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Supplements Under Fire: Suzanne Somers Spars with Bill O’Reilly

On February 19, 2010, consumer healthcare advocate, best-selling author and actress Suzanne Somers appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s “No-Spin Zone,” which airs on FOX news channel. Their discussion centered on the McCain/Dorgan Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, which many experts fear would dismantle the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.
The eloquent Somers stressed the importance of consumers’ right to buy dietary supplements and blamed the FDA’s admitted failure to protect consumers’ safety for setting the stage for the McCain/Dorgan bill.
Many people are outraged to learn that drug-safety information is often hidden from professionals and consumers, and that manufacturers may be directed to conduct safety studies when drugs are already on the market.
Dietary supplement health benefit information is also shielded from the public purview. This lack of scientific freedom of speech has been the subject of many suits against the FDA, including Pearson v. Shalala (D.C. D.C. 1999); Pearson v. Shalala (D.C.D.C. 2001); Pearson v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2001); and Whitaker v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2002), which held FDA censorship of nutrient-disease relationship claims to be unconstitutional.
stopThe McCain Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 will not make consumers safer. The failure of the FDA to move against products adulterated with steroids or other illegal ingredients masquerading as dietary supplements puts our health at risk. Given the FDA’s repeated failures, why would we give it more power? As Suzanne Somers said so courageously, we deserve better than the flawed McCain/Dorgan DSSA.
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103 thoughts on “Supplements Under Fire: Suzanne Somers Spars with Bill O’Reilly

  • Somehow, I would feel better if an altruistic doctor went to bat for the American Republic on this issue. Not that I doubt Ms. Somers capabilities, but is she an expert in biochemistry and nutrition? Can we get Dr. Joseph Mercola to do it instead?

  • RON

    The FDA has been in chrarge and responsible for millions of deaths by approving big Pharma drugs. There has been over 100 million reported side efects on these drugs, So now they and the McCain group is looking for a way to justify being in power.

  • Aster Cabellero

    Having a choice in my healthcare is essential to a healthy society. McCain is not concerned about my health, I would gladly share my experience of how supplements improved the quality of my life. I refuse to allow anyone to take away my choice to live a healthy life. Just because Major League Baseball didn’t take the action needed to police it’s own doesn’t give them the right to take support the risk that these changes will impose of those of us who are informed and making good choices to support a healthy life. I strongly oppose this bill and believe and the political motivations that move it forward.

  • Carol Wrigjt

    Suzanne: You go, girl. Thanks for being such an outspoken advocate for our freedom to choose alternative ways to keep healthy. I have to laugh, however ruefully, when some product is touted as being FDA approved. How many FDA approved pharmaceuticals are untested before being put on the market and/or proven to do great harm for anyone using them? FDA approval doesn’t mean a product is safe.. I appreciate your efforts and your standing on your soapbox to educate the public. Carol Wright

  • Marc Bailey

    The FDA I’d useless. They are bought and paid by big pharma. McCain is a typical big government RINO.

  • Joan E. LBlanc

    The “Click here to take action” thing didn’t work.
    For years, there have been those who want to take away our right to natural healing and supplements. They must be stopped. McCain has definately lost my vote with this horrendous action.
    It is time for the people to stand up for ourselves and not let government officials run over us and take away any more freedoms.
    Thank you

    • Hi there,
      I am sorry that the take action link was not working for you. I can’t find any problems at this end, but please contact us at 1.800.230.2762 if you are still having difficulty with this. Thanks!

  • Rosanne Lindsay

    FDA needs to be overhauled. The freedom to choose what we put into our bodies is our right under the constitution.

  • Marilyn Beidler

    starting last spring, due to cleaning and lots of yard work I was exposed to dust and dirt and got quite a few stys. I went to see the eye M.D. who I like a lot, and got approx 4-5 prescriptions to treat the stys. I in the past had always avoided prescription drugs, and in fact, at age 63 aren’t on any at all. However, for some reason, I used the prescription eye drops to treat the stys, however, they did not clear up very fast in spite of the prescription. The last time I had my eyes checked, she checked me for glucoma which the M.D. said I might get from using the steroid eye drops. She had never warned me of this although I saw her at least 4-5 times last spring for the stys, and continually used the drops. I returned home, and learned that glucoma can cause blindness. The next time I got a sty I used Hylands Homeopathic Sty formula and am positive that the Sty cleared up much faster without the pain as when I used the prescription drug. Also, a acceptable treatment for a Sty is warm compresses. For a sty which is uncomfortable , it is not worth the risk to go blind from the prescription drug. Each citizen must have the freedom to choose how he is treated, and should have the right to take supplements as he chooses without interference from the corporations or from government.
    Marilyn Beidler

  • I’ve already sent the letter from the link to my congressmen. The problem with this is that I’ve gotten a letter back from one of them saying that this bill has been referred to a committee for further action and that letters to congressmen will not make a difference.
    Am I missing something? Is there something I haven’t understood? I’m confused. Will sending this to congressmen really help?

    • Sending a letter to your Senator will help. Senator’s need to know what their constituents think about this bill, when the bill moves out of committee it will go to a vote. We need to start educating Senators immediately.

