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We Need to Hear Your Views on the WHO Treaty

We Need to Hear Your Views on the WHO Treaty
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Unelected bureaucrats are meeting in a little over a month to set policies governing how the next pandemic will be conducted. We think it’s imperative that we stop this centralization of power over YOUR health. Action Alert!


  • The timeline to oppose the centralization of healthcare decision-making is rapidly shrinking.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is trying to have more control over your life during the next pandemic.
  • We want to hear from you about whether ANH should support an exit from the WHO

We’re fast approaching the May 2024 meeting of the World Health Assembly in late May. This is when the so-called “Pandemic Accord” (informally referred to as a treaty) and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) that we’ve been writing about are expected to be finalized; 18 months after this meeting, the changes will come into effect.

You can reference our previous coverage for why we and so many other Americans are so concerned about these developments. The COVID pandemic, and the policies put in place by health authorities during that time, were an unprecedented assault on the freedom of millions of people. Without scientific justification, we were subjected to lockdowns, masking requirements, travel restrictions, and a massive vaccination campaign with a medical product that had been developed at “warp speed” with inadequate testing.

There was a climate of heavy-handed censorship whereby anyone questioning the evidence base for these pandemic policies, or any treatment or protocol outside of the mainstream—and any doctor or clinic using those protocols—was delegitimized, de-platformed, maligned, or outright banned.

What is being discussed at the World Health Organization (WHO) now is a double-down on all of these bad policies. The motivating force behind these negotiations is that lockdowns, masking, mass vaccination, and censorship of mis- and dis-information were not pursued aggressively and uniformly enough. The WHO is asking states to cede their sovereignty so ‘Big Brother’ can take care of all of that for them.

We give them our liberty, and in return we get the warm blanket of authoritarianism—the WHO will tell us when the next pandemic is, what to do, where to send the vaccines, when to remain house-bound, what we’re not allowed to take or say, and so much more.

You can click here to take action on this issue, but we’re also incredibly interested in hearing from you, our readers and supporters, about what you think we should do to oppose this process.

We realize this is an incredibly important issue and political leaders, media outlets, and their censors are doing their best to make sure there’s no public debate on this subject. We also appreciate that depending on which side of the political divide you sit, you may have a particular view, but ultimately, we also we hope you’ll recognize this issue is of such importance that we just need to be making the right decision for the health of future generations. And we feel such decisions should be independent of any political party we might support. ANH is itself a non-partisan non-profit, so we don’t take sides because of a given political view. We do, however, take sides based on whether we think policies work or don’t work in relation to our natural health mission.

Amongst the biggest questions we have for you is whether you feel ANH should support the US leaving the WHO entirely?

To help us understand your views so we can fine-tune our own strategy, we’d love you to answer just one question in our survey of our readers that you can fill out below. Select one of the choices below, then hit the green Submit button to send in your response.

28 thoughts on “We Need to Hear Your Views on the WHO Treaty

  • Doris Stephens

    This is the world’s worst idea! Why would anyone agree to this? Totally against our constitutional rights.

    • Sam

      Agreed! The Absolute Worst Idea would be to team up with the WHO!!!
      Cut All Ties With the WHO !!!!!!
      In Fact, Let the United Stetes of America DESTROY the WHO!!!
      Take Them Out!!! Completely Dismantle the WHO !!! Go To War with the WHO !!!!!
      And Lock Up All of those people in favor of the WHO !!
      I Will FIGHT Anyone that Tries to Impose those Stupid WHO Ideals Upon Me!!! I Am Prepared To DIE For My Morals and Ideals!!!
      Are they Prepared To KILL ME to Enforce Their Ideals? I Will Not Be Taken ALIVE!!!!

  • Karen

    We don’t need or want the WHO.!! They will just continue their power grab until every country (including the U.S.) follows every rule, law and whim that they come up with which will give them universal control. We will lose our sovereignty completely. It’s foolish and naive to think otherwise.

    • Inside of it lie its agencies of destruction, including WHO, UNESCO, UNDRIP, FAO, WTO, World Bank and more, so much more. In fact, the total budget for the current, unexpanded UN alone was $14.8 Billion US last year, with $3.2 Billion US just for the UN Secretariat alone. That does not include the vast sums each of the agencies consumes, creating interlinked power centers all focused on entrenching the points of control as the net is pulled ever tighter.

      Everywhere you look, you see the net being pulled. And we, the captured ones, are slated for destruction or for enslavement. Unless. Unless we remember that we are created with unalienable rights that this deadly system is in the process of alienating – separating – from us. And they intend to do so rapidly.

