Just say “No” to GMOs!

March 9, 2010
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In recent articles, we’ve touched on the subject of genetically modified organisms (GMOs): their potential to contaminate organic crops, the hugecorncomplete failure to test their safety for your health or the environment, and the failure of labels to alert shoppers to the presence of GMOs in foods they’re considering buying. We now have some updates. A non-GMO product-verification program is up and running. This will help you avoid GMO contaminated food. You can download the invaluable Non-GMO Shopping Guide from the website of leading anti-GMO campaigner, Jeffrey Smith. GMO crops have also been banned on National Wildlife Refuge land.
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) has issued an important statement about GMOs.
AAEM is an association of doctors. It’s mission is “to promote optimal health through prevention, and safe and effective treatment of the causes of illness by supporting physicians and other professionals in serving the public through education about the interaction between humans and their environment”. True to that mission, the AAEM has helped patients suffering from exposure to many different environmental toxins — long before the American Medical Association acknowledged that the environment has any effect on human health.
In sharp contrast to the pro-GMO lip service of the US and other governments, and of course the biotech industry itself, the AAEM’s statement shows that there is indeed a causal relationship between genetically modified foods, poor health, and disease. The statement cites a large number of studies linking GMO foods to a “wide variety of health problems.” The organization also notes that not a single clinical trial of any GMO crop has ever been published, despite evidence that as many as 80 percent of processed foods now on grocery-store shelves contain ingredients derived from GMO crops.
ANH-International has also taken a strong stand with its Say No to GMO campaign.

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43 responses to “Just say “No” to GMOs!”

  1. robert orlando says:

    NO gmo’s

    • Gloria says:

      Why is the FDA allowing GMO’s in our food supply? Why aren’t they acknowledging the science against it?

      • Sharon says:

        FDA or any government department are supported by lobbyists. Also, several people who work in the FDA have worked for companies like Monsato who developed the GMO’s. It is driven by money. People working in the government don’t care about us as much as they care about the money they are given to push these things through!

  2. Cathy Hall says:

    If we are really serious about health care we will get rid of the GMOs as well as high fructose corn syrup. These are just a few ways to the road of good health. I know that it will be hard because this is organized and made by the great Monsanto.

    • mary says:

      GMO’s have been on our food plates for the past 20 years!! The people at the top with all the controls and money have kept people at bay that have wanted to put labels on the cans saying “GMO” for years now.
      As far as high fructose corn syrup is concerned ,it directly attacks the pancreas, weakening it and that is why there is so much diabetes in this country in the first place. Teach all to read labels. There are sugar subs that are out there such as stevia as a good sweetener for one.

  3. Ken Greenwald says:

    There have been no complete tests proving that GMO products are safe for human consumption.
    We are dealing here with a very dangerous approach to food consumption. Ten years up the line people will suffer greatly with disease and physical problems brought on by GMO modified foods.

  4. Ted Devine says:

    This push by Monsanto to control the world’s food supply by patented GMO foods is utter insanity! This must be the one of the levels of Dante’s Inferno–surely a direct route to Hell for the planet.
    President’ Cabinet choice of the previous head of Monsanto does not bode well for the First Lady’s plight towards natural foods. Perhaps some pillow talk would help here if she only knew better.

  5. Jacqueline Lessard says:

    I say NO to GMO’s! I don’t want them cross-contaminating my organic products!

  6. Nancy Snedden says:

    No GMOs under any conditions. The environment and soil in some areas has already been so damaged that nothing organic CAN be grown. We have enough poisons in our systems already; no more. No more.

  7. Carol Robinson says:

    NO GMO’s Stop polluting our world for your profits.

  8. GMO’s are not healthy for people or animals to consume. Studies have proven the detrimental effects of GMO’s on the health of all living creatures. Seeds and food need to be preserved in their natural form the way God made them. We need to have food in its naturall state – not genetically modified.

  9. Camilla V Bullman says:

    I am Vegan and prefer to consume fresh Organic fruits and vegetables as well as soy.
    I strive to purchase foods labeled NON GMO Organic. I want to know Precisely what I am eating and
    do not want my vegetables or fruit crossed with animal DNA. I believe it would be against my constitutional rights to not have a choice about what I eat!

