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Synthetic Biology – The Future of Food?

Synthetic Biology – The Future of Food?
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From Environmental Health Symposium

While we were distracted with Covid-19, lockdowns, mask mandates, and other conundrums, manufacturers of artificial food were busy at work creating the “new food economy.” Since the strategy for getting pesticide-intensive GMO crops onto your plate or your backyard is failing (see Kellogg Commits to Phasing Out Glyphosate by 2025 and Bayer to Remove Glyphosate from Lawn & Garden Roundup Products ) the world of evermore frightening fake foods is moving boldly forward.

Called “synbio” (short for synthetic biology), this new technology promises foods that are “planet-friendly, low-input, low-carbon, methane-free, heart-healthy, high fiber, plant-based” through a technology that can create everything from honey to lobster, cheese, milk, chicken, and beef simply from “plants.”

The most recognizable synbio is the “Impossible Burger,” known for its apparent similarity to the real thing. Its ingredients are GMO corn and soy, wheat, potato, and coconut. Innocuous enough, yes? What the ingredients don’t reveal is the actual process by which the “real beef texture and taste” is created.

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