      UN Agenda 2030, rapidly being implemented, includes:

      – UN withdrawal of rights vs US Constitutional unalienable rights

      – massive depopulation

      – total destruction of our society as we know it

      – globalized totalitarian control

      – 15 minute cities

      – destruction of parental rights

      – “health” / “vaccine” and other mandates

      – nullification of property rights

      – destruction of national borders

      – global censorship

      – digital currency / IDs and social credit scores

      – WHO, IHR, WEF, UNDRIP, The Great Reset, C-40, “Pandemic Treaty”, etc.

      Remember, the UN is a private organization serving the desires of a small group of psychopathic oligarchs to whom our needs, indeed our very lives, are merely minor irritants.

      Disengaging Entirely From the UN Debacle Act of 2023 (HR 6645 & S 3428) needs a Super Majority (2/3) to survive a presidential veto.

      Worried? You certainly should be. Visit https://PreventGenocide2030.org to support the US Congress in doing what we tell it to, not what the special interests tell them to. That means telling your Members of Congress that you demand their co-sponsorship and support for HR 6645 and S 3428, collectively the Disengaging Entirely From the UN Debacle Act.
      And if you are Canadian, go there as well because the e-Petition signed by more than 90K Canadians calling on Parliament to get Canada out of the UN was given the equivalent of a pauper’s burial in an unmarked grave. Check out the Canadian Action item there to learn how that happened and to lean on your MPs and MLAs to take their marching orders from Canadians for Canada. Now.


  • Truth

    Also stop supporting all of the lettered agencies as none are being run the way they were designed to be run and all fraudulently.

    • I agree that we must also Exit the UN, The Natural Solutions Foundation has gotten Bills introduced in the House and Senate which will do just that!

      At their website we can send form letters to Congress for this purpose and they also facilitate calling Congress to deliver verbal messages! Their website https://PREVENTGENOCIDE2030.ORG
      Includes evidence from UN & WHOs own internal documents and publis statements that they’re openly pushing the normalization of Pedophilia, Transhumanism, TRANSGENDERISM and GENOCIDE!!
      Their website has numerous links to Podcasts that they’ve done which display an authoritative understanding of the IMMENSE DANGER were all in if we FAIL to EXIT both the UN and the WHO!!! If we fail, we’ll face TOTAL HEALTH DICTATERSHIP: FORCED VAXES, MANDATORY Vax Passports forALL Travel, Mandatory Lockdowns & Forced Quarantines, Threats to Turn Off our Digital Dollars and Other very controlling Actions! It’s clearly not ENOUGH to just Exit the WHO since the UN runs it and BOTH bodies are threatening to DESTROY America and Freedom world wide! At https://PREVENTGENOCIDE2030.ORG Americans can write to Congress while Canadians and people from several other countries can send form letters to their governments for the same purpose! ANH, Citizens for Health, the Dr Rath Health Foundation , The National Health Federation and all other Freedom Organizations Globally should back the Natural Solutions Foundations efforts as International Advocates For Health Freedom does! As the First Global Whistleblower against the UN Codex international threat to Health Freedom I welcome assistance in organizing people and groups world wide for this purpose! Please call me at 480-309-3027 mobile and email me at [email protected] and at [email protected] For Health Freedom, John C HAMMELL

  • Bonni McKeown

    I would love to see you come out and say “Exit the WHO.” What started out as a good organization promoting worldwide sanitation and health has become completely corrupt. Depending on your resources, you can also lobby to keep the US and state govts from participating in WHO orders as a fallback position.

  • Greg Steuck

    Support bills that ensure that the US government is unable to unilaterally support the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) without Senate approval

  • Michael L Goebel, DC, ACN, CME, CTTH

    Proposed new constitutional amendment: Congress shall not ratify any treaty that would negate or diminish
    the God-given rights of the people of America.
    WHO needs to be bombed out of existence, and all perpetrators hung for treason in their various countries.

  • Stephen

    We really need to start saying what WE THE PEOPLE need.

    Honoring our Subsidiarity Principle.
    No global digital ID’s and digital monetary value.
    No carbon “taxes”
    No corporate personhood.
    No lobbiests.

  • OVER A YEAR AGO, Arizona Representative Biggs submitted a bill to withdraw the US entirely from the WHO. That bill, H.R. 79, was sent to the Foreign Affairs Committee where it has been languishing, ignored (apparently) in the committee’s in-basket (lowest tier) ever since. This bill is only TWO PAGES LONG! In this age of thousands-plus page bills, this one could be handled in about ten minutes. Call, text, email, write, or otherwise contact your House Representative immediately. Tell (don’t ask) them to go down to the Foreign Affairs Committee office and kick some butt. Get that bill, H.R. 79 moving NOW. The WHO will be voting NEXT MONTH; be sure to let them know you won’t stand for AMERICA LOSING ITS SOVEREIGNTY because they’re too lazy (or scared) to deal with this IMPORTANT BILL, H.R. 79. Once we give away our US sovereignty, we will never get it back. Don’t just sit there, get moving on this right now! PS: Just so you know, President Trump removed the US from the WHO, back when he was president. Shortly after he was inaugurated, President Biden rejoined the WHO. That should have some bearing on how you vote this November.