  • Marjorie Bowersock

    I am strongly against The McCain Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. I am competent to make my own choice of what supplements to take, most of which are safer than any drug on the market today. The FDA is a failure and cannot regulate prescription drugs. They have no business meddling and messing up the supplement industry since they are shills for the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Cookie Stringfellow

    I support your efforts to STOP Sen. McCain’s Bill. I sent emails to my senators.
    I am a Type II diabetic for over 5 years and was taking 2 prescritption Metformin tablets daily. In June 2009, I researched Metformin and didn’t like what I read. I went to an herbalist (with my doctor’s OK). The herbalist put me on (Banyon Brand) “Sweet Ease” natural Supplement for lowering my blood sugar. For six months I have been “Non-Diabetic” with two A1C diabetis blood test’s coming back at 5.2 in Sept. and 5.1 in Dec. I will be tested in 3 weeks and expect to have another non-diabetic test result. (which would now give me 9 months of healthy, non-prescription blood levels.) I’ve also lost over 20 pounds. I am now off my statins and doing fine without them. I have adjusted my diet for both cholesterol and carbohydrates lowering and feeling so much better now. I plan on getting off all prescription meds as soon as possible.

  • These people are doing this deliberately to give the pharmaceutical companies a leg up to market their poisons. Even if I do lose access to my nutritional supplements, I will not do the drugs. I may have to for a short while should I have some sort of crisis, but not long term. What is offered in hospitals today are tantamount to contributing to illness. I pray I will not ever have to deal with that again. It took me several days to recover from the damage done to my body after a 24 hour observation to address a pain I was experiencing which turned out to be a stressed muscle when I tossed a really large limb into our burn pile. Even after the first test came back negative that the pain was related to my heart, this whole staff went on cardio allert instrumented by my doctor. He knew I did not do the drugs. Mainstream medicine and big pharma are behind this effort to sabotage our health so we will ignorantly take there drugs for our health issues because

    • without the nutritional supplements our health as a nation is going to suffer. Families are also being encouraged to eat nutritionless processed foods like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice instead of whole uncooked fruits and vegetables that come from organic farms. It’s a curse. Another curse is the idea that soy is healthy. NOPE!!! It is not. http://www.westonaprice.org has the scoop on soy.
      I hit submit before I had finished. Sorry.

  • Roberta Prada

    The FDA has shown itself ill-equipped or lacking in the will to police the pharmaceutical industry. If it were a matter of time management, obviously they don’t have enough time to do their job now, so adding another kind of oversight is highly impractical.
    But there is more. If doctors were to have oversight on nutritional matters we would all be sunk.
    They have about four hours instruction on nutrition in med school, and one look at most of them tells you their own eating habits flunk the test.
    Experts do not agree on nutritional standards. Frankly getting the FDA on board means we will be run by agribusiness and unable to care for ourselves as we should.
    The idiotic food pyramid, that bogus selling tool, will become the “gold” standard.
    You never outgrow your need for milk. Soy is good protein. Untested GMO food are fine. Even animals won’t eat them.
    FDA, Haven’t you done enough harm?

  • Sunja Ackerman

    Dear Senators,
    Some of us old guys (my 70’s) are in good health because we take natural supplements so we can stay away from medical doctors. The McCain Bill is scary. It tells me what I can’t eat? Most doctors die in the 50;s. I am planning on going to over a 100. Please let me continue and vote against this Safety Act.

  • Jeannie Caruso

    Agree with Suzanne. The Government needs to stop trying to control us. Keep their nose out of our businesss..

  • Donna Kuck DVM

    The FDA has a track record of allowing drugs to be sold that kill and maim thousands of unsuspecting Americans a year. You can bet that if dietary supplements in general were as dangerous as the “approved” poisons we are prescribed are, then there would be a lot of bad press. Frankly, as a Health Care Practitioner – I see such improvement with my patients with dietary supplements that I recommend them for most of my patients. The FDA needs to get out of the way. They seem to be owned by the big pharmaceutical companies. This is a stupid bill. I am ashamed of John McCain. As a native Arizonan – I used to be proud of him. This bill has no merits other than being a means of making more money for Big Pharma.

  • topogiego

    This is like the Pharm Mafia taking over everything, and that includes supplements. You cannot patent a living organism…and they are way out of line wanting to produce poisons instead of food supplements.

  • Don Ingram

    McCain has been swayed by the athletic venue to believe that all supplements contain detrimental ingredients aimed at performance enhancement (primarily steroids) and that deaths of athletes seeking such advantages are victims of the supplement industry. While there are unscrupulous vendors of supplements, many of which are advertised on TV, there are many respected suppliers of vitamins and supplements which have been around for decades without incident or complaints. McCain’s bill condemns the entire industry…a cop out to keep from investigating specific companies who have supplied dangerous substances. I oppose this bill with all the strength I have! Keep the FDA out of this industry! Their track record (Celebrex, Vioxx, thalidomides, various opiates, etc.) is NOT exemplary! Why should we buy the premise that we would be better protected with this bill? Would the FDA do a better job?….the same people who approve anti-depressants which have, as a side effect, a propensity to increase the incidence of SUICIDE? No thanks, John!

  • Janet Dybdal

    Keep the FDA from having more power over supplements. They abuse the power they have, or misuse it to facilitate the drug companies products that are often not proven safe for consumers.

  • David Gardner

    Withiut FULVIC ACID ( not to be confused with FOLIC ACID ) I would be using a walked, at best. With it I walked a mile yesterday without any pain pills for my degenerative arthritus, yet almost no physicians have ever heard of it. It consists of 200 million year minerals which are not a available in todays foods. I will never be without FULVIC ACID.

