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35 thoughts on “Thank You

  • Scott Species

    I said yes to your proposal of opening an on-line supplements store … however
    The only way that I would be able to pay for these supplements is by sending you a money order.
    The money order is purchased by me from the United States Postal Service and therefore is
    backed by the U.S. Government so there isn’t any fake $ involved.
    I do not possess a credit card nor do I want one. I hope you will consider this paymennnt option
    as it’s a win-win-win = your company, myself, and the U.S. postal system

    Thank you for reading this
    Scott Species

  • Eadie

    My primary care and orthopedic Drs are both telling me to take supplements like D, B12, zinc, Boron, taurine and melatonin. Since taking their advice I am healthier and feel stronger. My blood work reflects the improvement. How can the FDA or any Congress person take my right to choose away when my physicians are telling me to take them? The FDA should be shut down, investigated for collusion with big pharma and restructured to serve the people again, not drug manufacturers. We could trust the FDA 30-40 yrs ago. Today it is a corrupt agency out of control. I resent my tax dollars going to any agency that is clearly not serving we the people! I hope we can stop them in their tracks!

    • Philip D Glynn

      Well said, I sent my response by modifying the proposed ANH letter but I like yours, I think I will send a copy to my representatives.

    • Boomer Lady

      Eadie, supplements are in direct competition with the pharmaceutical industry that controls the medical industrial complex. Pharma loses much profits from high dose organic vitamins and minerals. So they don’t want you to be able to maintain your good health. They want you to be sick and to take their artificial drugs because they profit off of your bad health.

      The best way around this is to research which herbs your vitamins and minerals come from and to grow them yourself, cutting out the merchant that you trust and have been buying the pill from. Of course, none of us want to do this. For now, what ANH-USA will hopefully sell is the actual herb seeds, called heirloom seed that has been saved and grown for a period of years and is passed down by the gardener that preserved it. It has a provenance, of sorts. To be capable of being saved, all heirloom seed must be open-pollinated, so that it will grow true to seed.

      I found this link online which explains the different types of seeds, heirloom, organic, and hybrid. Stay away from GMO’s.


    • Cheryl Diamond

      Edie, I agree 100% with you. They have become too big, and in my eyes I see them as a mafia medicine machine, run by a bunch of thugs. We need to keep fighting for our rights, and seriously consider changing our political party. If they know they are losing voters, maybe they will back off. I have confidence in Dell Big Tree and others to fight for our health freedom.

      The natural medicine team are very organized and western medicine isn’t. So we have hope they will defeat themselves, and we will win.

      Edie, keep fighting.

    • Sarah Osgrove

      Because, contrary to the widespread belief that the FDA is protecting consumers, they could care less as long as the pay roll and the ‘extras’ keep rolling in. Do you know how many deaths are attributed to the drugs the FDA supposedly checked for safety before allowing release to markets? A lot of people are figuring this out, thanks to the www. They have messed with an herbal supplement that got me off three different meds for depression and anxiety and two meds for pain and my quality of life was much, much better. When the FDA lied and bent the truth or neglected to alert the public to the “Mistakes” they made, my then governor made it illegal in my state. In less than three months I was back on the prescriptions that come with a warning for Risk of Sudden Death. Your physician’s ability to treat you will be severely hampered by the FDA if they get what they want. Oh, and according to Harvard University, about 128,000 people a year die from FDA “approved” meds. I am calling Kevin McCarthy at 1-202-225-2915 and Mitch McConnell at 1-202-224-2541/Fax:1-202-224-2499 to let them know they need to get in the way of it because our OWN country is taking enough of our freedom of choice away.

  • Sean O'Farrelly

    Don’t beg the government not to take our supplements! TELL THEM! Rulers don’t care about pleas for mercy. But representatives when put in their place care about demands!

  • Bruce

    I am, and since the 1980s have been, disabled with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). M.D.s specializing in the care of
    the Chemically Sensitive are called Clinical Ecologists. Big Pharma, along with the AMA, have been going strong in Court getting these M.D.s to lose their license to practice over “sub-standard care” since said M.D.s treat the Chemically Sensitive with alternatives to Drug Therapy.

