Hillary’s health? Clinton has close, lucrative ties to Big Pharmawhich total more than $10 million in this election cycle alone. The pharmaceutical industry has a lock grip on the media because of its huge advertising budget. But was Big Pharma upset over the incident and if so, why?
Far from being “weird,” “unconventional,” or “outdated,” as Pinsky said, Clinton’s use of Armour thyroid shows that she is getting good advice from some natural doctor. We suspect we know which one, but hesitate to mention the name given the media attacks that might follow.
Evidently Mrs. Clinton is not just consulting integrative physicians, given her use of Coumadin, a very dangerous blood-thinner that can damage her bones and other aspects of her health. There are safer natural alternatives.
Armour thyroid is not a customized medicine. But we wonder if Clinton is aware of the risk to customized, natural thyroid medicines made by compounding pharmacies as a result of recent FDA actions. We believe that Big Pharma is pulling most of the strings behind the multi-pronged attack on natural medicines made by compounding pharmacies, since these medicines compete with their patented drugs.
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