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Both House and Senate Vote YES on Food Safety Bill

voteMoments ago, the House of Representatives passed the Food Safety bill—which the Senate, in one of the most underhanded legislative maneuvers we’ve ever seen, approved late Sunday night. It now goes to the president to be signed into law.

As we told you last week, Democrats first attempted to attach the food safety bill to the short-term spending measure to keep the government running, but Republicans balked because they wanted to keep that measure clean. So Sunday night, the Senate raised it as an amendment to a completely unrelated bill from the House of Representatives—H.R. 2751, the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act!
Incidentally, quite a number of reports have gotten many of these details wrong.
The House bill, which began life as the “Cash for Clunkers Temporary Vehicle Trade-in Program” (very fitting given this basket case of a “food safety” bill), had been on the Senate’s legislative calendar since June of 2009. Suddenly, in a flurry of activity, the text of the old S. 510 was repackaged as Senate Amendment 4830. This was then proposed “in the nature of a substitute” for the House bill, which means the text of the Senate amendment was completely substituted for the original text of the House bill. This was agreed to in the Senate by unanimous consent. The title of the bill was then amended, renaming it—you guessed it—the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act!
By the way, there were several different “Cash for Clunkers” bills that were sent back and forth between the Senate and the House, and one of those was passed into law. This one simply languished on the legislative junk pile until it could be resurrected—that is, until its shell could prove itself useful in a profoundly devious maneuver.
The reason the Senate took a bill already passed by the House and completely replaced its language with the food safety bill language was to get around the constitutionality issue that had been the bill’s downfall a few weeks ago. So now, technically, the Senate’s bill, with its tax provision, actually did originate in the House, even though it actually was drafted by and inserted by the Senate. An absolute end-run around the rules.
All at 10 p.m. on a Sunday night, when they thought no one would be watching. Our senators should be ashamed of themselves for acting so dishonorably.
The swift approval by unanimous consent caught some aides and lobbyists working on it by surprise. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) had promised to block the legislation, but he inexplicably lifted his objection at the final moment. Reid announced he would send the legislation—this time properly attached to a House-originated measure—back to the lower chamber for final approval.
Tuesday morning, the House voted on the Rules Committee’s “closed rule,” meaning that no amendments are allowed. It then went to the House floor, and after less than an hour of debate, the bill passed, 215 to 144.
After the holidays, we will publish a wrap-up of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, unraveling the timeline, outlining some of the important concessions ANH-USA won during the process, and discussing where we go from here.

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167 thoughts on “Both House and Senate Vote YES on Food Safety Bill

  • Laura

    A complete travesty! Coburn is a hypocrite!
    A terrifying example of the silent & slow stripping away of basic human rights!
    Soylent Green in the making!

  • Al Coffman

    What a sordid tale, and what a sorry state of affairs. We all sure appreciate your efforts on this…of all the citizen groups raising flags on this bill, you did the most consistent and high quality job. Sorry it was not successful in the end.

  • Laura

    …they’ll have to pry my free-range, organic, non-GMO egg from my cold, dead fingers!
    EVERYONE MUST REVOLT! Grow your own & share w/ evreyone!

  • Cindy

    I hope they all die ugly, painful deaths. All the thoughtless scumbags looking to put money in THEIR pockets at the expense of everyone else.

  • Heinous modus operandi!
    Attaching bills onto other bills, cloaked and unnamed is and always HAS been a huge disservice to the general public and in my mind, due process of law. The system is flawed if it allows bills to be doubled up and often misrepresented in the process.

  • jasmith4

    Sort of reminds me of Ollie North’s end runs around the Constitution, and that was back in Reagan’s 80’s! Thank goodness for people with attention spans, but we seem to be the minority, especially among Republicans, who always say “old news” to respond to every scandal and issue…

  • elisabeth feerick

    What is this country coming to that we get tyrannized by underhanded legislative proposals. Freedom of choice in supplements, natural health care, raw dairy products and what have you helps agriculture and improves the lives of so many people. Not the Big Drug companies. Whoever believed the FDA is unbiased??? Or capable to test alternative medicine? The House Reps and Senate need not worry – they are w-e-l-l taken care of for life. I think the handling of this is dreadful.

