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5 thoughts on “Thank You

  • Scott Species

    I said yes to your proposal of opening an on-line supplements store … however
    The only way that I would be able to pay for these supplements is by sending you a money order.
    The money order is purchased by me from the United States Postal Service and therefore is
    backed by the U.S. Government so there isn’t any fake $ involved.
    I do not possess a credit card nor do I want one. I hope you will consider this paymennnt option
    as it’s a win-win-win = your company, myself, and the U.S. postal system

    Thank you for reading this
    Scott Species

  • Eadie

    My primary care and orthopedic Drs are both telling me to take supplements like D, B12, zinc, Boron, taurine and melatonin. Since taking their advice I am healthier and feel stronger. My blood work reflects the improvement. How can the FDA or any Congress person take my right to choose away when my physicians are telling me to take them? The FDA should be shut down, investigated for collusion with big pharma and restructured to serve the people again, not drug manufacturers. We could trust the FDA 30-40 yrs ago. Today it is a corrupt agency out of control. I resent my tax dollars going to any agency that is clearly not serving we the people! I hope we can stop them in their tracks!

  • Sean O'Farrelly

    Don’t beg the government not to take our supplements! TELL THEM! Rulers don’t care about pleas for mercy. But representatives when put in their place care about demands!

  • Bruce

    I am, and since the 1980s have been, disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). M.D.s specializing in the care of
    the Chemically Sensitive are called Clinical Ecologists. Big Pharma, along with the AMA, have been going strong in Court getting these M.D.s to lose their license to practice over “sub-standard care” since said M.D.s treat the Chemically Sensitive with alternatives to Drug Therapy.

    In the Rocky Mountain States and elsewhere, these Clinical Ecologists are becoming vanishingly difficult to find. This attack against supplements is simply “part and parcel” of this pogrom against practicing Clinical Ecologists. It is not the actual “focus”, it is simply a very important auxiliary aspect to their main objective – i.e., removing all practicing Clinical Ecologist from the Medical profession.

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