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Yes To Newsletter Advertising

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11 thoughts on “Yes To Newsletter Advertising

  • Even us not for profits need resources that can come from responsible advertisements.

    Bishop Dr. Truman Berst, PhD.

    I began creating this Complete Natural Health Care System in 1961, and am continuing to make it better.
    This system was banned by the FDA, until I defeated them in Federal Court without an attorney 09/24/2012.

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    https://herbalhealthreview.com/discoveries/ is all the ways to talk to Doc Truman for 2 hours every Thursday for free health consultations by telephone, with videos on YouTube, Jitsi, and Dial Pad Meetings.

    https://betterhealthherbs.com/ is Alternative Health & Herbs, the Manufacturer. Who monitors your progress, and always knows what natural remedies you need.

    Doc Truman’s email & telephone : [email protected] 503-362-5899 DialPad VOIP computer telephone system will collect your telephone number. Please text your name, email address. You can also leave a Voice mail.

    Thank you.
    All praise to the Most High
    Doc Truman

    Bishop Dr. Truman Berst
    Good Shepherd Ministries

  • Absolutely yes.
    I am assuming that Syngenta would not have an ad?
    : – )

    Funding is hard, advertising is one avenue.
    As a ‘business entity’ you need to explore all avenues and that is one.
    I can easily ignore ads if want, and sometimes even learn stuff I wouldn’t otherwise.
    And, certainly, ‘advertorials’ would not be on my list of allowed paid placement.

  • Elizabeth Seltzer

    I support it if it’s what keeps you afloat, but don’t look forward to it.
    If you can keep it clearly separate from content, & not having it pop up in front of content that would be very helpful.
    Your work is so important, & I understand it has to be viable. I donate when I can.
    Thanks for what you do.

  • Bo Doll

    As long as your integrity is sound and adds are identified as such, there’s no problem with this revenue stream. Thank you for asking

  • MommyMamaMom

    I thinks it’s a necessary evil unfortunately. However, only if the company is fully vetted and holds similar values and standards as your organization.

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