  • Mark Vincent

    I am a free American and I refuse to submit to any organization pertaining to my and my family’s health and lifestyle choices. I will not comply — not ever — to the WHO or anyone else. Exit and defund the WHO immediately!

  • Marly

    As far as I’m concerned, I find NO REASON to trust the WHO, or even our gov’t, to make ANY medical or health decisions for anyone. They have not shown themselves to be honest or correct…politics should NEVER be involved, but has been & is getting more controlling all the time. We, the people don’t need the government to be our “caretaker”. A “Nanny-State” eventually becomes a “police-state”…as we are watching before our very eyes. It’s grievous, & a crime against people, who should be free to decide for themselves.
    Thank you, for all that you do!

  • Jeannette

    The WHO along with the WEF is CCP- controlled, Unelected globalist group that wants control over identifying, declaring and controlling not just pandemics, but all health in the future. They want digital ID cards for everyone and are part of the goal to reduce population. They are largely financed and controlled by Gates, and his goal is population reduction.
    We will lose our sovereignty if we allow Biden to sign onto this. We will be under the control of the WHO with digital ID for everyone to track, identify person and can mandate vaccines for all. So NO. To the WHO, also the WEF and the UN – all communist controlled globalist elites. .

  • Elizabeth Davis

    The impending WHO “treaty” that is not called a treaty (doublespeak) is dangerous and vicious. It should not be allowed to happen.

  • Edward Kaczor

    The NGO’s have no jurisdiction over the constitution for America. As a ASN I follow the United States for America, but now most people follow the United States of America. The wording makes the difference. The “of ” America is a corporation which rules under British law. We need to get back to the Republic for which it stands. One nation under God.

  • Steph K.

    Considering the evil that is involved with the WHO, it is my belief that we, as the United States, should break away totally from any power they have over this country!

  • Laura Smith

    The United States is a sovereign country based on a democracy we did not vote for any persons in the WHO organization to make decisions for our health or freedoms, are rights. WHO has no business or rights in implementing any rules regulations or restrictions on any US citizen.

  • Marilyn Munro

    While I’m not opposed to supporting bills that will ensure that the U.S. Government is unable to unilaterally support the amendments to the IHR without Senate approval I don’t believe they will actually hold. We’re in the middle of a global coup which has been in the making for a very long time. It feels to me like part of that plan is to destabilize America, including ultimately getting rid of our constitution. I’d rather push to exit the WHO all together even though I think that’s a long shot.

  • Nichole

    We must realize that this began before Agenda 2030, it began with the first Agenda 2021 and long before that but that is where this part started, that is when this was all set in motion or we would not have had years of disaster simulation scenarios or table top exercises being played out by a long list of players in these colleges like Johns Hopkins, it is also being done by police, military, intelligence and this is worldwide they are doing these simulations globally, so this obviously was taking place before Covid, and many nefarious things went into effect around the timeframe of about 1994 just two years after the first UN sign over by George H.W. Bush. It has been said by researchers that these agendas are planned out by the world bankers up to decades in advance, so by having the simulations and tabletop exercises, to me that is just an admission that all this is planned and they use various colleges and think tanks to prepare people basically for what is inevitable to soften the blow if you will. That is why there was not a mass protest and why there has not been any even though we are all being subjected to a preplanned exercise. Henry Kissinger’s NSSM 200 tells us a lot, so does the Global 2000 Report, there is of course evidence at WHO by the World Health Assembly where they openly admit that they have required reports on the disaster scenarios by the signatories who signed on I believe 196 countries signed on the first Agenda 2021 basically we were already bound at that point because the same number is being bound by the new agreements or amendments. I would say that anything that Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski recommended was from a eugenist viewpoint, and that means wars, pandemics, vaccines, disease, depopulation, derision, poisons, GMOs, nano particles, etc.

    Please see Harry Vox here https://rumble.com/v326upy-operation-lockstep-rockefeller-guidebook-for-martial-law-lockdowns-for-a.html as he provides a few important documents for people to see, I have hundreds but can’t list them here. Also Deborah Tevares here has provided critical information and documents in her interviews https://rumble.com/v46fpll-water-stolen-from-the-people-how.html

  • linda

    The U.S. needs to be done with the WHO on every level. I have no trust of this organization: it’s actions, decisions and the financial contributors to this organization. It has no business have any oversight over any country’s decision about their health policies, or anything else that has to do with any independent country.

  • Cyndie

    Global control of anything is a bad idea especially when citizens have not elected to be represented. The U.S. should leave the WHO and all global organizations as none of them have our best interests at heart.

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