AND (Dietitians) Monopoly

AND (Dietitians) Monopoly

View your state’s licensing statusMonopoly Over Nutritional Therapy Overview
ANH-USA advocates for access and choice—to ensure consumers have unencumbered access to health care treatments and ensure practitioners have the autonomy to practice in a manner that is truly in the best interest of his/her patient.
Unfortunately, legislation has been passed in numerous states that impedes an individual’s right to access highly qualified nutritional therapists of their choice due to restrictive and unnecessary legislation that prohibits hundreds of qualified practitioners from providing nutritional therapy.

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stopDietitians Using Medicare Reform to Monopolize Hospital Nutrition Services
Medicare claims to be reforming some of its rules in order to get rid of unnecessary or burdensome regulations. This would revise the requirement that a therapeutic diet be prescribed only by the practitioners responsible for the care of the patient—a revision we agree with, since few physicians know anything about nutrition. But it would allow only Registered Dietitians (not Certified Nutrition Specialists, many with Master’s degrees and PhDs, or other highly qualified nutrition professionals) to prescribe a therapeutic diet. Tell the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to allow all qualified nutrition professionals to prescribe therapeutic hospital diets.
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Stop the Dietitian Monopoly in

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North Carolina Residents: Get Rid of the Board of Dietetics and Nutrition!
The North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition is essentially a tool of the monopolistic Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The state legislature created the board through legislation, and it would have to repeal the Dietetics/Nutrition Practice Act to disband this extremely unjust board. Action Alert!
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Journalist Uncovers Dietetics Board Campaign to Limit Speech and Competition
nc dieteticOctober 16, 2012
Working on a tip from ANH-USA, a reporter discovers internal documents detailing the true motives of the dietetics board. Action Alert!
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Are Registered Dieticians “Practicing Medicine” Without a License?
Green apple with stethoscopeNovember 20, 2012
If so, it would be ironic, since RD groups are using similar laws to attack and suppress other, often better qualified nutritionists.
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Dietetic Association’s Race to Monopoly in the Media
Junk FoodAugust 20, 2012Even the mainstream media is starting to notice the AND’s mission to monopolize the nutritional therapy market…
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Dietetic Association’s Latest Power Grab
nutritionJuly 16, 2012
They want to make sure that only Registered Dietitians, not certified nutritionists with Master’s degrees and PhDs, will be eligible for insurance reimbursements!
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The AND/ADA Responds to Our Article
fast foodJune 12, 2012
When is a sponsor not a sponsor? When it causes public embarrassment, apparently.
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Registered Dietitian Accuses Dietetics Association of Violating Its Own Code of Ethics
mcds-logoJune 5, 2012
At issue is the organization’s support of the junk food industry.
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Nutritionists Are Fighting for Their Rights in the States
nutritionMay 15, 2012
The FSMB is an elite, highly influential, secretive private organization. Recent reports suggest it may also be corrupt. Action Alert!
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Dietitian HQ Now Resorting to Sneak Attacks
grass_roots_activismFebruary 28, 2012
Your activism is once again bearing fruit—but the dietetic monopoly is fighting back with its most underhanded move yet.
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ADA Claims We’re Lying. So Why Can’t They Rebut a Single Thing We Said
ADA campaignNovember 14, 2011
They call our statements “erroneous,” “ridiculous,” “untruths,” “falsehoods,” and “outright lies,” but each of our “wild accusations” are solidly documented!
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New Campaign Seeks to Make Big Changes at the American Dietetic Association—RDs Speak Out!
reallyeatrightNovember 8, 2011
Registered Dietitians are tired of their organization being financed by the junk food industry and Big Pharma. Now they’re starting to speak out.
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Dietitians Are Buying Coke’s Line: Sugar, Fluoride, Artificial Colors are SAFE for Children!
coke ADAJune 14, 2011
We wish we could say we are surprised. Registered dietitians are now being given formal education by the Coca-Cola Company on how safe its ingredients are.
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How the American Dietetic Association is Strengthening its Monopoly
ADAMay 10, 2011
The ADA is clever. It gets legislation passed under the radar, when no one is looking. And natural health nutritionists are getting a rotten deal.
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The War for Nutrition Science Integrity
iStock_000014145917XSmallNovember 23, 2010
One nutrition organization looks to be in the pocket of Big Pharma and the worst of the junk food manufacturers. Another organization has been a more independent voice for nutrition. Guess which one is attempting to swallow the other?
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Playing Monopoly With Our Health
June 22, 2010
The American Dietetic Association (ADA) wants to create a monopoly on state nutritional licensure. This organization—which lists among its corporate sponsors soft drink giants Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, cereal manufacturers General Mills and Kellogg’s, candy maker Mars, and Unilever, the multinational corporation that owns many of the world’s consumer products brands in foods and beverages—already has a stranglehold on who can dispense nutritional counseling at the state level.
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Press Release, July 17, 2009
American Dietetic Association Seeks Monopoly over Nutritional Therapy

Urgent—Licensure of Dietitians and Nutritionists in Michigan—Vote is Tomorrow, May 13!
May 12, 2009
The Michigan Board of Dietetics and Nutrition is in the process of creating the rules to implement the bill on licensure of dietitians and nutritionists in the state of Michigan. A vote is set for May 13, and we are asking members in Michigan to contact the Board immediately. AAHF is asking the Board to include other reputable credentialing agencies to ensure that other highly qualified professionals are able to practice nutritional therapy in Michigan.
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