  10. Jean Smith says:


    • mary says:

      This is one of the reasons why people r sick. As i understand it, when they “create” food they forgot to put in things like enzymes into the food so that we can digest the food properly.

  11. Pandora Edmonston says:

    We must not pass on GMO foods to our children.
    Do you want children to die because of our failed attempt to act.

  12. Merideth Genin says:

    I’ve already given up corn and soy. Next, I’ll have to give up alfalfa sprouts so Monsanto, which is already obscenely rich, can make even more profit? No, no, no. STOP treating GM crops as if they were traditional crops. The future of our planet is at stake.

  13. Gary Murrow says:

    We the people do not want GMO foods in our food chain. I am saying “NO” to the GMO campaign.

  14. Shell Lavender says:

    The food in our world has always been abundant and healthy for thousands of years and then came GMO’s, the thinking that genetically modifying crops could produce more and better crops is an ambitious idea but it has not proven to be so, not only does it not produce more and better crops, but it is not proven as safe or healthy to the environment or to people actually quite the contrary.
    I personally do not want GMO’s in my food, pesticide and antibiotics are not something I want to eat.

  15. vicki hood says:

    gossip has it that our VP Biden is flying around in Monsanto jet. Please publish anything you know.

  16. sheila mckee says:

    I oppose GMO. Planted treated with it spread to other plants. It has not been studied thoroughly enough, and we consumers should not be the guinea pigs for it.

  17. connie nordhus says:

    Please leave our food alone! I say NO to GMO!

  18. June says:

    All processed foods now contain SOY and CORN nowdays! You know very well they must be GMO. I quit buying cake mixes, and prepackaged or canned food as well, if they have soy or corn in them. I have read somewhere that outside sources have run tests on GMO food and they were found to harm your liver and kidneys. Why is our government allowing Monsanto to do this? European countries will not allow GMO in their country. All food, prepackaged or fresh, that is GMO should be labeled as such.

  19. Dianne Gaschler says:

    My family doesn’t ever want to eat a GMO food. Never. Ever.

  20. John Hurd says:

    How can we sit on our hands and be railroaded into accepting GMO foods, or worse, zero labeling of GMO foods without raising HELL? European nations have just said NO. It’s time to sound off.

  21. Terrence Logue says:

    I say no to GMO based on the following information:the AAEM shows that there is indeed a causal relationship between genetically modified foods, poor health, and disease. The statement cites a large number of studies linking GMO foods to a “wide variety of health problems.” The organization also notes that not a single clinical trial of any GMO crop has ever been published, despite evidence that as many as 80 percent of processed foods now on grocery-store shelves contain ingredients derived from GMO crops.

  22. Dragan Bodiroga says:

    I am strongly against the GMO. I just want the old fashioned food.

  23. dinis almeida says:

    I just hope we’ll win our fight agains slow desguised genocide. Education is of paramount interest. I’ always trying to pass the message to anybody I deal with. I do my growing of crops always avoiding GM. I came to see that when I try to buy young plants at the market hibrids are being sold all the time. I ask to myself whether they are the same as GM. Even so, I prefer the traditional seeds and products and stimulate sellers of these products to keep them.
    With my weak knowledge I feel GMs are a great menace to our health and the environment. We MUST do what we can to stop this crime against us all.

  24. Michael Rigg says:

    I do not support this campaign on GMO’s! I ask you not to support this campaign.

  25. R Richards says:

    We have too much aduteration in food now. There is no need to add to our chances for illness or genetic disruption.

  26. Richard W. Firth says:

    Stop the use of GMO’s in our food. Mounting evidence indicates using these GMO”s is harming the foods we eat

  27. It has been a slow awakening but Americans are coming to the realization that their government does not have their health and safety as a major concern. Quite the contrary. The US is run by big business. Pharmaceuticals being a major dictatorial presence. They gain when we are sick. The “corporate cool aid” delivered to us daily by high flying jets is another example. People have been getting very sick from all of these crimes against humanity. The largest percentage of commercials on television are done by pharmaceuticals knowing what problems they are causing. Crimes against humanity are usually caught up with and punishable. Sadam Hussein can vouch for that as can Chemical Ali! I think proving GMO’s are hurting and then punishing those involved is the best approach. Attempted murder and murder is still punishable by law!