    • elisabeth feerick

      What is this country coming to that we get tyrannized by underhanded legislative proposals. Freedom of choice in supplements, natural health care, raw dairy products and what have you helps agriculture and improves the lives of so many people. Not the Big Drug companies. Whoever believed the FDA is unbiased??? Or capable to test alternative medicine? The House Reps and Senate need not worry – they are w-e-l-l taken care of for life. And who should tell me what I may consume or not consume? I think the handling of this is dreadful.

      • Susan Hornbach

        elisabeth, the American people need to demand more from their government, and stop waiting for the FDA and pharmaceutical companies to take care of them. In my opinion, anyone on more thatn two or three pharmaceutical drugs at one time is probably on a downward spiral to very bad health, because after two or three drugs, the doctor most likely can’t tell the difference between the side effect and a symptom. So how can the doctor treat it? Probably with another drug of course!

  • LW

    I suggest we all send a little note to Sen. Tom Coburn, asking why he suddenly changed his mind. Or, why he was lying about his committment the whole time the bill was in limbo. Either way, he owes every man, woman and child in this supposedly free country an explanation. Cash for clunkers, indeed, now they’ll have to change the name to “poison for plebes”.

  • First, generate widespread disclosure, condemnation, and ridicule (one of our most potent verbal weapons) of the process that evicerates any pretence of democratic procedure.
    Second, fine-tooth comb it for the most outrageous provisions, diseminate those provisions to build a case for repeal with the new Congress, some of whom are of the Tea-Party variety who can be won to our side on this matter of intrusive government.
    Third, are there grounds for a court challenge? Can we tie this up for months or years with valid arguments?
    Fourth, once we have a clear and unified analysis, can we disseminate it to like minded people in health food coops, farmers markets, farm associations and the like? Perhaps we can find a way to abort the worst features and live with what’s left. Jon

  • Don Capone

    thank you for your efforts. I thought this was a dead issue. Were it not for you I would not have known the Congress did us in one more time. . Coburn is a huge disappointment. It’s time for term limits to hit him as well.

  • Kasmin Jefferson

    Is this the beginning of the end? The poisoning of Americans via a few food giants. I see mass starvation and many very sick people who will never get well. Will 85% of Americans perish?

  • Susan Hornbach

    Well for the @#$%^$% actions of the $#%^&* senate and the *&$%%$^ congress, everyone should remember these good for nothing politicians at the polls.
    They are disgusting peices of humanity, and the American people should be informed of what they did. It’s a shame that politicians are so dirty and underhanded, We worked very hard to keep these slimmy greasy politicisns from hurting people in the farming industry, but also their disgusting sneaky acts will end up hurting all Americans. Americans should remember that when they can’t buy a tomato at the road side stand anymore.
    I’m so mad , I could just spit on them all, and mad enough to vote everyone out on the next election. It’ll probably just be a new bunch of sleazy politicians all over again, but nevertheless, I think it should be made a big deal of, and every senator and congressman’s name should be listed for a vote out next time around!!!!.
    THe President is as bad as them if he doesn’t stop this so called safety act it in it’s tracks, AND CALL IT A FOUL FOR THE WAY IT WAS PASSED! i hope you read this Mr. President, because it reflects what other AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THINKING!

  • Wouldn’t it possibly help to blitz Obama with emails about this—quick?? Is he obligated to sign it? I know it seems unlikely to block it this way at the last minute.

  • Judi Steele

    I’m not surprised at what they did….they don’t care what they do. This makes me so mad when they do this late when they think no one is paying attention. I’m in the natural health business, and this is really going to be a bad bill!!! Big Pharm is at it again!!!!

  • Disappointed but not Surprised

    I am sad about this to say the LEAST. I am not surprised at the underhanded measures having to be taken by our elected officials. We are going to soon realize that we don’t have a voice loud enough or a bank account financially substantial enough to take on Big Ag and the Lobbyists who are the ones that actually run our Government…. The President is just a puppet. Congrats….we are one step closer to being a Socialist Country.

  • jo

    So what happens now? Is there anything that can be done? Can you send your letter above to Anderson Cooper at CNN for their “Keeping them honest” report?

