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2 thoughts on “No To Newsletter Advertising

  • Barry W. Wilt

    So the toxin slingers can put more petroleum toxins into supplements, most all are really toxic from China, as with baby toy’s, pet foods & medication’s. I was sold Methotrexate from the VA, when I called the company on the bottle in Florida, I asked do you make the Methotrexate, No the lady says, We buy it from China. This toxic crap was sold to the VA, & in 7 months taking Methotrexate for RA, it took my hair, eyesight, teeth & lung function. The VA denied my claim for damages, even when my eyesight went from #2 reading glasses to 20/130 in 7 months, I feel blind now.
    Any teeth that had any dental work done, crumbled out of my head, hair fell out by the hand fulls in the shower & I failed 3 pulmonary function tests. When I Googled, who make Methotrexate in China over 8,500 companies popped up, really everyone there has a lab in their back shed. I’m livid pist off at all involved, for what they took from my overall health. Then China threatens to nuke us, after buying Trillions in inferior cheap crap.

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