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Why are Health Food Stores Closing During this Pandemic?

Why are Health Food Stores Closing During this Pandemic?
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One state governor is shutting down health food stores that sell vital supplements as “nonessential” businesses. We must fight back and make sure others don’t follow suit. Action Alert!

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has ordered all nonessential businesses in the state to close for 30 days. In defiance of federal guidance, he has included health food stores in that order. It is pure lunacy to limit people’s access to health products and foods that can boost immunity during a pandemic. We must all send messages to our state officials to push back and ensure similar moves don’t happen across the country.

The Department of Homeland Security has issued guidance on which businesses are “essential” and allowed to stay open during the pandemic. It clearly states that “workers supporting groceries, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail…that sells human food” are considered “essential.” Recall that supplements are food and regulated as such.

Dietary supplements can provide critical immune support during this pandemic, and the last thing we should be doing is limiting our ability to access products that can help us stay healthy. ANH-USA is currently developing a resource hub that will compile a list of useful nutrients for this pandemic; in the meantime, here are some other great sources of information (here, here, here, here, and here).

Action Alert! Write to your governor and state legislators, telling them to keep health food stores open in your state! Please send your message immediately.

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