  28. Laura Whyte says:

    GMO’s constitute the Nazism of our time, only I fear, to the 10th power. How to weaken the entire human population slowly, invisibly, so that every one is just ill enough not to have any energy to fight wrong, let alone, even notice it. Truly brilliant strategy by the lowest forces of life. This will test us all mightily. But we mustn’t lose hope and give up. Every activist effort we can muster counts for something.

  29. Bev M says:

    A consumer has a right to know what we are buying – what an insult all this secrecy is!
    The saying is “let the buyer beware” but that’s impossible with no information or lies.
    Time to stop this evil.

  30. Barbara Stawasz says:

    We can’t let these mega Corporations Rape the planet just for their own profits. It has to stop.
    GMO’s have never been tested and all the evidence is against continuing this policy.
    We must take a stand against these corporations.

  31. Chris Faith says:

    I VOCIFEROUSLY SAY NO to GMO based on the following information:the AAEM shows that there is indeed a causal relationship between genetically modified foods, poor health, and disease. The statement cites a large number of studies linking GMO foods to a “wide variety of health problems.” The organization also notes that not a single clinical trial of any GMO crop has ever been published, despite evidence that as many as 80 percent of processed foods now on grocery-store shelves contain ingredients derived from GMO crops.
    I will bail on this country before surrendering to anyone’s dietary dictates. Every conscious person I know eats organic, wholesome foods. I will remain in the front lines of a massive boycott, in effect for any modified food or livestock raised with GMO feed. Furthermore, I’m paying attention to the Monsanto-in-the-Whitehouse drama, Joe Biden’s use of Monsanto’s jet, etc.
    It all stinks. Meanwhile, Michelle sanctimoniously tends her organic garden….the hypocrisy is astounding.

  32. Claire Maggard says:

    I agree we need to avoid modified food but how do you avoid them? Its not like we are told what food we are buying is from Monsanto Roundup Ready seed or other such monstrosities. Copyright of seed and other life forms has been in the works for decades now yet for all the consumer knows one ear of corn is just like another in the supermarket.

  33. Linda J. Smith says:

    Monsanto announced a five-year collaboration with Dole Foods to genetically modify broccoli, cauliflower, letuce and spinach. While a number of polls show that nine out of ten Americans want GMOs to be laeled, biotech companies have opposed this. To set the record straight High fructose corn syrup is made with GMO corn. I urge everyone to watch the DVD’s King Corn, Food Inc., The Future of Food and The World According to Monsanto.
    A final note, until the FDA, the USDA, etc. does something about the non-nutritious food on the market today no healthcare plan is going to work.

  34. B.L. Dawson says:

    No GMO’s, high fructsose corn syrup, trans fats, MSG, hydrolized protein and no food coloring or any enhancements………just natural as intended

  35. Deborah Snyder says:

    If Monsanto, big pharmaceudical with their greed is allowed to continue, I’m afraid it will be the end of mankind. People need to wake up before it is too late. Survival of the fitest is not a truism. If we do not learn to live in harmony with each other and the planet, it will be the end of mankind. GMO food is unnatural, problems have already begun that can’t be reversed or controlled. This whole ordeal is like something out of a sci fi movie! Please stop the insanity, stop GMO foods and for God sake don’t let Monsanto take over global seed production.

    • monika says:

      AMEN!! I totally agree with you. It is totally frightening what people are doing to our food supplies, the earth, and of course all the innocent animals species, etc. I hope we have a chance.
      By the way, are you related to Walt? I noticed your name and wondered. It is such a small world.

  36. Richard Ortiz, R.Ph. says:

    Please create a “No-GMO” letter to FDA. Be glad to endorse!

  37. georgia says:

    Three years ago I read an article about planting GMO seeds,after one year of this crop , the soil is no longer able to produce healthy seeds into plants….It takes 16 years for the soil to replenish/regenerate itself to its original state.While the GMO seeds are designed for only one planting season,Monsanto has schemed this plan in order to monopolize the seed industry. We are still blessed by the Seed Vault in Norway.

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