  • Protonius

    What the Congress has now done, in the way that it used deceit, subterfuge, and trickery, to pass this bill, gives new meaning to the expression “With friends like that, who needs enemies?”.
    What they have done is to commit, in plain sight — but by corruptly intentional sleight-of-hand — an outrage of which every American should be furious. We, all of us, regardless of whether or not any of us liked or disliked the contents of this bill, have been betrayed. We have been dealt a slap in the face. Worse, we have been ignored — ignored by the very people who are SUPPOSED to represent us and who are SUPPOSED to stand up strong, tall, and proud for the opportunity to PROTECT AND STRENGTHEN our democratic freedoms.
    But perhaps that whole concept, of what these people, whom WE elected to office, are SUPPOSED to do, has now, more clearly than ever, become a concept that those “representatives” — in House, Senate, and Oval Office — consider to be OBSOLETE.
    Do they care about us, except to vote for them and pay their salaries? If this latest offensive debacle is any measure, the answer is, simply this: No — They DO NOT CARE.
    So what, I ask, are we to do? How do we, the People, WHILE THERE IS STILL TIME, “speak Truth to Power” and get them to honor what democracy, freedom, and justice for all, is all about?

  • Regarding the House vote on allowing no amendments, does that mean that the Tester-Hagan amendment (protecting small farms that sell locally) was not allowed in the final bill?

  • Charles Carter

    This is just the beginning of Monsanto’s attempt to take over the world’s food supply! Very, very scary!!!!!!!!!!!

  • it is truly a shame when both the democrats and republicans sell all americans down the river in favor of special interests.once again proving this is the greatest nation that MONEY can buy.i can only hope that all those that voted to approve the food nazi bill will die horrible deaths screaming for the mercy that they will never receive.AMEN

  • Another attack on “WE THE PEOPLE” from the well funded special interests which will drive us into “WE THE SLAVES” of the International Union.

  • From Oz

    This world regime must be defeated in all countries.
    Watch the movie “Gasland” on fracking. They have absolutedly no regard for the health of the peopleor the environment. This is one of the most disturbing documentaries I have seen.

  • Jo

    I have cried over this thing ever since it came about. I know they will use this as an excuse to do more harm than good in the long run. But, as my husband keeps telling me…God is in charge. I know God never allows anything without a purpose. He has his reasons for allowing not only this to come about, but many present battles that are also going on. This may be his way of saying…people, you had better come back to me. The small number of those that are dragging this country down, are being watched by the almighty and their names are written down. They think there is no God, but one day they are going to be shaking in their boots and fully realize they are in trouble.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • I never advocate breaking the law,this would be an exception. No one has a right to tamper
    with any citizens right to NATURAL substances.
    Lets only hope that we can band together,and get the new congress to undue some of
    Obama and “friends” nut job socialist ideas. Some of which are just plain corrupt.

  • jeff arias

    I’d suggest you take this story to 60 Minutes to show the unrellenting underhanded attempts to squash anything non big Pharma. This is the kind of thing they like to expose–if you have enough evidence and some good human interest profiles as examples.

  • Di Anna Kruse

    Please keep me updated on where we should go from here. Nothing is more important than our food.
    Thank you for all you have done.
    Di Anna C. Kruse


    I mistakenly added my name to the passing of this ANTI-small farmer,organic growers!
    FDA is pro-GMO and will big AG. It will be the downfall of our civilization-banana republic style!
    I will unsubscribe..then will read very carefully what I sign.

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Brian Edwin

    When the helll are people going to get sick and tired of this under handed
    Crap and keep a list of all the over riding of the peoples choices and
    bring them up at Election time to recall so you can vote these guys out
    while we still have a reminisce of a Democratic Republic !..!!!

  • Ken Romo

    This is really deplorable that they sneak this bill thru with an unrelated bill. I can see that we live in a time of Casino Jack, If you can’t get it thru with one bill You just add it to another. What hypocricy is that?? My next vote will go somewhere else if they do not try to oust this food bill.
    It has become a government for the Corporations instead of the people. But we shall rise. Because people should not be afraid of our Government – The Government should be afraid of the people.
    Ken Romo

  • Craig Mathewson

    Our senators are the most devious liars in America (Democrats & Republicans) . The “Food Safety Bill” does not improve food safety. It does increase the cost of food, limit or eliminate many small businesses, give politicians more power and take rights away from the American people. It will also raise the national debt. NO good will come of this bill. Only unneeded regulation and cost.
    This was brought to you by the makers of the so called “Obama Health-care Bill”.
    Thanks again.

