Yes to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Especially for Brain Damaged Soldiers

Yes to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Especially for Brain Damaged Soldiers

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stopAsk the White House to Fully Support HBOT!
Dr. Paul G. Harch, a pioneer of HBOT, will participate in the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative. The program will teach medical schools better ways to train new doctors to care for veterans’ needs, including HBOT as the premier therapy for traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, and PTSD.
However, the Joining Forces Initiative has not officially committed to actually funding any of these research projects. Please write to President Obama, thank him for the First Lady’s initiative, and ask him to provide funding so HBOT can actually be administered to our veterans.
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New Study Reaffirms: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Should Be Standard Treatment for Veterans
HBOTDecember 6, 2011So why does the government keep blocking its use?
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Mom Whose Autistic Children Got Better Shares More of Her Story With Us
Justice signMarch 8, 2011
Last week we told you about Meleah Corner, who won a major court case in NC allowing her children to continue to be treated with HBOT. This week we had the opportunity to interview her and hear her story in greater detail. You won’t believe what she had to go through.
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HBOT Healing Victory
HBOT victoryMarch 2, 2011
In North Carolina, a blind mother of three autistic boys took on North Carolina Medicaid—and won.
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Hyperbaric Oxygen for Our Wounded War Heroes in the News
July 21, 2009
New legislation has passed the House to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy at VA hospitals. AAHF Board member Dr. Paul Harch will be on CBS Evening News to discuss how the therapy works.
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New Documentary Features AAHF Board Member on HBOT for Brain-Injured Soldiers
June 23, 2009
Brain Storm, a new film by an Iraqi War veteran, features AAHF board member Paul Harch discussing the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for brain-injured soldiers. What is Congress doing for those who have served the nation?
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Brain Injury in U.S. Troops — A Long-Awaited Government Study Is Published
December 16, 2008
The Institute of Medicine has issued a long-awaited government report on screening US troops for brain injury (TBI). The report calls on the military to test all new recruits for cognitive skills, then do large studies of returning combat veterans, to better evaluate for traumatic brain injury, the signature wound of the Iraq War.
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The Battle is Not Over for Our Iraqi War Vets—Traumatic Brain Injury Has Long-Lasting Consequences
November 30, 2008
The latest issue of Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development focuses on identifying which combat veterans with traumatic brain injury might need more intensive treatment. As Pulse of Health Freedom pointed out in its October 7 issue, concussions or traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are common among veterans serving in the Iraq war. TBI has been linked to a disturbing rate of suicide and other long-term health consequences in our returning combat veterans.
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AAHF Scores a Victory with HBOT for Wounded Veterans
November 30, 2008
Hope For Traumatic Brain Injury, Diabetic Failure-to-Heal Wounds, and More?
On September 30, President Bush signed into law the FY2009 Continuing Resolution that contains the Defense Appropriations bill. In doing so, crucial funding became available to complete a scientific study important to all Americans.
Seventeen years ago, Paul G. Harch, M.D., discovered that hyperbaric oxygen therapy at 1.5 atmospheres of pressure (HBOT 1.5) could repair a chronic traumatic brain injury (TBI). Dr. Harch, director of the Hyperbaric Medicine Fellowship at Louisiana State University’s School of Medicine and an AAHF board member, has used the therapy on over 700 patients and has taught the technique to hundreds of doctors.
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Treating Brain Injured Iraq War Veterans
hbot chamberSeptember 16, 2008
The Rand Corporation first revealed the extent of brain injury among our Iraq veterans. There is an effective treatment for it. Why are veterans not getting it?
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Hyperbaric Oxygen for Our Nation’s Veterans
August 5, 2008
Report from the Trenches: Government Affairs from your Nation’s Capitol
Dr. William A. Duncan, Your Lobbyist in Washington
The DoD-Brain Injury Rescue & Rehabilitation Project
Since January of 2007, the American Association for Health Freedom has sponsored a project to have veterans of the war treated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Thank you to the thousands of you who have sent letters of support to your elected officials. Many of our physician members use hyperbaric oxygen for everything from preventing diabetic foot amputations to stroke, autism or traumatic brain treatment. There is a great deal of published material to demonstrate that this treatment is effective. Many have seen it rebuild a brain in 120 days, and every service member who has been treated to date has had significant recovery. Our very own AAHF Board member, Paul Harch, M.D. has treated many of these veterans.
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