  • patrick rich

    I use supplements,vitamins,herbs to cure my Stage4 cancer. this is a WAR ON OUR HEALTH. STAND UP AND FIGHT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

  • syd fawcett

    I oppose Sen. McCain’s Dietary Supplement Safety Act. Let’s keep the FDA out of this business, The politions have screwed up this country enough. The only people who will benifet from this is big Pharma who want to stop alternative medicine. The only thing McCain is doing is pay back for Big Pharma’s campaign contributions.

  • Marilyn Sunia

    This bill by Senator McCain is not anywhere near logical. He is NOT dealing with the scientific facts that have been proven repeatively. If Senator McCain would educate himself on the facts first, then this bill would not even exist. Soon as he does, he’s going to feel pretty stupid for even conjuring up such a imbicile bill! The DSHEA law was created for safety, based on science. Do you research Senator McCain.

  • Rex

    I want to break up the FDA to where they will only deal with drugs, this is what they want any way, they get paid by the drug companies. I want the people who really know and believe in health to be running the food and supplements part. So it would be the FA, run by the public and the DA. And I want the Organic foods under the FA so we can control it, not the government. All foods should be Organic.

  • patricia luccardi

    people are dying daily of pharma drugs and nothing is being done. Are they over dosing on vitamins? No it takes business from them . WE DAMAND THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE

  • David Welsh

    Drug companies should be required to submit an Oath or Declaration attesting that all statements and data in their applications for FDA approval are true and that all statements made on information and belief are true, and that wilful false statements and the like are punishable by fine or imprisonment or both as in U.S. patent application cases under Title 18 United States Code 1001 and 37 CFR 1.68.
    Further, in patent cases where a rejection has been made under 35USC103 (the invention is obvious to one having ordinary skill in the art) and the rejection is attempted to be overcome by a showing of unexpected results in which an affidavit (a written statement under oath) is filed the same punishment should prevail. Fines should be graduated or pro rated according to the net worth of the corporation or business or entity.

  • Greg Walls

    Dear Mr NcCain your still taking funds from Big Pharma. So sad you must need the $$ to get reelected. I do hope you fail at passing this bill and being reelected.

  • Diana Korff

    Many supplements have been used successfully for various conditions worldwide. We deserve the right to purchase items based on reputable suppliers and our own research.
    The dietary supplement safety act will only drive the up cost of supplements and make it harder for poor/middle class to access to beneficial vitamins.

  • cat

    What is needed in Ayurveda or Chinese medicine system. India for 5,000 years have had Ayurveda: and Chinese society has herbal medicine that serves a very large population. Our society needs knowledge on.
    Need to look to trees and plants as medicine and dietary supplements.
    Much of what a citizen learns about caring for their bodies does not come from their doctor- who can guide them in a direction but ultimately the consumer/citizen is expected to help themselves to stay healthy. And staying healthy does not mean doctors and the medical system won’t be needed, it will the body is only human and break and breaks down at times. It is how we heal and bounce back that makes the difference. Healthy diet/supplements help people help the doctors and the cost of health care, until they are needed again.
    Doesn’t the Royal Family in England use Alternative Medicine.

  • Trish Hernandez

    Please withhold our right to purchase supplements for health and well being. We are all responsible for our own health and taking supplements is a sign of wanting to prevent disease and suffering. This should not be taken away from citizens.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Karen Penselin

    The FDA would be better used to clean up it’s act and get better control of the drugs hitting the market. I have not read to many deaths contributed to vittamins but lots and lots to legal drugs.

  • VaccinesDestroyHealth

    FDA and most USA agencies are run by aliens, namely reptilians from Orion they posses human corpses like mcain or sebelius and do everything to slowly make us sick and die early

  • Karen Tompkins

    I am 64 years of age. I began taking supplements when I retired at age 50 with the help and guidance of my MD and other Doctors. I’m in better health now than ever before, because of those supplements. Some drugs have their place, but I use them only as a last resort, because drugs, unlike my supplements, have negative side effects. I certainly do not want anyone telling me that my only option is drugs! I care too much about my health to let that happen without a fight!

  • Lois Calkin

    I wholeheartedly agree with Suzanne Somers. The AMA and FDA have sold out to big Pharma and the heck what effect their perscription products to do us. They only care about one thing and that is money. It is such a same that intigrety has gone away in big business. Honesty and truth have been the cornerstone of a great society what a shame it has disappeared. Neither the AMA or FDA should have any connection with big pharma. Integrated medicine is the only way for us to receive proper care.

  • Susan Bethon

    I agree with Suzanne Somers about ditching the McCain-Dorgan bill. The public wants and deserves freedom to buy dietary supplements and with completely open labeling of all ingredients. Otherwise, the USA is not much of democracy, is it?

  • M. Henschell

    I agree with the below article from the Alliance for Natural Health:
    Supplements Under Fire: Suzanne Somers Spars with Bill O’Reilly
    March 2, 2010 Print This Post On February 19, 2010, consumer healthcare advocate, best-selling author and actress Suzanne Somers appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s “No-Spin Zone,” which airs on FOX news channel. Their discussion centered on the McCain/Dorgan Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010, which many experts fear would dismantle the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.
    The eloquent Somers stressed the importance of consumers’ right to buy dietary supplements and blamed the FDA’s admitted failure to protect consumers’ safety for setting the stage for the McCain/Dorgan bill.
    Many people are outraged to learn that drug-safety information is often hidden from professionals and consumers, and that manufacturers may be directed to conduct safety studies when drugs are already on the market.
    Dietary supplement health benefit information is also shielded from the public purview. This lack of scientific freedom of speech has been the subject of many suits against the FDA, including Pearson v. Shalala (D.C. D.C. 1999); Pearson v. Shalala (D.C.D.C. 2001); Pearson v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2001); and Whitaker v. Thompson (D.C.D.C. 2002), which held FDA censorship of nutrient-disease relationship claims to be unconstitutional.
    The McCain Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 will not make consumers safer. The failure of the FDA to move against products adulterated with steroids or other illegal ingredients masquerading as dietary supplements puts our health at risk. Given the FDA’s repeated failures, why would we give it more power? As Suzanne Somers said so courageously, we deserve better than the flawed McCain/Dorgan DSSA.