    In the Rocky Mountain States and elsewhere, these Clinical Ecologists are becoming vanishingly difficult to find. This attack against supplements is simply “part and parcel” of this pogrom against practicing Clinical Ecologists. It is not the actual “focus”, it is simply a very important auxiliary aspect to their main objective – i.e., removing all practicing Clinical Ecologist from the Medical profession.

    • katherine

      Bruce. I have tilt mcs as well. there are a lot of us, we just need to get together and help one another. I hope you have or find your tribe.

  • al

    we humans over replicated ourselves, now there need for control, but without making a fist full of $$$ doing it.
    “bottom line is big business”

  • This concept for funding your work to keep supplements legal and available makes sense. With the stress on supply chains because many of the raw materials are scattered all over the world, it is becoming a problem which seems likely to get worse — even w/o FDA interference.

    For those of us who choose not to throw synthetic Rx drugs at issues that are simply nutrient deficiencies, it is critical for our quality of life that we continue to have access to a wide variety of supplements to counter the effects of aging itself and a toxic environment, and food grown on depleted soils.

    Thank you for the important work the Alliance for Natural Health is doing!

  • Cathy

    Don’t they make enough money? Leave our supplements alone!! Don’t they have anything else to do but mess up our lives!! Allopathic medicine is a joke, they only learn to treat symptoms with drugs, how can you be a Dr and not know about nutrition!! It’s horrible!!

  • Phillip E. Nelson

    I’m a Ph.D. and a member of Mensa, the high IQ organization. But now at 82, I’m getting forgetful, but otherwise healthy & happy. I have used my research background to evaluate many advertised supplements. It’s valuable getting several government evaluations. Your process would be wonderfully valuable to me and everyone in Atria across the world.
    Your screening process is very credible to me. So I will certainly buy many of your products that fit my particular needs.
    Thanks for your very valuable effort.

  • KnJ

    If the supplements could be pharmaceutical grade and/or verified for minimal heavy metals to ensure quality. eg., Health Ranger Store, Global Healing Center, etc. You could create a membership to the store and offer as educational material with FDA disclaimer statement.

  • Barb Eaton

    I would purchase from your online store. I use Vitacost now and with the news about Durbin attacking our supplements yet again many items are out of stock. I’m trying to stock up so we have enough for a year at least. We use Kyolic Aged Garlic, Vitamin C, NAC, CoQ10, D3, K2-MK7, Magnesium Glycinate regularly. I also use Alphalipoic Acid, True Cinnamon and B Vitamins occasionally. It could be a win-win for you and for us that rely on supplements. I was scheduled to have surgery to place stents in my abdomen and both sides in the crotch area due to plaque and loss of blood flow to my left foot. He wanted me on Plavix and I said NO WAY. I started taking Aged Garlic and NAC and things have improved enough to cancel the surgery. Now I don’t have to see the surgeon again until September. I won’t let Durbin who is not a doctor in any shape or form tell me that supplements don’t work and that I can’t use them!!! He’s been at this for decades, this time Biden is with him and there lies the problem. We must bomb our Reps in Congress about this and tell them to leave our supplements alone!! All my Reps are Democrats and I don’t care!!! I still keep signing all the petitions here and I add my own comments at the beginning of the preprinted one. Only 1 Rep answered me that she has voted down Durbins other attempts over the years to get rid of supplements and she will again. The other 2 never bothered to even answer. That tells me they will vote with Durbin. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

  • James Zajac

    I’m 76 years old and have been a diabetic ever since my 13th birthday. The only good doctor I had was back in the 1970’s. He got me on the right track with my diabetes and doing well ever since. I take no prescription medicine nor will I ever. I take R and N insulin and I don’t need a prescription for it. I do take a lot of natural medicine which I prescribe to myself, no doctors. I see a doctor once a year at best. If the FDA ever prevents me from getting any of the natural medicines that I now take I’ll remedy the situation with a gun. I know I won’t be successful but they sure as hell will take notice. I have lived with diabetes 63 years, I have all my toes my kidneys still function well and I don’t wear glasses. I tell doctors when I see any that I’m the longest living diabetic on earth. It infuriates them but they quit arguing with me about it in the past 5 years.

