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Minnesota Court Orders Chemotherapy for 13-Year-Old

We have an update to an article we published in last week’s issue of Pulse of Heath Freedom. A judge has now ruled that Daniel Hauser, a 13-year-old boy from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, must receive conventional medical treatment for Hodgkin’s lymphoma—over his parents’ objections. The Hausers, who live on a dairy farm, prefer natural medicines and alternative treatments for illnesses. Daniel received one round of chemotherapy after strong recommendations from the medical community. That one round of chemotherapy resulted in an extended stay in the hospital, and from that point on, only natural treatments have been administered.
AAHF has long advocated for the right of consumers to choose which modality of treatment works best for them. We believe that such choices are not a government matter. Executive Director Gretchen DuBeau commented, “I am shocked at the court’s ruling. For the court to take custody, disregard the parents’ right to parent, and dismiss the child’s own wishes is a travesty. Our Constitution affords certain rights, and the court has completely trampled on them. It is still unclear as to what exactly ‘the compelling state interest’ is that the court used to justify this ruling.”
The Hauser family has until May 19 to have a chest x-ray and see an oncologist. The Hausers conducted extensive research into various treatments prior to their decision to seek a natural, non-toxic approach to treat Daniel’s cancer.

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4 thoughts on “Minnesota Court Orders Chemotherapy for 13-Year-Old

  • J.L.

    This is indeed absurd. The court ~ in fact everyone ~ should read a terrific book about cancer called “Cancer is not a disease but a survival mechanism” by Andreas Moritz. The premise of this book “…proves the point that cancer is the physical symptom reflecting our body’s final attempt to eliminate specific life-destructive causes” and that “cancer is best left untreated” the latter opinion coming from some of the most well informed specialists in our country. Read the book. The best medicine is always to be fully informed prior to making a decision.
    I feel especially compassionate about this family as I was a widow with a son named Daniel who became very ill at one point and I had some tough decisions to make. Fortunately, he survived to grow up. I can only say that I hope the same for Daniel Hauser.

  • This is unreal, especially since I KNOW Hodgkins can be successfully treated without chemo.
    I successfully treated my father using nutrition when he had stage 4 Hodgkins. He had two rounds of 16 scheduled chemo treatments, which landed him in the hospital after each treatment. To begin with, he had diabetes and severe liver disease, which complicated the situation even more.
    He was lucky to have an oncologist who recognized the chemo was killing him. He gave me the “OK” to take him off the chemo. From there I did hardcore nutritional therapy (my dad called me “the food police”) based on the Alkaline/Acid principle. To his doctors’ (he had several doctors) amazement, the cancer became undetectable. I didn’t use any “alternative” substances, just food.
    I basically got rid of anything that was detrimental in his diet and loaded him up with nutrient dense foods (fresh wheatgrass juice, organic juices, organic fruit and veggies, high fiber high protein vegetarian food with occasional animal protein). No dairy. No refined sugar. Nothing artificial. Eliminate toxins. The basic principle is boost the immune system while simultaneously creating an environment within the body where cancer cannot survive. It was a lot of work and definitely a labor of love, but it worked.
    I wish the best for Daniel and his parents.

  • I am speechless. Who does the court and the doctors think they are? They tried it with booze (prohibition) and of course, tobacco and now medical care. Disgusting.

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