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The PPI Dementia Link

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3 thoughts on “The PPI Dementia Link

  • Kathryn McCaman

    Do you have a list of the PPI medications? My husband had a heart attack & has developed Dementia. Wonder if it is caused by his meds.

  • Please please please post the literature backing up the claims you make regarding PPIs and dementia and anything else you claim against them. These issues have come up before but I have yet to see bona fides studies staying yes for sure because these problems and PPIs are a definite and provable danger to the public health. I personally am not a fan of the FDA but I also happen to be a learned healthcare professional that requires qualified back up when statements are made pro and con about the different medication’s we take. Thank you Santo Garro

  • A

    Isn’t it time we see the drug industry for what it is- a money making industry that has little use for promoting health that would cut their profits. Don’t fall for it. Thinking people, research your drugs.

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