  • Marly

    I have just a few words…THANK YOU FOR REVEALING WHAT MANY OF KNOW TO BE TRUE…Corruption in “high places” hurts everyone! “Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Roger

    I would support this type of store as long as it remains affordable. It is totally unbelievable that something natural costs so much.

    I also agree the FDA needs to be done away with. Too many kickbacks and corruption.

  • This is a copy of a letter I mailed to Durbin and others involved: (DO NOT USE MY NAME AND ADDRESS)
    May 6, 2022

    Sen. Richard Durbin
    711 Hart Senate Building. Washington, D.C. 20510.

    Sen. Durbin:

    How DARE you presume to tell me what vitamins and minerals I can take!?! YOU don’t care if I live or die! YOU don’t care if I can’t afford the USA for-profit version of “health care”!

    Keep your money-grubbing hands off my vitamins and mineral supplements. I don’t care HOW much the drug companies are bribing you – you’re got your fortune and your great “health care”…leave me alone with whatever vitamins and minerals I choose.

    Your “concern” is SO TRANSPARENT AND PHONEY. Aren’t you supposed to be doing the “will of the people”? NOT the will of the drug companies and corporations and AMA.

    Why don’t you get us a living wage and affordable housing and affordable GOOD FOOD? Why don’t you try to stop all war? Why don’t you do something about guns, and policemen who kill anyone on sight with no good reason? Why don’t you do something about privatized, over-crowded jails? Why don’t you do something about voting restrictions? Why don’t you do something about the filibuster, the phony electoral college and THE DISGUSTING SUPREME COURT OVERTURNING ROE VS. WADE?

    Why are all of our tax dollars going to war and Big Ag and drug companies and corporations and banks and chemical companies instead of toward small, organic farms that produce GOOD food with NATURAL vitamins and minerals (as God intended)? Your loyalty toward corporations and “for-profit health care” and drug companies are KILLING US!

    NO death has ever been recorded due to natural vitamins and supplements, but PLENTY of deaths have been recorded due to the machinations of the un-holy drug companies and the AMA in the American for-profit “health-care” system.

    I’m sure you’ve got plenty of money already without the drug company bribes. Keep out of this!

    My friends and I DO vote.

    Very sincerely,

    Cc: Senator Mike Braun 404 Russell Senate Office Building Washington D.C. 20510
    Senator Patty Murray 154 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510
    Sen. Michael McCaffrey, State House, 82 Smith St., Rm. 316, Providence, RI, 02903
    Sen. Hanna Gallo, 285 Meshanticut Valley Pkwy. Cranston, RI 02920-3754
    Sen. Joshua Miller, 41 Talbot Mnr. Cranston, RI 02905-4124 …

    The FDA wants to protect the drug industry, because the drug industry is responsible for funding a substantial portion (46%) of the FDA’s budget, and 65% of the funding for human drug regulatory activities are derived from user fees.
    Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the government is more concerned with protecting drug industry profits than with promoting public health with affordable, natural healthcare. This cronyism has to stop.
    The FDA defers to the interests of Big Food and Big Pharma, and works to protect their interests. This means undermining and attacking dietary supplements, which compete with drugs. That’s why we see dangerous policies being pursued like mandatory product registration for supplements.
    Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), who is Chair of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) Committee, are trying to get the “mandatory filing” requirement for supplements attached to must-pass legislation: the reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA). If PDUFA is not reauthorized by September of this year, the FDA will not be able to collect drug company user fees moving forward. These are the fees the FDA collects from Big Pharma to fund the drug approval process—they constitute 45 percent of the agency’s budget.

