• Mar 28, 2019 1

    Inside FDA’s Supplement Power Grab

    Just as we suspected, the FDA is coming after supplements once again. Action Alert! Recently we told you about a statement made by Commissioner Scott Gottlieb (who has since resigned his post) concerning the FDA’s regulatory approach to dietary supplements. The statement was short ...

  • Mar 28, 2019 0

    Chemical Industry Pay-to-Play Regulation Threatens Public Health

    User fees create a regulatory system ripe for corruption. Action Alert! We at ANH-USA have written many times before about how the FDA is beholden to the pharmaceutical industry: through drug user fees, Big Pharma pays the FDA to review its products, giving the FDA a bias towards the ...

  • Mar 28, 2019 0

    Frankenfish Coming to a Store Near You

    And you might not even realize you are serving it to your family. Action Alert! The FDA has removed the last roadblock to genetically engineered (GE) salmon hitting supermarket shelves. The GE salmon will have to follow the labeling guidelines spelled out in the GMO labeling law passe...