  • Each of us has the duty to find out if our senator or congressman voted for this bill and make sure this representative is not a member of the senate or congress past his or her current term. If your state has recall in your constitution, start proceedings immediately. Our food will be used a leverage to control us. This government must be shut down and shut down now.

  • BJ in PA

    ‘Discussing where we go from here’? Where is THAT? Straight into the arms of Monsanto and the XE goons they’ll be using to enforce the bill? I’m SICK to my stomach. My sister, who has refused to discuss ANY of the crimes or curruption of government with me, has even said she will plant the biggest garden she’s ever had if this bill passes.

  • Claire

    Seems that congress can get things done….when their palms are heavily greased. If only they would work for the people as well as they do for the corporations.

  • Joseph C. Moore, Cpo USN Ret.

    Both the House and the Senate Republicans duplicitly promise their constituents that they will faithfully represent their (constituents) wishes but then pass legislation in direct opposition to the constituent’s will. This is manifestly NOT ACCEPTABLE! What ever happened to dilligence and honor in representation? I am thoroughly disgusted with the path our country is headed on (to socialism) by the lying politicians we have suposedly representing us.

  • Charles

    Both of the Texas senators betrayed the small farmers and consumers. This bill is not about food safety because the FDA already had the power to insure food safety. It is about control and putting the small farmers out of business and taking away consumer choice. The angers and frightens me. How much did it take to buy the Republican’s silence?

  • AJ

    Food safety, as most of you know, had NOTHING to do with this bill! It’s all more control and greed for large corporations and screw the small organic farmers! It’s time we stand up and do more than simply complain! They also are trying to take over our internet content with that new bill passed today, as well. Reid is so good at rushing things through before the end of the year! He makes me ashamed to be a Nevadan!!

  • Suzanne

    This is a sad day for the US. By putting the FDA in charge we have lost our freedoms especially if we eat organic and drink raw milk.

  • Crooked corporate politicians. This is no democracy and I am ashamed of my government. I hope the world understands that most Americans are not proud of their government. Disgusting!

  • Sir;s
    This does not surprise me at all. The one thing that has happened to me is I’ve began to distrust every politician no matter what party they claim to represent, different wings on the same bird and they are not paying any attention to the people. Fire them and start all over again. Take names and remember who they are next election.

  • Norma Shelan

    Although I try to keep up on important pieces of legislation, I have not been able to study what this Food safey Bill actually is. I had hoped that you would explain it in your writing, but unfortunately, you have only describe the process, not the piece of legislation. I’m very disappointed with this piece of writing.

  • rosemary schroeder

    The main point is……will any legislation passed by these deceivers, help the American people have cleaner, safer food?
    THAT is the question. Nothing else matters…..not the damn rich or their taxes or anything else.
    A white 79 yr old retired teacher, church musician, edkucated children forever, never in the courts for anything, pay my taxes….for Christ’s sake, let’s get it right.

  • Andrea Costello

    What do we do next? How can we survive or are we doomed to eat fake and alterated foods and denied access to real foods from the ground not the laboratory! Will there be a pushback?

    • Susan Hornbach

      They think we are all powerless idiots, and they can do whatever they wish to do. This Food Safety act has certainly proved that to me. Washington is not ot be trusted, and all of these serving now, need to be voted out.
      Americans should keep replacing politicians until they get the message that we want to be represented. We the people, not the FDA, the big pharma. It’s of course the big business that drive s all. Our representatives are just the puppets behind it all. A sad state of affairs I think.

    • lily

      I agree we need to be doscussing the fastest way to get this repealed…is there an action aleart to contact obama?…please ANH give us some direction how to band together nationally and locally to get this repealed…i am making copies to take to all our local health food stores and alternative medicine folks…perhaps we should contact our state reps and let them know we need to not comply with this at the state level…

  • I helped United States Senators Mike Lee of Utah and Rand Paul of Kentucky get elected and many in the House. The Ron Paul movement is stronger than ever and growing fast. We want the next Congress to get rid of this. Please discuss strategy with me by e-mail. Thank-you.

