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8 thoughts on “Thank You

  • Gee

    I’m already getting Mercola’s excellent products. Perhaps you could make a deal to sell his supplements.

  • Tom

    Would you support a web site I created called Compliance for natural health that competed with you if PROMISED to donate my profits? Think about it…. You should keep doing what you are best at. Trust is a vanishing commodity.

  • Arnold Gore

    i;m basically satisfied with Willner Chemists and probably would not look too much for an alternative. But it might be worthwhile to have another good source.

  • Nickie Dumke

    The reason I wouldn’t buy supplements from your service is that I have a LOT of food allergies, and anything that I take has to be a professional-grade brand such as Pure Encapsulations, Allergy Research Group, etc.

    It IS a good idea for how to get funding, however.

  • Lyle

    The reason for my No answer is that I don’t know of a better source of food concentrate supplements than I have access to already.

  • AJ Maimbourg

    I would normally be 200% behind your store, but, we own 2 health supplement stores in Vegas and therefore, need to support ourselves 🙂 I DO wish you much success if you pursue this endeavor. God bless


  • Sandra Lee Murray

    I applaud your everts. There are not many of you out there. I send no money becaue the government dosent give me much to live on. Sorry!

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