  • Sir: The F.D.A. is in the pockets of big pharmo. This need to be eradicated. We should have the right to purchase and take anythingf natural and not have to go thru a Doctor who is in the pockets of big pharmo also. I would much rather take something that has little side affects than all the junk the F.D.A. lets big pharmo get away with . Please don’t let them pass this bill.
    Thanking you in advance Charles Wheeler

  • I am a photographer and can not find a clear sky where I live because of the government dumping of toxic waste on our heads by jets. Our sun , moon and stars are taken from us along with the air that we breath. Our water is polluted and people are sick. This is and has been a plan. Doesn’t it stand to reason that these power puppets would not want us on vitamins to help protect us from the damages of this. The FDA is part of this plan. I don’t need John McCain telling me what I can take and his concern for my vitamin safety. Perhaps he should put his efforts into stopping these atrocities; stopping the real crimes against humanity. The toxic waste raining down on us is not a safe dose of vitamin B12 or vitamin D. The FDA’s stamp of approval is a warning … beware. The FDA is a government agency with no concern for protecting lives. They’re a sick joke sucking money from the taxpayers.

  • Pam French

    This is just another power grab by our goverment…. McCain has made a grave mistake if he thinks people, maybe even people who may have voted for him in the past won’t be looking at what he is doing here…. I have already sent him a e-mail reinforcing the fact that he is on my —- list….

  • Frances O' Shea

    Customers have every right to purchase supplements. Why doesn’t Senator McCain concentrate his efforts on the pharmaceutical companies who promote products like vioxx that destroy the lives of untold numbers of people? Why doesn’t he bring a bill that forbids public advertising of drugs? Why doesn’t he target cigarette smoking and soda drinking? These activities and substances kill, supplements don’t. Hands off our live-giving natural substances! I voted for McCain in 2004, but I will never support him or any of his measures again.

  • Catherine Burns

    I agree with Suzanne Somers and am against the McCain/Dorgan DSSA. I am a cancer patient who is taking supplements and is feeling much better doing so than with only the standard of care approved by the FDA, chemo. Without supplements people will get sicker and possible die quickly. Cancer patients and all medical patients are streched financially in this economy not being able to get natural supplements is horrible and could be deadly for some of us patients that are thriving with them. I have stage 4 ovarian cancer I need all the help I can get.

  • Ted

    I’m 68 yrs old and my wife and I have been taking vitamin and mineral supplements for 15 years+ we are both healthy, read food labels, do some excercise and have no confidence in the FDA or the self serving medical and pharmacetical industry… we take NO drugs and are appalled at the number of senior “drug addicts” and wonder how they got there…. the only answer we can come up with is they run to the doctor for everything ask no questions as the doctor writes another prescription…. the list of non drug alternatives is never even offered to the patient and of course our government only looks at providing an easy path for continuing this practice via the act being proposed above which only make the pharmacetical industry smile and peoples quality of life lower… the answer is learn a bit, ask questions and just look out for yourself because the FDA won’t!

  • S.A. Simpson

    Kudos to Suzanne Somers for trying, but you cannot outshout Bill O’Reilly. Though I am usually a fan of his, he can be a bully to anyone he doesn’t 100% agree with. He never gives anyone a chance to state their case. I’m afraid I would have walked off the set if I had been in her place.

  • Melvin Keyes

    Statins, Beta Blockers, Diuretics, coupled with Anticonvulsants
    The first three created the reason for the fourth to be prescribed by a multitude of alleged Health care providers in my care over ten plus years. The first three depletes common enzyme critical for proper bodily functions and laid the basis for use of the fourth. The fourth has it’s harmful aspects.
    Doctors have the ability to address the “Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion factors”, we as patients have suffered from due to treatments received, they don’t – they won’t due to the loss of funds. Today in America the practice of medicine is not free. It is one of the most tightly controlled commercial enterprises in the world.
    That is why it produces such extraordinary income for their favored and such misery, disease and death for its (patients) victims. The modern orthodox medical community treats symptoms; they do not cure disease. The medical community is trying hard to make it illegal to refuse their treatment. A major effort is currently underway (Codex) to severely restrict the availability of nutritional supplements to those that use them throughout the world.
    Through my research, I put an end to a painful cycle started by fraudulent oath (Physicians) takers. Burglary was the response provided to me by those who rather my silence for complaining to the Florida Department of Health. McCain’s position can’t be agreed with, do not take and align yourself with those who want total control over your life.
    I support Suzanne Somers position,
    Melvin Keyes

  • John Mitchell

    Passage of this bill will just further muddy the waters regarding supplement safety and usage.
    The FDA has consistantly shown that it has little if no grasp of the fundamental issues with safety of supplements, and if fact has shown a total disregard to substantiated health claims that should be a part of supplement marketing and consumer information.