  • Rob Karnuth

    The big 64 dollar question is where do we go from here? What does this mean selling herbal food supplements? I sell herbal food supplements that are grown in South America, in Peru. Our company then sends them here to the U.S. for further production and distribution. What re-course do we have as lobbist members to have this bill replaced or done away with completly? I am willing to fight Washington, D.C. if we can get a U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman-Congresswoman to fight for our beliefs and american freedoms! These people who passed this bill are lowest individuals not caring about anybody but themselves. Washington D.C. is never to be trusted, ever. Especially after 9-11.

  • I think we should ALL write our Congresspeople to LET THEM KNOW we disapprove of such outrageous chicanery! This so-called “Food Safety” law is nothing but an attack on small farmers and small businesses connected with them. I’m afraid we are going to see a lot of these small farmers driven out of business. I’m afraid it will soon be more expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to obtain pure, organic foods. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE and should not be happening in this so-called “land of the free”!

  • Robert Carter

    Hard telling the true damage this bill will deal. It must be significant damage or it would not have gotten the front of the bus treatment from this stick in their ass before we leave Kongress.

  • Sally G

    Is there a chance that a Supreme Court (maybe even this one?) would rule against these underhanded manipulations as being unconstitutional in what they did to appear to meet the actual constitutional requirements? Can we press Senator Coburn on why he lifted his objections?

  • Unbelievable! I am appalled and sickened by the treachery and spinelessness of our representatives! They are loyal to Big Business, Big Agri, Big Pharma and whoever PAYS them to Play – not to their constituents! We the People have been thrown under the bus again! It is time for WE THE PEOPLE to throw these “traitors” and “betrayers” out! RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!!!


    Dishonesty is not the right word to use … RATS, now that is the work to use for these cowards!


  • Martha Wrright

    sorry to hear it. I think things need to be approached in a different manner. I just know that I have to stand by my principles. I of course haven’t red the whole bill but I will continue to study and support holistic health and our local farmer’s markets etc. I suppose it just means somoen will have to sue somebody and then have it all tested in the Supreme Court. Perhaps getting ready to sue now would be a good idea.

  • Jeri Brock

    So what else is new? This is just an example of D. C. Dirty Poker with our health at stake. They don’t care and we don’t matter.

  • Martha Wrright

    In coninutation here is an idea. I found that a prescription drug made me sick and coudn’t take it. the parmacist told me that prescription medicine could not be returned or refunded. It was ast Long’s drugs. How about one of many cases like that or a a class action lawsuit???

  • It is so shameful that the publics concerns are being ignored. There are a lot more of us than of them (senate and house) but they feel so superior and in control that they do not feel threatened, so what is the answer?
    There are so many problems today, more than the general public ever anticipated, that so many individuals choose to bury their heads in the sand and hope it will go away rather than take action by supporting organizations such as yours and make their voices heard good and loud and then take action by demoting those who choose to ignore us

  • Bruce Jackson

    So much for democracy, we have an Pharmaceutical/Medical/Industrial/Agricultural/Military/Mining/Oil Oligarchy in place where “We the People” don’t count for squat. I’m so disgusted with the so-called “representative” government we have.

  • Darren

    Once again, corporate and political greed won out on this fake bill. There is not enough contained in S.510 which warranted the passage. The tactics used on the general public just go to show how gullible society has become. Fear, quick response without adequate process time and other tactics routinely used by corporate/political entities have taken too far a foothold on society. The good news – people are waking up at an exponential rate to these kinds of games.
    This is not conspiracy folks. Do the research and find out how far greed goes to get exactly what it wants. Find out who is really behind the so called “public interest” groups that are in bed with special interest. You will be surprised!!!
    The time has come for the greed to stop or else society will never advance.

  • It’s a sad day for us natural health advocates. They (FDA, etc.) couldn’t have wiped us off the map. What alternatives do we have and what concessions did we win? Thank you for your leadership.

  • Melissa Briese

    Wow. One more reason I want to fire every single person in Congress and completely change the structure of our government. They are totally screwing us and all that is good in this world. Here comes the swift back hand of Codex Alimentarius, and it is going to hurt.

