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Anti-Supplement Amendment Coming

Anti-Supplement Amendment Coming
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With your help, we can defeat it once again. Action Alert!
Last week we told you about an anti-supplement amendment that we think will be attached to a must-pass bill to fund the military in fiscal year 2017. We also believe this amendment will be introduced to the full Senate this week, so it is crucial to reach out to your senators and urge them to oppose this legislation.
To recap, the amendment, offered by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), would subject supplements sold on military bases to third-party review for “recognized public standards of identity, purity, strength, and composition, and adherence to related process standards.”
As we’ve argued before, this law is completely unnecessary. Supplement companies by law must already hold to current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs), which require that their products be processed in a consistent manner and meet explicit quality standards. Second, supplement companies will likely be expected to pay huge sums for this review. Only the biggest companies—many of them owned by Big Pharma—will be able to comply. Yet another government-created monopoly will be handed over to big drug companies.
Of particular concern is the amendment’s language mandating “adherence to related process standards.” This language is extremely vague and could subject supplements sold on military bases to duplicative or otherwise unnecessary red tape—which would likely result in our servicemen and women losing access to high-quality supplements.
More importantly, passing this amendment makes it easier to apply such standards to all dietary supplements.
Action Alert! Write to your senators and urge them to oppose Sen. Blumenthal’s anti-supplement amendment and preserve our access to quality dietary supplements! Please send your message immediately.


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