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49 Senators and 22 AGs Oppose WHO Takeover

49 Senators and 22 AGs Oppose WHO Takeover
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Elected officials are listening to your messages! We need to keep the pressure up to prevent the World Health Organization’s (WHO) power grab. Action Alert!

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  • Half of the Senate sent a letter to President Biden opposing the WHO’s proposed takeover of future pandemic policies.
  • 22 Attorneys General – the chief legal officers of 22 states—have also opposed the plan to give the WHO unconstitutional power over the American people.
  • This is a clear indication that grassroots advocacy is working; to protect our freedoms, we need to keep hammering Congress with messages opposing the WHO’s authoritarian pandemic proposals.
  • If they win, the WHO will have more power to tell you what to do during the next pandemic.

Last week, almost half of the US Senate sent a strong letter to President Biden, urging his administration to oppose the changes to international law currently being negotiated that would substantially increase the power of the WHO during the next pandemic…which the WHO could declare unilaterally, and which authorities are already suggesting will be an avian flu pandemic. The letter has been timed just in advance of the forthcoming World Health Assembly later this month where amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the Pandemic ‘Treaty’ are expected to be ratified. As we’ve been reporting for some time, these changes give the WHO more power to declare public health emergencies, dictate public health responses, and suppress free speech by labeling it “misinformation.” We have to keep up the pressure to make sure none of that happens so that we can maintain both national and individual sovereignty.

The letter was led by Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and calls on the Biden Administration to withdraw support for the Pandemic Treaty and the IHR amendments or, at the very least, to submit any treaty or agreement to the Senate for ratification—precisely what we have been calling for.

And that’s not all. Twenty-two state attorneys general also sent a letter to President Biden voicing their concerns about handing the WHO so many new powers.

We thank all our members who have been sending messages to Congress. These letters are a clear indication that our concerns are being heard and echoed by lawmakers. Without sustained action, we won’t succeed in stopping this assault on our freedoms, so let’s keep up the momentum!

You can read our analysis of the most recent drafts of these documents here. While there are some small differences in the latest negotiating drafts, the main thrust remains the same. What the WHO is aiming for is a pandemic response in the future that is like a steroid-infused version of what we experienced after the COVID pandemic was announced in March 2020. The goal is more centralization of health policy decision-making, a move towards authoritarianism that will sideline the individual and their physicians in favor of a faceless bureaucracy that will have zero understanding of your health status, your resilience or sensitivities, your health needs, or your circumstances.

Handing the WHO more power to handle the next pandemic is an absurdity given its record during the COVID pandemic, when evidence is increasingly showing that policies recommended by these health authorities (isolation, school closures, mask wearing, etc.) were disastrous for public health.

The resistance to health authoritarianism is growing. Many of the most prominent voices for health freedom—including ANH founder and executive director Rob Verkerk, PhD—will be convening in Geneva at the same time as the World Health Assembly’s meeting. The Inspired Network’s Geneva Project will serve as a much-needed counter to the drug-centric, one-size-fits-all approach favored by health bureaucrats at the WHO.

Be sure to check out our most recent video, Imagine a future where the WHO is in charge and to share it and our action alert widely!

Action Alert! Send a message to Congress urging them to support bills that take the US out of the WHO. Please send your message immediately.

5 thoughts on “49 Senators and 22 AGs Oppose WHO Takeover

  • Karen Miner

    The WHO… I did not vote for any of them so they should not have any authority over anything that I do in my life.

  • LaHahn Pretre

    It should be our elected reps we hold to account if they don’t get us out of the WHO. We the People ought to be able to sue them. They are the ones with the power (given to them by us, I may add). That power must be used for our good without any excuse. Sue them if they fail us. Failing to support exiting the WHO ought to be a jail-able offense. Failure to act.

  • Carole Harrigan

    I did not vote for any of the WHO members so they cannot tell me what to do with my health during a pandemic, especially that they don’t know what to do other than have us wear a mask and all locked down. Communist style.

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