  • Debbie Bartelsmeyer

    Way to go, Suzanne! This is the ultimate in unnecessary and harmful legislation. The last thing the Amerian consumer needs is to be further imprisoned by the FDA. Why not legislation freeing all of us from the grips of the harmful FDA? Now that’s what would make sense.

  • Debra C

    I am a huge fan of Bill O but he’s wrong on this one ! The big Pharma industry as well as big Medi cine is lacking in checks and balances. Supplements not only provide a needed balance < because the checks arent working > they work !!! – ask my 90 year old mother.

    • Jeanine

      Thats is basically what I said in my e-mail to Oreilly.
      Bill…Oh, Bill…Oh, Bill.
      I have believed you were right in everything….except this.
      You are wrong…wrong…wrong. And you really need to do more research.

      • Me

        Let’s see: when laws are proposed that limit corporations, Mr. O’Reilly is against them, but when laws are proposed that protect corporations (profits), he is for them. Who is paying his monstrous salary? Not us, it’s the corporations. On a foreign-owned network that continually tries to undermine American laws.
        Just because some marketers name a program “no-spin zone” doesn’t mean it’s anything but a big pile of stinking spin. Are “red delicious” apples delicious? When the name of the show is a lie, you can bet that most of what’s said on it isn’t exactly true either.
        The drug companies are facing dwindling profits from patents running out and would love to limit our choices so we have to buy what they still make or have coming out soon. They feed their desires to Fox, who spins it into something to make ordinary Americans think they are being attacked rather than protected.

  • Brigid Griffin

    I actually watched Suzanne Somers vs Bill O’Reilly on Fox and of course I agree with Ms. Somers. However, I was interested in what O’Reilly had to say about his use of Red Yeast Rice, which I am contemplating taking with my Dr’s blessing. Bill O’Reilly said that after 2 months use (I think that’s what he said) his liver enzymes went through the roof.
    In my opinion if he also took milk thistle it would have protected his liver. I thought the wiseguy Bill would have known that. Instead of wanting to regulate supplements I’m surprised he (Bill) hadn’t done his own research first. There’s much to know about cholesterol lowering methods.
    As for myself, I only attend the best integrated medicine doctors. Big Pharma will never get rich on me as I respond poorly to prescription medicine. Don’t get me wrong, it has its place. I prefer to stay as close to naturals as possible.

    • Dean

      Cholesterol is unfairly demonized while the real culprit is homocysteine level. Lowering cholesterol is potentially dangerous. Just take TMG and B-complex to lower homocysteine. Also adequate vitamin D3, vitamin C, and lysine/proline. Simple.

    • Barry K

      Red Yeast Rice is the only nutrient I know of that acts like synthetic statins, which means you have to take CoQ10 with it, as you would synthetics (Lipitor,etc) Try using plant sterol and sterolins which do not allow the uptake of cholesterol in the small intestine, but still lets the body produce cholesterol to produce Vit. D, keep cell integrity healthy, allow for production of bile salts for proper digestion and allow the Adrenal glands to produce necessary hormones and the brain needs it also. RYR and synthetic statins inhibit these processes and could lead to a decline in health!!! I have read three different doctors saying these drugs are being overly prescribed and most people are fine. One doctor said if you get to around 300, then do something about it, but most people are fine and Big Pharma sets the guidelines so they can make money off of you!!! in 2004, Lipitor grossed 8 billion and Zocor 4.5 billion dollars!!! HMMMMMM Dr David Brownstein’s book “Drugs that don’t work and natural therapies that do” is a great read. He covers 5 main health issues including cholesterol. Remember, everyone is biochemically unique, thanks.

    • Les

      Good point on the Milk thistle, Brigid. When using Red Yeast Rice, or the statins from Big Pharma, since they both block the mevalonate pathway, its important to also take Co-Enzyme Q 10. 150-200 mg/day.

    Yes, the supplimentation may be used incorrectly. Food may be used incorrectly too. Why don’t we just ban food? Or why don’t we have a movement that you cannot eat anytthing that doesn’t grow in the ground? We don’t because that would infringe on ones right to choose the type of food they eat. The whole idea of regulating supplimentation is so nuts! Why don’t we allow people to live according to the constitution and be responsible for themselves as long as they are not stepping on their neighbor’s toes.
    I don’t want anyone telling me what I can put in my mouth. More people are injured from faulty medical practices than ever are harmed taking suppliments. Just because a doctor gives you a FDA approved drug does not mean that it is ok for you. I personally have been on at least three medications that the FDA later decided was life threatening. They were taken off the market because of deaths and lawsuits. Those medications did not work for me and could have killed me. I wonder how many die or are harmed by chemicals that are prescribed to them. You are taking your life in your hands when you swallow even prescribed medications.
    If someon is taking medication or supplimentation, it is their responsibility to learn what affect that medication or supplimentation will have on their body. If we did this with everything, there would be less drinking, less smoking and less eating foods that clog the blood vessels. The bottom line, no matter what kind of legislation we make, it still comes down to educating yourself and taking the path you feel most likely is beneficial and then accepting the results. Life is a risk. Allow me the freedom to choose my own risk and my own reward. I strongly am opposed to legislating a ban on suppliments. You cannot protect anyone from their own ignorance with any law.

