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Why Genetically Engineered Crops Threaten Your Health

Why Genetically Engineered Crops Threaten Your Health

GMOIf you listen to political talk-radio, you may have been puzzled by recent ads about seeds. Why would anyone be concerned about access to seeds? Because approximately 82 percent of the global seed supply is patented and owned by a handful of big corporations. Just six companies — DuPont, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF and Dow — control about 75 percent of the global agro-chemical market .
British consumers were amazed to learn from a report released by the British Royal Society that nearly two-thirds of the soy imported into the United Kingdom is genetically engineered. The majority of Brits and Americans are totally unaware that they are buying and eating foods made from GMO crops. There has been no long-term testing of the impact genetically engineered crops have on humans or on the environment. We simply don’t know if the recent increases in allergies, asthma and other diseases that affect the immune system are related to the consumption of foods from GMO crops. The effect of GMO foods on our genetic map and the genes of future generations remains a mystery. The phenomenon of fish changing sex (among other abnormalities in wildlife reproduction) may or may not be related to the growing of GMO crops on U.S. farmlands. But it has been proven that GMO crops have modified traditional maize in Mexico.
A joint report from the Organic Center, the Union for Concerned Scientists and the Center for Food Safety reveals that the adoption of genetically engineered cotton, soy and corn has simultaneously increased the use of pesticides in the United States. What’s the connection? Large numbers of farmers are now raising corn, soy and cotton that have been genetically engineered to tolerate being doused with more and more weed killer. The first 13 years of commercial use of GMO crops have resulted in the overall use of pesticides on U.S. farms swelling by 318 million pounds.
Accelerated use of herbicides has caused super weeds to emerge, weeds resistant to pesticides. Because super weeds cost more to control, farmers face greater expenses in the long run. Add to this the fact that we simply don’t know the ultimate effect of super weeds on plant and wildlife.
The Organic Center predicts that in 2010, GMO corn seed prices could be as much as three times higher than prices for conventional corn seed. GMO soy seed prices are expected to be 42 percent higher than the original 1996 GMO soy. The medical toll remains unknown.

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15 thoughts on “Why Genetically Engineered Crops Threaten Your Health

  • W King

    The Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) “agrobullies” (DuPont, Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF, Dow and others) are without conscience, face or availability. Behind the scenes, the bosses of the GMO and other national and international food companies’ are in an all-out effort, with no restraints in-place to restrict their momentum, to gain control over our food. They want what they want and no one should stand in their way.
    It is my understanding that no GMO product has been undertaken or accomplished to IMPROVE THE NUTRITION CAPACITY of their food products. In fact, it is just the opposite! Pesticde production is actually designed to be added to the tissue (the flesh) of the GMO foods themselves. That means we are now eating biopestifoods. Now isn’t that a grandiose idea?? Or, these companies are genetically modifying a food to incorporate an internal resistence to strong pesticides. Another self serving venue for these international grimy banshees. The result: absolutely unhealthy, genetically ruined but “patented” under their control, foods that have replaced our (God created) healthy foods.
    I think it is time to put a stop to all this!! One way, without an all-out-war, is to simply nullify their patents and demand them to return our precious life-giving “healthy food stocks” back to their original food state!!! Either they will put it all back as it once was or we will have to do it oneday ourselves… that is of course, only after they have had all they want with being big-poop for a while and banking and sand bagging all the money they stole from us.
    All of you just sitting there with a startled look on your face, “Buck up!” It’s time NOW to do something or you will eventually be sitting in your own slop . . . and multiple serious diseases saying, “How did all this happen?”
    I have been in the serious study and use of clinical nutrition for more years than some of you have lived…wk

  • It is all about money. Who care if a few people die, we make money if they become ill, and if they just die, it will decrease the surface population. So much for Scrooge, he is indeed alive and well.

  • I noticed that MSG has several different names, now. Kettle Brand Chips uses the chemical name
    ‘autolyzed yeast’ (MSG). I happened to catch that chemical name, and didn’t know what
    kind of ‘yeast’ that was, so I looked it up. Lo & behold….it’s another name for MSG. These
    people that are dumping these chemicals into our foods, using covert names, thinkng we
    aren’t intelligent enough to look up the strange chemicals, got another thing coming. I have an
    entire list of chemicals that are ALL the MSG. Don’t these morons realize when people start
    having reactions, to the MSG in their product, they could be held liable? Just because they
    disquise the MSG name, doesn’t mean they’re off the hook. Wake up folks……READ THE LABELS!

  • AND … these idiots running the world and balancing budgets are making decisions like this. People seem to be gathering to clean that filthy White House and what a glorious day that will be…1

  • Gwen

    I was amazed when I read this report. It continues to amaze me and many of my friends that no or little testing is done on all the drugs, genetic foods, etc. that are forced upon us here in the USA.


  • No matter what your health status, age or level of fitness you can do something to exercise your body and mind enough to maintain a decent level of immune function, vital organ strength and systemic protection. Even moderate exercise such as walking or swimming for 30 minutes each day, or weight bearing exercise such as gym work are all extremely beneficial.

  • Dewey Fish

    Nothing is going to change in Washinton until a BILLION People march on Washinton… and even then our congress and senate could care less what the people… The ON:Y THING THAT COUNTS WITH THEM is the amount of money you can put into their pocket…
    For instance the lady who has run the CDC for the past 10 years is Now a Head Honco at one of the Big Pharma VACCINE Makers Making a couple of mill a year… How is That for PAY TO PLAY…

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