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Pfizer Documents Show Natural Immunity Works

Pfizer Documents Show Natural Immunity Works
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Are profits trumping health and safety when it comes to vaccinating young people against COVID?

A huge data dump of documents show, in the words of one journalist, that “natural immunity works and Pfizer knows it.” The documents also show that COVID vaccine adverse events are more frequent and more severe in younger age groups. Yet Pfizer is planning to ask the FDA to authorize a third COVID vaccine shot for healthy kids aged 5-11—and knowing the government, this request will likely be granted, meaning more profits for the vaccine makers and more adverse reactions for kids. This is unacceptable.

Note that this is data neither the government nor Pfizer wanted you to know. The release of hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation from Pfizer’s Emergency Use Authorization application to the FDA is part of a court order that resulted from a Freedom of Information Act request from Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency. The FDA reportedly sought to delay the full release of the documents for 75 years, but the court mandated their release within eight months.

The FDA released 11,000 pages on April 1st. According to reporting by The Hill, clinical trial data showed no difference in outcome between those who were vaccinated and those previously infected with COVID. None of the trial participants who were vaccinated or previously infected experienced serious clinical outcomes. Natural immunity was also “statistically identical” to vaccination against infection. But rather than tell the truth—that people previously infected do not need the vaccine—Pfizer spun the narrative, concluding that “final efficacy results show that [the vaccine] provided protection against COVID-19 in participants with or without evidence of prior infection with SARS-CoV-2.”

Additionally, the documents reveal that Pfizer was aware that adverse reactions were more frequent and more severe in younger age groups under the age of 55—that is, age groups whose risk of serious COVID is miniscule. Data from the Lancet shows that 16-year-olds, for example, have a 99.99 percent chance of surviving COVID; 30-year-olds a 99.94 percent chance; and 50-year-olds a 99.57 percent chance of surviving.

The consent form for trial participants indicates Pfizer was aware of the risk of myocarditis and the possibility of an adverse impact on women’s reproductive health.

These revelations throw serious doubt over efforts at the state level to mandate COVID vaccines for school children, especially considering the fact that, according to the CDC, a majority of kids in the US have had COVID.

Since a majority of kids have had COVID, according to Pfizer’s own data, they are equally protected as the vaccinated. Overall, younger Americans’ risk of death from COVID is nearly zero, yet they experience more severe adverse effects at higher rates from the COVID vaccines. In response to this data, not only has the FDA approved the shots for everyone aged five and up, they may approve a third shot for kids. This is absurd and can only be explained by the government doing what it can to safeguard the profits of pharmaceutical companies. We proposed earlier that the end game in recommending the shots for kids is to get COVID vaccines added to the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule. This perpetuates the protection from liability for the harm the vaccines cause and guarantees a continued market for the vaccines year in and year out.

It is crony medicine at its finest.

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