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Your Victory on the McCain Bill

Your Victory on the McCain Bill

We did it!
It’s all thanks to the action that you took.
Hundreds of thousands of messages poured into the Senate opposing Senator McCain’s bill, the bill that would have wiped out current legislative protections for dietary supplements. More and more messages were arriving by the day. The entire Congress began to take note. Senator McCain was embarrassed by our ad whose headline pointed out that he was misrepresenting and did not seem to understand his own bill.
Word is now racing around Capitol Hill that Senator McCain met with Senator Orin Hatch, a champion of natural medicine, and told him that he is withdrawing his support for the bill he authored, the so-called Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S 3002). This means that the bill as written is now dead.
Is this the end of the story? No. Having given his word to a fellow senator, McCain is not likely to resume his support for the bill. But we do need to see a declaration from McCain himself. We will need to see if McCain will try to offer some modified version of the bill. And there has also been no word from the other co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Dorgan.
We will keep you posted. In the meantime, it is time to celebrate your accomplishment. The democratic process worked. The people spoke and a powerful senator reversed course. It was all because of you, the active citizens willing to take time and make the effort to defend natural and sustainable forms of health and healthcare in the often hostile environment of Washington, DC. As we all know, Washington is ringed today with special commercial interests. They have millions of dollars of campaign contributions to hand out and gigantic lobbying budgets. But in the end, politicians have to answer to the people.

Thank you!

Big group of young jumping people.

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10 thoughts on “Your Victory on the McCain Bill

  • Diana

    YOO HOOOOO!!!!! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, & McCain actually listened — maybe not so much agreeing DSSA is a bad bill — but at least he realized his political future would be affected. Hey, whatever works! So wonderful to know our efforts were not futile; & truly, Together We Stand. The news McCain has backed down, made my day. I concur with the idea this is definitely a time to celebrate — but not get complacent. THANKS to all who took action, & will continue to do so :~)

  • Jim Garrity

    Thank you to all who made this happen. The day they take supplements away will be the day I will move from this country. Tell McCain and all of the rest of the jerk offs to pay more attention to the worlds bigger problems.

    • Corrine

      I agree Jim!!! But where would you move? They say Europe is now controlling their supplements –and they have always been at the forefront long before we were in using natural ways to treat health issues….this country’s overreaching power into our lives is MAKING me sick!

  • Max Pont

    This is great news, but the battle is far from over. When McCain made his senate floor statement he mentioned that he had been encouraged by a number of athletic organizations.
    Among them are:
    Major League Baseball
    National Basketball Association
    National Football League
    U.S. Olympic Committee
    + many other sports organizations
    These organizations are very sensitive to anything that might damage their brands and popularity. I think that we should attack them for their role in this. How about an email and letter writing campaign together with these bumper stickers:
    I know that this is slightly exaggerated but it will force these organizations to retreat, and most likely they will have to make a public statement that they don’t support the proposal from senator Dorgan.
    They should have to pay a high price for touching our vitamin supplements.
    Link to McCain’s senate speech:

    • I would like to inform you, as an educated person with FOUR college degrees, 2 of which are in Nursing, that I have researched the benefits of NUTRITION and VITAMINS for the last 30 years.
      I have found a plethora of wonderful information, written by MDs on the internet.
      I urge anyone in doubt to read the news written by such notables as:
      Stephen Sinatra, M.D.
      Andrew Weil, M.D.
      Julian Wittaker, M.D.
      These are only a small part of the medical community which has recognized the sometimes miraculous benefits of VITAMINS.
      For example, people with MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, have been cured, following specific vitamin and diet regimens.
      Some cancers and arthritis have been put into remission with Shark Oil, and Shark Cartilage.
      I have seen, first hand, how children affected with ADD, & ADHD, have been able to participate in “normal” class work, due to VITAMINS and diet changes.
      I URGE the Senate to look on the INTERNET for information on ALTERNATIVE, COMPLEMENTARY, and NATURAL MEDICINE.
      I was able to CURE my daughter of Gastritis, which was completely debilitating, and as a result, until I found out the name of the disease, and the NATURAL medical treatment, confined her to her home, with In Home Schooling.
      GASTRITIS and other inflammatory diseases can be cured, or at the very least, controlled with VITAMINS


        What supplements are for M.S.? I take fish oil and Vitamin D3. Any others? Thanks and glad we canned the McCain bill.

        • Carol Dayton

          I would be glad to discuss a whole regimen that has worked for MS and other auto-immune diseases for lots of people. I know someone who has been diagnosed and healed who does a conference call on Tuesday evenings with awesome medical research and personal experience and resources, etc. I would love to take you to the call – I can’t just give out the number. Let me know your interest and send me the best phone number for you. No one will twist your arm – it’s information for you to use or discard as you wish.

  • A salute to the astute. Tho we can point to profit margin and control, we also need to look at the more traditional (yet more covert today) root behind an agenda like this. Surprise; eugenics. Don’t laugh as you can check out organs like Optimal Population Trust (read; there’s too many of us – that is, the wrong types – that’s why these 3rd worlders keep getting hit).
    Meaning, this move is parallel with; intentionally contaminated vaccines, degraded food, haarp, chemtrails, leeching plastics, mercury fillings, intended socialized med etcetc.
    But this is something. Perhaps a little (apparent) democracy can act as a delaying action.

    • Just saw that piece about B6. I need it and have been taking that regularly for two years now. Note how blatant they are talking. That is a bit too blatant, yes? 2+2= there’s something else going on besides spoiled brats. Read above post, again. It’s a hierarchy. The folks who call the real shots basically own the entire pharma industry. These same folks into eugenics…..

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