  • eileen miller

    Don’t expect the President to do the ‘right thing’ for small farmers and small businesses. He has proven himself thus far to talk like a progressive democrat and act like a conservative republican. All he is interested in is being reelected as if it would make that much difference when they all act the same. We need to rally behind a true progressive for 2012 who, even if he can’t get elected, can push the democrats and independents to fight for the people – think Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Dennis Kuchinich.

    • carla

      Whats so heinous and duplicitous is that Michelle the FLOTUS is has been promoting organic food with her pal Alice Waters and this bill raised no ire with them whatsoever, I wonder if the WH will still be able to grow their own organic vegetable garden. And as far as the liberals you listed, that doesn’t mean they’re going to protect supplements or health choices necessarily, these are issues that are don’t run on party lines.

  • Julianne

    I sure hope a wrapup will be published and also something that can be done to stop
    this monstrosity of a bill. It is nothing but a way to control the people and also a death
    sentence for alot of people. this bill is also unconstitutional. The American People
    need to get their heads out of their butts and wake up.

    • Chris

      Obama could care less about this hurting anyone in the United States. Aware, yes he is aware and squarely behind it!

  • Carol Sue Morency

    This is a copy of the latest letter that I received back from my most recent objections to the Food Safety Modernization Act. Where do we go from here?
    December 21, 2010
    Mrs. Carol …….
    Rochester Hills, MI
    Thank you for contacting me about food safety legislation. I understand your concerns.
    I am deeply troubled by a food safety system that has failed to protect too many Americans. I am concerned about unsafe imports, a lack of accountability, and the need for better oversight. That is why I voted for the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. This bill will allow the Food and Drug Administration to recall contaminated food for the first time and allow inspectors to trace back contamination to the source. It will also make sure that imported food is held to the same standards as food made in America.
    Agriculture is Michigan’s second largest industry, and that is due, in large part, to the strength of our family farms. As the incoming Chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, I want to protect our farmers from unnecessary or unfair requirements, which is why I introduced the Growing Safe Food Act (S.2758). My legislation will provide grants for training, education, and technical assistance for farmers, processors, and wholesalers to meet new safety standards. I am pleased that this provision was included in the final food safety law.
    Please know that I will continue to fight for the needs of Michigan’s farmers and communities.
    Thank you again for contacting me. Please continue to keep me informed about issues of concern to you and your family.
    Debbie Stabenow
    United States Senator
    U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow
    The United States Senate • Washington, DC 20510

    • LW

      I’d start by asking Debbie Stabenow how she voted and who put her up to it. Remember, Kelloggs is huge in Michigan and their supply chain is mostly GMO’s. Think of how much GM sugar it takes to make cereal? I’m pretty sure the strength of the family farms has less to do with her position than does her chair in the Senate Agriculture Committee. She caved to Big Agribusiness.

  • Just another nail in the coffin called America! The majority are screaming no way and it’s obvious they really just don’t care about what we, the people want. This really isn’t our country anymore and I fear it hasn’t been for a long time.

  • fran niles

    I sure hope it does not take away my ability to pick and choose what supplements I want to include in my daily repetoire of diet and exercise to prevent cancer recurrence. It should be MY choice for my body and not the FDA’s and until a Senator or a President, God forbid, is in that boat will the issue become important!

  • Henry

    Who knows what the agenda that this congress has? They are passing bills in a rapid fire manner now during this lame duck session. But they aren’t so lame this time. They, unfortunatley still have a majority and the “concervatives” just aren’t so conservative right now. Maybe we need another round of voting, and rid ourselves of them also.
    This is what I am seeing now. As these people in congress stay in power, they are getting more involved in world politics where foreigners have a say in our government. This is very evident with the Codex Alimnetarius. They have forgotten their oath of office and alligence. “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”
    I think we need Term Limits and need them badly.

  • Ira Edwards

    Would it be possible to produce a book about the history of the “food safety” act and detail whose idea it was, who drafted it, who supported it and why, and to whose advantage, and how it was pushed through. It would be a great esposure of what is wrong with the US legislative processes. Surely good investigators and writers can be found.

