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In Memoriam: Dr. Stephen Sinatra

In Memoriam: Dr. Stephen Sinatra

Remembering a titan in the field of cardiology.

On June 19th, 2022, Stephen Sinatra, MD passed away following a brief illness. Dr. Sinatra was a pioneer in integrative cardiology. In particular, he recognized the importance of supporting the heart’s energy needs as one of the few organs that functions continuously. His protocol for healthy heart function was geared towards supporting those energy needs through ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production with supplements like CoQ10, magnesium, L-Carnitine, d-ribose, and others.

Dr. Sinatra was a brilliant physician, researcher, writer, speaker, and a great friend to the Alliance for Natural Health. He will be dearly missed.

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12 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Dr. Stephen Sinatra

  • Lexie

    Rest in Peace. Dr. Sinatra was a brave, interesting, knowledgeable, humorous, generous and vibrant. I hope his spirit will still help to lead us toward health – and mental vitality.

  • Phi

    Dr. Sinatra also supported the use of grounding. Let’s move past the 19th century model that we are meat bodies made of chemicals, and chemicals chemicals chemicals are the prime nutrients.
    Everything is electrical; chemicals bond or not due to electrical handshaking. The supplements that work best turn out to be electron donors. Free electrons neutralize free radicals.
    The greatest source of free electrons is Mother earth, from which all Life has arisen.
    Grounding is inexpensive. Make sure it is part of your health regimen. Humans and animals in the wild walk on soil, sand, and water, connected electrically to Source. Humans in urban areas wear insulating rubber and plastic shoes, stand on concrete, never put their hands or feet in contact with the soil. Static charge builds up, we flare and discharge upon each other in outbursts. Get grounded; get balanced.

  • Raf

    Just wondering how old Dr Sinatra was and what did he die from I heard him a few times but haven’t seen him lately and now I know why thank you

  • I am so lucky to have shared the planet same time as this amazing man. When I collapsed on stairs in San Francisco for lack of energy, came home and found talking took too much energy, and I could only stare into space from the couch, I told me son to go to Dr Sinatra’s site and search for fatigue, energy, ATP, mitochondria.

    The result: ribose. (I already knew about the others like CoQ10, ribose was new to me) My son was at Whole Foods in 20 minutes and my life changed. Ribose has been in my daily routine every day since this and I have shared this info with others.

    I had been reading Dr Sinatra for years just because…just because it interested me – so when I needed him I knew exactly where to go.

    So sorry to say good-bye and do so with a heavy heart but also one of pure delight with what he left behind for all of us. Awesome and amazing – these words only begin to hold my thanks.

  • Jan

    That grieves me deeply. I’m so appreciative of all that he taught and did for people. I learned so much from him and am grateful to him for helping me improve my cardiovascular health.

  • Beverly Howard-Thorn

    I used his protocol to heal my husband from a heart attack and the doctors here in Grand Rapids still have no clue how he survived without medical attention. My condolences to the Sinatra family .

  • I am currently benefitting from Dr. Sinatra’s vast expertise through his supplements aimed at heart health. I’m so grateful I was able to find out about the work of this man and take advantage of it. His loss will be deeply felt by all of us whose lives he touched.

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