    • Toni Reid

      i agree with Carolyn…..besides the FDA has too much power now…..I think this is more about the pharmaceutical industry not wanting competition from the supplement industry…there has to be room for everybody!….Toni Reid

    • Virginia Gabaldo

      RIGHT ON!
      How come mosre people don’t get it? Why are injury and deaths from FDA drugs not discussed openly? Our forefathers who built this country out of mans right to choose for himself must surely be rolling over in their graves.
      God bless,

  • All this boils down to who has more control AND the almighty dollar. My freedom of choice is trying to be manipulated and controlled. All behavior should be within moderation and this begins with education, which is lacking in this country. I prefer preventive maintenance and the best way is with vitamins and supplements. Give the body what it needs and it can take care of itself. It is a miraculous machine. Don’t remove my freedom to choose what is best for me. Do not interfere with my constitution and rights. Just a comment.

  • Aaron Marks

    Oh my GOD People,
    I really hope this bill doesn’t – let me repeat (DOES NOT) get through! I rely on my supplements to give me a healthier life for me & my family of 5. The FDA is a political arm of the “PILL PUSHERS”! They don’t care about our health! They only care about money! They don’t want healthy Americans – They want sick Americans! Sick = Money! If the FDA was out for our best interests they would leave our supplements alone! They know NATURAL works & people are catching on! That is a threat to them! They want to control that, so it makes there poket books fater! I never heard of VIT C killing anyone! I got a better chance of a healthier life with supplements like Apple Cider Vinegar, Chlorella, Cod Liver Oil, Vit C (All Vitamins), Acai, Noni, Goji, Pomegranate, Mangosteen, Milk Thistle, Probiotics, Amino Acids, Green Tea, Ginseng, Omega 3, Aloe Vera, Trace Minerals, etc, etc! I have a world of faith in these elements than what Pharma-America has to offer. You seen the side effects on some of the stuff they give you has! Freaking crazy! The FDA doesn’t test what comes out till 5,000 people start showing adverse major side effects or death! What kind of country is this supposed to be anyway! I thought we had some choices around here! I’ve taken action & I hope it’s enough to keep this Bill in the Trash HEAP! Thank God I didn’t vote for that pickle head McCain! As far as Bill O’Reilly is concerned! I’ll be waiting in the parking lot for that guy!

  • kathy dix

    There’s a book written by Life Extension: FDA , Failure, Deception,Abuse….Very enlightenibng, If more people read this book there would be MORE outrage and the notion of putting MORE power in the hands of this corrupt, disfunctional group would show itself to being the preposterous idea it truly is.. the FDA is NOT at all concerned w/ ” the best interest of the American people” they have NO idea what that is!! they’re just as interested in brokering backroom deals for the almighty dollar as some of the others in DC ,this sickens me.. The “spin” that’s put on ANYTHING that comes out of Washington should be met w/ suspicion and a critical eye as to “what’s in it for them”.. because THAT”S the true motivation and never has it been more evident than in this book !!!! We must stand up individually AND collectively and tell Washington, they work for US This bill ( for starters) is NOT in our best interest..

  • Jeff Bennert

    I contacted my senators and they both sent me the same response. They are saying they let the committees in charge handle it. They don’t even know what’s in the bill. I am very disappointed in John Mccain. This is more government control any way you cut the cake. We need people in Congress who are in touch with today! Leave our rights alone! They aren’t listening!

  • If we had an honest government the outrageous FDA and its complete sellout of the US Citizen would NOT be tolerated. The institutional sellout of the health of the US Citizen MUST form the basis of any so called “Health Reform”.
    Allowing the FDA, CDC, NIH and all the bought and paid for sellouts to “oversee” our health is an outrage we Citizens cannot tolerate.

  • Kerry Adamson

    I have been in the medical field for 30 years and am appauled at the FDA’s criminal actions in keeping safe, preventive, anti-aging, and helath promoting information from the American public all BECAUSE in highest keeping and incestuous relationships with Big Pharma. Drugs KILL amd our own FDA is partnering with drug companies to promote dangerous drugs and keep the money flowing. There is no such thing as looking out for the safety of the public. Our leaders in Wahsington DC have missed the meaning of “health”. Common sense prevention is mosre cost effective and promotes a long term quality of life. Unfortunately, Americans are inundated with harmful drugs being “shoved” down our throats to promote what is know as “disease management”. Got health?

  • Raymond A. Pozen

    Senator McCain,
    Please spend your time in improving the economy and jobs, and stay out of regulating the supplement and health care industries where we do not want you to be involved.
    Career politicians appear to only focus on getting re-elected and not on listening to the voters who want less Federal iinvolvement and less spending of our taxes.
    The only time you get it is when we do not vote you back in office.

  • Tom Rowley

    Sirs: Big Pharma is (bribing) probably paying million$ to McCain and Dorgan for sponsoring the anti-supplements legislation, but McCain has an excuse: Hanoi knew a weak sister when they had one, so they used orture to extract every US secret McCain was aware of — yes, he was the ONLY tortured US pilot to succumb.
    That was no surprise. He’d limped through the USNA and graduated because he was the son of an admiral, then used the kinship to become a pilot (his flight instructors told B-100-Bob Dornan that McCain should have washed out).
    McCain proved Hanoi had brainwashed him by running a “please-let-me-lose-to-a socialist” campaign for president after the NYTimes and (crossover)liberal voters got him nominated.
    I hope he contracts an illness “mainstream” doctors can’t cure, a condition “supplement” treatment CAN deal with, but which will now be denied him — deliberately denied, I hope.
    President Reagan’s cancer was cured by alternative medicine — in Germany, yet. Was gratitude Ronald’s reason for demanding that Gorbachev “tear down this (Berlin) wall?”

