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Soda Blocks Brain Repair

Soda Blocks Brain Repair
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Please don’t give your child sugar after a brain injury. This definitely includes the fructose in a soda. Action Alert!
New evidence shows that processed sugars prevent the brain’s ability to heal after head trauma. As Dr. Russell Blaylock reported in his December 2015 Blaylock Wellness Report, laboratory rats were trained for five days to escape a maze. Next, the rats were randomly assigned to groups that were fed either plain water or fructose-infused water for six weeks. In the seventh week, the rats underwent a procedure to reproduce the aspects of a human traumatic brain injury. After another six weeks, the rats were retested on their ability to escape the maze.
The rats on the sugar diet took 30% longer to finish the maze than those who drank plain water.
The sugar diet had other negative effects on the brain as well. The researchers found that sugar impaired with the ability of neurons to communicate with each other, rewire connections after injury, record memories, and produce enough energy for the body to perform basic functions.
One of the scientists summed up the main takeaway from the study: “Reduce fructose in your diet if you want to protect your brain.” The implication is to reduce fructose intake even if you are not brain injured—but especially if you are.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 1.6 to 3.8 million sports-and-recreation-related concussions occur in the US each year, not to mention all the soldiers with brain injuries returning home from fighting overseas. About 5 million Americans live with ongoing disability from a traumatic brain injury.
In connecting the dots here, keep in mind that the average American consumes about twenty-seven pounds of high-fructose corn syrup each year. Yet no one is even warning parents to eliminate sodas and other high-fructose drinks and foods when their children are injured.
Action Alert! Write to the FDA and tell them to issue a warning to doctors and parents about this new research. Explain how fructose keeps the brain from repairing itself, especially in patients who have brain injuries. Please send your message immediately!
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