    In 2018, the NPDS reported 48,630 single exposures to vitamins, with 1697 minor adverse outcomes, 189 moderate outcomes, 5 major outcomes (2 of them involving vitamin D), and no deaths. (Jun 1, 2020)


    Your Health Care May Kill You: Medical Errors – PubMed
    Recent studies of medical errors have estimated errors may account for as many as 251,000 deaths annually in the United States (U.S)., making medical errors the third leading cause of death. Error rates are significantly higher in the U.S. than in other developed countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the United Kingdom (U.K). At the same time less than 10 percent of medical errors are reported.
    Few people know that new prescription drugs have a 1 in 5 chance of causing serious reactions after they have been approved. Few know that systematic reviews of hospital charts found that even properly prescribed drugs (aside from misprescribing, overdosing, or self-prescribing) cause about 1.9 million hospitalizations a year. Another 840,000 hospitalized patients are given drugs that cause serious adverse reactions for a total of 2.74 million serious adverse drug reactions. About 128,000 people die from drugs prescribed to them. This makes prescription drugs a major health risk, ranking 4th with stroke as a leading cause of death. The European Commission estimates that adverse reactions from prescription drugs cause 200,000 deaths; so together, about 328,000 patients in the U.S. and Europe die from prescription drugs each year. The FDA does not acknowledge these facts and instead gathers a small fraction of the cases.

    Bad supplement bills in Rhode Island, New York, California, Missouri, and Massachusetts that would severely restrict supplement access show where other states could be heading.
    Rhode Island state senators Mike McCaffrey, Hanna Gallo, and Joshua Miller recently sought to put ALL supplements behind the counter, and only accessible by retail clerks. This is, by far, the most disastrous state-level supplement bill we at ANH have ever seen. The real concern is that other states could follow Rhode Island’s example. Several other states around the country (CA, MA, MO) are considering similar legislation for weight-loss supplements, mandating that they be placed behind store counters; New York just approved one such bill. We must send a strong message to all state legislatures to not even think about pursuing these policies.
    It is hard to imagine a more ridiculous and harmful policy than this bill. Not only does the bill mandate that all supplements be accessible only by shop clerks; it requires that stores post at every purchase counter a warning that dietary supplements are “known to cause gastrointestinal impairment, tachycardia, hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke, severe liver injury sometimes requiring transplant or leading to death, organ failure, other serious injury, and death.”
    Restricting access to supplements in this way will significantly restrict consumer choice at retail stores. The space available behind store counters is quite limited and already occupied by products like cigarettes. These limitations mean that stores will be forced to carry only products they know will make the most money, if they continue carrying the supplements at all. It also makes it nearly impossible for consumers to compare products and be discerning shoppers: if you want to check the ingredients to make sure a product doesn’t have allergens like gluten or other additives, or if you want to make sure a product has the right nutrient form (like folate vs. folic acid, for example), you would be forced to wait in line and then hold up the line to examine the products. Putting supplements behind a counter also sends a message that there is something dangerous about them, when the track record of safety for supplements tells a very different story.
    The end result is that it will be much harder for consumers to access products that can benefit their health.
    Additionally, there is a painful irony to the required warning for supplements in the bill: the warning lists a number of health conditions that supplements can actually help treat or prevent! We reported recently on the science supporting magnesium’s role in heart health and maintaining proper blood pressure. We also know that fish oil supplements lower the risk of heart attack and death from coronary heart disease. Micronutrient inadequacies have been linked to a number of chronic illnesses. If this bill passed, you would be warned, at the point of purchase, that supplements can cause heart problems…yet we know that supplements confer heart-protecting benefits. How does this make any sense?
    Further, drugs cause side effects far more serious and far more often than supplements: why aren’t there warnings posted wherever over-the-counter drugs are sold stating they can cause death?
    Unfortunately, there are concerning signals about where state policies are heading. We haven’t yet seen a similarly restrictive bill elsewhere, but New York, for example, just approved a bill that restricts access to weight-loss supplements; it is waiting to be signed by the Governor. Similar bills are being considered in California, Massachusetts, and Missouri.
    According to these bills, the “weight loss” supplements that could be targeted include a broad array of products, including protein powders, hormones, like progesterone and DHEA, glandulars, and lipotropics, which may include essential nutrients like B vitamins and choline. Some proponents argue that these measures are needed to protect children from “unhealthy weight control behavior,” which are risk factors for eating disorders. This is a noble goal, but the language in these bills casts a wide net that could limit access to products that have nothing to do with weight loss.
    Once these bills become successful in some states, there is more of a chance that other states will follow suit, so we must act now to prevent further action to enact these policies.
    Why does the FDA do all of this to tilt the scales in favor of drugs? As mentioned above, drug company payments to the FDA in the form of user fees make up 45 percent of the agency’s budget, and because of that, the agency sees the drug industry as its client.
    this guidance is a power grab by the FDA in that it creates a drug-like pre-approval system for “new” supplements when the law simply called for a notification system for these products. According to an economic analysis, this could mean more than 41,000 supplements are threatened.
    Efforts like these represent the exact opposite of what we should be doing. As a nation, we’ve never been sicker, and we pay exorbitant prices for drugs that are dangerous and often ineffective. We should be embracing prevention with natural products that are safe, affordable, and proven to work, but these threaten the profits of Big Pharma and their cronies in government. We must send this clear message to state legislatures across the country as a prophylactic against measures like those considered by Rhode Island.

