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Warning! Heavy metals!

For many years, although the EPA acknowledged that effective screening for body burdens of heavy metals (e.g., lead and mercury) could be accomplished with tissue samples, such as fingernails and hair, conventional medicine demonized this practice by integrative practitioners.
leadpaintAbout face! Conventional medical research now links body burden of lead not only to cognitive dysfunction but also to high blood pressure and other health problems. Likewise, the heart health of patients exposed to mercury has been shown to suffer. And the case of Dan Roehm, MD, hauled before the Florida Board of Medicine, has set the stage for allowing mineral analysis of the hair as a way to screen for exposure to heavy metals.
Cadmium is the latest metal of concern. Dr. Aimin Chen at the University of Cincinnati has concluded that cadmium exposure can lower IQ even more significantly than does lead.
Recent lab testing by the Associated Press found that cadmium could be present in children’s jewelry at levels exceeding 90 percent of the item’s total weight. What do children do with jewelry? As any parent can tell you: They put it in their mouths! According to Harvard professor Dr. Robert O. Wright, “Just small amounts of chemicals may radically alter development.” Wright’s work has demonstrated that as exposure to cadmium grows, children are more likely to manifest learning disabilities.
When is all of conventional medicine going to wake up?

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11 thoughts on “Warning! Heavy metals!

  • Judith A Phelan

    Another informative arcticle and a stand for natural medicine.
    How much lead and other chemicals were the “baby boomers” exposed to years ago and still may have problems at a later stage in life because of these nasty chemicals along with same today because of our imports from countrys that don’t care about what is placed in things.
    I do hope to be able to join your group soon.

  • Olga

    We are suppose to be No. 1 in the world for the best of everything for this country’s people.
    People tried everyway to come to live in this country. We had the best of everything, health,
    opportunities, freedom, best food etc. But that no longer exists. No more concern for a good, healthy life, best education, best medical , best food and so on. It is all greed for more profits, even pennies for profit at everyone’s cost in this country. The wealthy are not satisfied to have everything at their demand. They have turned to greed at our expense.

  • Val

    A good start ,would be the Elimination and Avoidance of Mercury:
    Vaccinations, should be a – Never.
    Cilantro & Chlorella, are foods that help our bodies to purge this substance.
    Chelation, is a procedure worth looking in to.
    Lastly, removal of (still toxic) Mercury Dental Fillings, would probably be the best effort, in this regard, that you could make.

    • Hello, I really like you comments! YOu are certainly on the same page as me and so many others out there. Keep the faith and getting the word out to each and every parent out there before it’s too late. Helen

  • Horacio Prada

    Lead is abundantly found on the sides of the road in the form of lead balancing weights from automobile wheels that routinely fall off and get grounded into lead dust eventually by passing traffic.
    I’ve written a short blog: http://leadcontamination.blogspot.com/
    Can you help publicize this issue ?

  • Virginia Speaks

    If doctors would test for iodine deficiency and supplement those who quality, this would not be such a problem. Doctors who do test are finding that about 95% of all Americans are deficient and need to supplement with either Lugol’s Solution (liquid) or Iodoral (tablet). Besides being the very best antiseptic, capable of killing all classes of pathogens (bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses and protozoa), iodine detoxes our bodies of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum, fluoride and bromide. It also prevents ADHD and ADD in children when the mother is sufficient in iodine during the pregnancy, and if she breastfeeds the infant, she keeps that infant thyroid healthy. It initiates apoptosis (normal cell death). The Japanese eat 100 times the amount of iodine Americans do every day–and their levels of many types of cancer are far lower than ours. And it’s no wonder the increase in thyroid disease; we need iodine to have a healthy thyroid.
    Iodine is amazing; I’ve never taken a supplement (and I take many) where I could point to so many good results in my own body. Just getting rid of my heartburn (iodine maintains mucous membranes) was the best thing to happen to me healthwise in years. I have a list of 32 functions of iodine in the body and there are probably many more I’ve yet to document.

    • Jean

      I agree with Virginia and a great book about Iodine is dr brownstein’s Iodine and why you need it. Can be ordered from his website. Also there is nascent iodine which is more expensive than other kinds but better I believe. Search google for more info. I buy mine from Integratedhealth.com
      let us get the info out about this natural healer.

  • Tom says,

    Unfortunately, as long as there is a depopulation program, no one is safe and the lies will never stop. In fact, the entire system is based on a lie. How else can one explain how the people of the United States are in servitude to private international bankers? The Federal Reserve is a private company using credit and debt to control the masses. Look up fractionalized banking, Standard and Poors for their vitals… and see that we are owned by the Federal Reserve, a private company.
    Vaccinations, radiation, depleted uranium, Agent Orange, Anthrax, mercury, lead, MSG, Chemtrails, fluoride, GMO, cloning, antibiotics, hormones, aspartame…these are not random acts of incompetency, accidents or unaware consequences…they are a part of their depopulation program. Our children are being genetically modified, in order to be able to have their body accept their new technology.
    Codex Alimentarius, Global 2000 and Agenda 21… programs designed to control the earth’s population. Watch as sustainability becomes their war cry. They believe, a smart consumer consumes more…that’s why our educational system has been designed to dumb down the masses, to save on resources, which is what makes the world go round.
    Until the masses are enlightened to who they are enslaved to, we will always deal with issues such as this…we do not live in Kansas anymore, we certainly don’t live in a democracy or republic…we have been living in a Plutocracy for quite some time now…it’s just, the people don’t know it…

  • jwillie6

    The chemical used to fluoridate our drinking water is a toxic waste fluoride, hydrofluoricillic acid, derived directly from the smokestacks of various industries. It contains contaminents of lead, mercury, cadium, arsenic, radium and others. Is it any wonder that 23 research studies from four countries show that fluoridation reduces the IQ in children?
    Europe is now 97% fluoride free. They caught on to this scam years ago, while the U.S. is 67% fluoridated. To understand why one must follow the money trail, where it is illegal for these industries to dump this toxic material in the enviromment, so they sell it to communities to dump in our drinking water. It is totally ineffective in improving teeth and it causes enamal damage and bone cancer in children and oral cancer and brittle bones (hip fractures) in adults.
    See (www.fluoridealert.org) for the many scientific studies proving all this.

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