  • B. Harris

    Here we go again! The powers that be will not stop assailing our right to take care of ourselves as WE deem necessary until they have taken every single right away from us. It has nothing to do with protecting us; it’s always about protecting their money and their power, the gods of this world. The only time those who call themselves our paid representatives pay attention to the Constitution is when it supports their stance. The vast majority of the time they ignore it. I am reminded of something I have heard many times: all that evil needs to spread is for good (people) to do nothing. We good people of America have been silent far too long, and look at the results
    It’s sad that John McCain is the co-sponsor of this assault on freedom and choice, and I wonder why. But then, owing to the state of politics in America nothing would surprise me. I can only imagine what the decent, honorable founders of this once-great nation would say and do if confronted with today’s corruption, arrogance, greed and self-serving actions of our nation’s leaders who have become completely corrupted and compromised by the true power in the world–corporations with their money and influence.

  • Carl Carlson

    After hearing Bill O’Reilly take the side of Big Government against consumers of vitamin supplements, I sent him the following email, which he did not read on his program.
    I was aghast at your support for McCain’s Big Pharma power grab against freedom loving health supplement users, and I’m afraid you have shown your true colors to be somewhere between a sanctimonious populist and a conservative Tartuffe.
    Carl Carlson
    Tucson AZ

  • Patrick B. Mullen, MD

    I have practiced psychiatry for 30 years, but not until I began to attend anti-aging events & talks sponsored by vitamin & supplement companies did I learn about some simple physiologic interventions that actually work, backed by well-established scientific biology. From pro-biotics to simple hormone replacement & fish-oil — it is all very useful & easy to add to even a general psychiatric practice. This stuff works. We do not need the FDA to regulate it in any way.
    I have prescribed tons of medication that had no physiologic rationale, but “worked” by statistical study (excluding placebo effect?) required by the FDA. Several meds hit the market, then later had to be recalled because they caused deaths. Meanwhile my patients weren’t getting
    a whole lot better — so much for the FDA.
    The supplements meantime have been easier to use & safer.
    Senatior McCain’s bill is a bad one.

  • Maria Wojnar

    Dr Gonzales, Thank you, thank you and thank you again for your input. We are very unhappy with Sen. McCain sponsoring his dietary supplement bill restricions. Unfortunately, we have people like O’Reilly who is educated but not well informed, (however very influential) and his statesments are misguiding.Also this McCain bill of suplementals restrictions may be very helpfull to Obama’s medical control bill which we do not need. All that is very bad for many of us, specialy seniors who depend on natural medicine to survive. We need less of big Government control all together.

  • AL

    I agree with the proposed legislation to force companies to provide better info on their products. For example, Dr. David Williams advertises blood sugar control supplements but they don’t work. The front office shields the doctor. However, his Daily Advantage vitamin-mineral supplements are great. Another example, is the awfully expensive exotic fruit drinks that are pasteurized thus killing all of the good substances. The labelling is inaccurate because the measurements are taken before the heating process instead of when the bottlle leaves the plant. We need legislation to force the industry to provide accurate listing of ingredient amounts on the labels. There is way too much hype.

  • I, too, agree with most all of the comments posted. I am very disappointed with Senator McCain (and I voted for the guy). I think maybe the intent of the bill is to ban sports related steriods and things like ephedrine that have caused a few deaths of young players who have abused those and other supplements. In defense of Senator McCain, (hopefully) he is being used and unfortunately does not have a clue of the implications of what he is proposing. I said hopefully, because as we all know, big pharma, is BIG PHARMA, and the lobbing efforts and the $ drive everything. It’s up to us to let him and the rest of the “clueless” idiots on capitol hill know exactly how we feel. I truly believe in alternative health and the healing powers contained within. Check out: Dr. David Williams, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Allan Spreen, Dr. Bruce West, Dr. William C. Douglass II, Dr. Al Sears, Dr. William B. Ferril, Dr. Julian Whitaker, and Jenny Thompson of HSI. They are all trying to spread the word…they all have excellent websites and newsletters and are natural health advocates and healers in their own rights. Do not give up folks, never give up. We have rights, too. It’s time America is heard. Voice your opinions. Stand up for your rights and your kids rights, before it’s too late. Pass it on. dmc