  • Krisitin Kierig

    I would gladly buy supplements from you. I wish there was someplace on this page so I could make a donation too.

  • M A

    If gov’t limits the sale of supplements, how will you do it legally? I am a long time herb and supplement user, informed and conscientious. At 65 years old I use one Rx as a preventative. If ANH decides to get into the supplemental business, I’m sure that it will be “quality” and it’ll be reliably sourced and screened. I would certainly try your product. Changing my regular source is a big deal, it’s like leaving a favorite healer. But I’ll try it and if I like it enough, always happy to recommend to others. Good luck!

  • Delores Huajardo

    I look forward to learning about your supplements, herbs, etc. as I often feel the ones I buy are not what they state they are and I really desire organic ingredients for additions to the organic foods I go out of my way to purchase.

  • Alyssa M Nock

    I am now 53yrs old and i have through trial and error learned that my type A blood type and my genetic makeup is extremely sensitive to chemicals. I have a two-page list of things I am sensitive to. I call them allergies the medical profession does not acknowledge them as such. Regardless i have learned that natural, organic, raw, vegan, unfiltered, unprocessed and purified water through reverse osmosis is what my body system requires. I also do better on herbs, homeopathics and natural remedies, however it is about cost for me. It can be very costly to purchase natural products and I understand why, but many of us on limited incomes are struggling and that’s why healthcare wins over sometimes. My insurance pays for most of my medications which i hate but am working on finding alternatives and they cover my vit d which I require double dose daily but its free through my insurance. I am trying to grow and harvest my own, but it takes time and money too and if an online store were available and I could afford it I would definitely go that route. Right now, funds are tight but maybe I can afford them if it were easily and readily available and low cost. I truly hope we can find a solution to this. Healthare sucks right now and I am being forced to heal myself and my kid and on a limited budget it is challenging but certainly my best option.

  • Tracey

    I would definitely buy supplements from you. I trust that they would be of the highest quality. I support your work and look forward to seeing what you offer in the future.

  • Nac

    Looking forward to seeing a one stop shop for all my supplements. Yet, I don’t want garbage with additives or the like, just pure natural organic affordable supplements. If more people ere educated on this and what these wonderful supplements did, there would be no need for big harma.
    Which is precisely the reason they want them banned! There’s zero money in healthy people.
    No, docs, ins, hospitals, or harmacuiticles for over 20+ years, I’m not stopping now!
    I agree with Sean, no begging here, we all need to stand up to this tyranny and No! Better yet, he’ll NO! And spread the word far and wide.
    I have helped so many people with just adding a simple supplement to their diets, much to their astonishment.
    Our bodies were not designed to accept chemicals and this will never change.

  • Judith Cain

    How is it that the Government of the Free World United States has jurisdiction over MY & MY Neighbors Personal Health Care. Vitamins and Minerals / etc. are not treatment for a Pandemic! It seems the FDA & the CDC (& the Media) has lied to Us over the Corona & its variances until they are in the Unbelievable file.

  • Dyan K.

    I order all of my supplements from a company online. They do not charge me shipping and their prices are reasonable. I would love to be able to order from you and be helping the cause at the same time.

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