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Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

******* Action Alerts For This Campaign ********
stopAsk the FDA to Warn Patients of SSRI Violence!
FDA-approved SSRI drugs currently contain a black box notice warning that the drug may cause young people to want to kill themselves, especially in the first few months of treatment. We believe that the black box warnings need to be expanded to include the risk of psychotic breaks and violence against other people. Please ask the FDA to expand the current black box warnings to include violence against others.
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Tell the FDA to Warn Consumers about Antidepressants and Violence!
The FDA has approved a reformulated version of Prozac, but this one is just for dogs. The product label does not contain the black box warning that is mandatory on the version given to humans. ANH-USA is asking the FDA to expand the black box warning on SSRIs for humans to include a warning about increased risk of violence toward others, and to put a similar black box warning on the version marketed for pets.
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TSA Backscatter ImagesJuly 31, 2012
The airport x-ray machines are not safe. And for over a year, TSA has been defying a court order.
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Baby’s Being Harmed by Mom’s Antidepressants
Depression March 13, 2012
But now we know that “low serotonin”—which is what SSRI’s “fix”—doesn’t even cause depression!
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Toxic Chemical Being Sold as a Health-Conscious Sweetener
splendaessentialsFebruary 21, 2012
Splenda Essentials pretend to be health-supporting, when in fact they seem to have more in common with pesticides than with sugar.
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Why Would a Young Person Start Shooting in School?
drugs-treat-depression-medicineDecember 20, 2011
Prozac and other SSRIs kill kids—and not just from suicide. A judge now agrees. New Action Alert!
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An FDA-Approved Treatment for Osteoporosis that Actually Makes Bones Worse!
Your BonesNovember 29, 2011
FDA’s prescription for bone health and osteoporosis has been shown to make bones far more fragile in the long term, and may even cause jaw death and esophageal cancer.
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TSA Attempts to Cover up Cancer Threats from its Airport X-ray Machines
TSA Backscatter ImagesNovember 29, 2011Forget the embarrassment of your private parts being seen by strangers. The scanners can cause cancer—and TSA is trying to keep you from knowing about it.
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Reader’s Corner
prozac dogAugust 23, 2011
A humane society director warns that dogs addicted to Prozac become unadoptable.
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