  • Tom Rowley

    My previous comments await “moderation,” I see, which tells me that someone believes my screed was a tad intemperate. Well, moderate away, whoever you are, but I’ll not retract my indictment of “senator-for-life” McCain.
    What was my rationale in blasting the “hero” as I did? Well, the legislation sponsored by said hero and Sen. Dorgan (unsubstantiated rumors indictate such sponsors are rewarded with pharmaceutical-industry money) would repeal 1994’a DSHEA, placing out of reach the supplements that have kept me in relative good health at the age of 86, and I say that while casting my eyes skyward in thanks.
    No, no supplements cured my pneumonic plague, but then again I’ve had that affliction. But had I been so threatened, my supplement would have been clean water, an absence of intimacy and citizenship elsewhere, a path MDs-of-yore probably took themselves. Anyway, and to this day, modern medicine has no cure for plague.
    That I failed to contract plague is hardly attributable to that duly licensed MD, Dr Reuben, whose made-of-whole-cloth research was bought as fact by pharmaceutical firms. They in turn concocted and sold killer drugs (based on Reuben’s dream-testing methods and via doctors’ prescription forms) following FDA approval to a by-now heavenly host of patients, who too often did not survive the drugs’ catastrophic side effects…due no doubt to bad Medicare-care and worse genes.
    Forced as they are to obey rigid FDA/AMA protocols, many licensed MDs tried, albeit reluctantly, to consign me to beds of pain or, singularly, to a slab — a marble table that moans eerily of a tomb to come. MDs and I will lose if the FDA controls supplements.
    Must those of us who thrive on supplements
    place our lives in the (sleight-of) hands of FDA stalwarts, such as “good ol’ Dr. Reuben.”
    The answer is yes, because McCain/Dorgan may sentence me (self-preservation is my aim) to death. To see my way clearly to that day, my use of certain supplements will add cells to my brain — Alzheimer’s a real scare-word.
    Concluding and to explain (not rationalize) the j’accuse I first submitted, I offer this Mary Hershberger essay, a piece that not only questions McCain’s courage (in re the USS Forrestal explosion-and-fire that claimed 134 USN lives), but the veracity of the senator, too, pointedly, as when he recounted his personal role in that tragedy to the NYTimes.
    [Let me admit: I should not have criticized him for succumbing to Hanoi’s brutal torture. Each of us has a breaking point, and I say that as a WW2 ETO veteran, 8th & 9th AFs]

  • The government we have is the one the mega-corporations want. It clearly does not serve us, the People. The merger of corporate, financial, and governmental interests has a name–fascism, so far not “full-blown” like AIDS, but clearly in the HIV infection sage! All the problems can begin to be solved if we end this empire and its grotesque waste of lives, money, and natural resources, both domestically and in invasions of other people’s coountries, whcih of course makes them angry. How would we feel if a foreign army occupied this country aggressively? 20 years ago, another empire broke up precipitously. Time for consideration of the meaning of 1776, and back to the future.

  • Ann

    I suppose we should thank our God that John McCain was not elected president! As bad as things are today, the very idea that John McCain would even think of doing away with the supplements that so many of us depend on to keep us healthy! I have been on many supplements for many years and attribute by good health to them. Maybe John McCain should retire to one of his MANY homes and leave us alone. We have the right as americans to use these supplements and to use alternative healthcare.

  • Tom Rowley

    Correction in second version:
    Third paragraph, irst sentence (after comma)should read:
    …but then again I’ve NOT had that affliction.
    “NOT” capitalized only as an example

  • Nay

    McCain Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 is a key example of the curious repeat of the pharma lobbies putting Hitler into power before World War 2. Why has this happened again in the USA? The pharmaceutical lobbies should absolutely never be allowed to influence government as they did Germany’s WW2 government. If it were not for this influence, WW2 arguably would not have happened. This is not a stretch of the imagination nor exaggeration. It is happening right in front of you.

  • Kirt

    Since John “Big Government” McCain didn’t know what was in his bill, I’d like to know who REALLY wrote it.

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • Mikhail Braginsky

    Why McCain don’t think about 106000 people who die every year from side effect of prescription

  • How sad it is that greed has become the deciding factor of our society today. It seems that every issue we have to deal with on any level comes down to money. Mr. O’Reilly is only doing what is best for him. Unfortunately decency, truth, integrity, character, respect are slowly being eroded from our society. It really is all about the money.
    When you have no conscience anymore then you will be able to do and behave as these people are doing.

  • Penny

    I feel like I am living in bizarro world! I thought America was known for freedom of choice? Why are they trying to take our choices away? So that we are left with nothing but killer prescription drugs when we get ill, rather than preventative vitamins and supplements. I also have heard that they are going after organic co-ops. This would be all. Leave us with pesticide-riddled fruits and vegetables. Kind of an oxymoron, isn’t it? Don’t we eat produce to be healthy? How can we, when much of it is now genetically modified, sprayed to death, etc? I hate this country anymore. All they care about is money! Human health and well being has been tossed out the window.

  • I have just finished reading all the comments and I too agree with what they posted. I am proof that supplements can work. After being diagnosed with colon cancer last year 2009 – March and having to have sugery, all I could think of why me? My surgeon who assured me he had got all, recommended I see an Oncologist. I did, “All he wanted to do was give me Chemo, didn’t want to listen to my side at all. With help from my family, especially my daughter and my twin granddaughters who are RN’s they recommended that I get a second opinion, which I did. Thank God he let me talk and to give my side of it. I also did a lot of research and talked to a Naturalpathic and did a lot of reading. I then purchased some supplements and herbs, also starting having a healthier diet and excersise. Every 4 months I saw my PCP, Surgeon and then in Feb 2010 I went for a Colonoscopy. So far this looks pretty promiinsing. All doctors have giving me a clean bill of healthl. Thanks for getting info and supplementation. Everyday I get more information. There is a lot out there without subjecting our bodies to poisonous drugs that the BIG PHARM tells us to use. My neighbor who had lung cancer died a year ago in February. I watched her for many months go through treatments of radiation. Cancer didn’t kill her it was the radiation treatments that got her. I have already sent my letters to: our representatives and also John Mccain. They probably won’t listen, but hope they will. Just to let you know, I am 67 years old and last year was the first time In over 30 years I have seen a doctor or have been in a hospital outside of visiting family and friends. I was surprised at Bill O’reilly comments.

  • I agree that there is an inherent incestous relationship between the FDA and drug companies who want drug sales perhaps above all else.
    Just because a few athletes abuse some “supplements”, we need to make supplements hard to get for the millions of users?
    Come on McCain and the ever nosy Durbin!…get real and informed.

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