  • Debborah

    Just as I thought, you can write letters, scream and holler, and you know what? It doesn’t matter, the government doesn’t care, and our legislators don’t represent the will of the people. It’s all a fixed game that we are pawns in. Hense why I don’t do politics anymore, activism seems like an act in futility. I was an activist from way back, and it used to make a difference. Now, I write my congressman, and all he says is I will take it into consideration, and then does what he damn well pleases.

  • Linda Hungate

    If it has gone to the President to be signed–Well then the First Lady cant have her organic
    vegitable gardens anymore!This is so apsurd. The FDA doenst care about what we consume.
    Look at all the lies and poisons in everything they approve.Bad joke.Im sick of all of this.
    God gave us a gift on this planet-the wisdom of nutrition and growing. Politians are voted in by
    the people (for the people of the people) to work, represent the people of their country.They are
    paid overly well from the taxes of the people.We pay them.They havent any worries as most
    of the Americans do now.But yet they go around behind our backs passing bills that most people
    dont know of,wont approve of , will hurt us, —-dirty games.Dirty people.

  • Rev. Bernie Siebers Siebers Christian Fellowship International

    The American People just got the biggest Screwing in the History of the USA. Now the BIG Drug companies can proceed to take over ” FOOD SAFETY ” which means they will eventually charge $10.00 for a 2o cent vitamin. THANKS LAME DUCK CONGRESS. THE DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO EAT THIS ONE TOO. I DOUBT IF A DEMOCRAT WILL BE ELECTED IN 2012.

  • Theresa

    This is disappointing news. I sure would like to know which Senator’s passed this bill so I can be sure not to vote for them in future elections.

  • Tabatha

    Yes, I got a wonderful letter from my senator telling me what a great thing she has done to make food safer. I feel sick to my stomach, don’t think it’s anything I ate though.

  • Nanc

    I guess that congress does not know what NO means and lets big agri dictate to them by the way of moneybeing poured into their pockets. They will have to abide by their stupid bill also. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should never been put back into office once agin Money dictates everything the root of all evil.

  • fallingman

    A list of who voted for it??? THEY ALL DID. It was approved by unanimous consent. Not one Senator objected or it would have been stopped.
    What to do next? Tell ’em to shove their law up they bahoumous.
    Fail to comply. Politely refuse to lay down and roll over. Go underground. Think of yourselves as the new American Resistance to the fascist takeover of your country.
    Even Coburn went down. That tells you all you need to know about the con job that is electoral politics and the utter futility of participating in their rigged game…and that comes from someone who ran for Congress and State Treasurer when I was younger and even more foolish.
    The only nonviolent thing they will understand is the boycott. Let’s get busy.
    And on the economic side, it’s time to “shrug.” Atlas is weary. Let the whores and parasites find their own sustenance.

    • gerry


      • Dr. Manhattan

        No matter who we put in office some of them will be corrupt. The problem is we give these individuals too much power. We need a way to actually be able to exile anyone who does not do their job in the best interests of the people. I do understand that empathy, equality, and human kindness are not held as vital values by everyone. But we have to find a way to ensure that citizens have this value system or not allow them to be citizens.
        I say that we let the greedy, conniving, deceitful, disloyal, and similar be given their own half of the nation along with the lower class criminals in jail. Erect a huge wall and employ the military to keep these people on their side. We can enjoy our veritable peace while they enjoy their strife.
        This may sound both draconian and fanciful but hopefully someone will read this and comu up with practical and viable solutions to our government snatching our rights.

      • J Rebara

        Looks like that is where it is leading to, because the men and women will have had it up to their ears one day.

    • Rut Hilman

      If a bill is done unherhandedly, then it should go into the garbage never to be resurrected
      and hands should be slapped and a fine levied on everyone who voted for it! If they
      didn’t know what was in it, then maybe a 2nd fine could be levied. That should increase
      the coffers! I hope God creates a Great Awakening such as seen previously in this country
      so that the younger generation can see goodness to aspire unto. It’s not too late to
      become one who loves the right to do good. Tomorrow could be.

    • Wow dude, I agree regarding fascist takeover by corporations — this is an interesting article regarding corporate profit maximization: http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/blogs/r/d/rdf/2009/05/corporations-must-maximize-pro.php … the thing about whores and parasites is a little thin though. A whore is someone finding a way to stay alive. She already is finding her own sustenance. Parasites, I agree; they are no good (though we are all parasites of ours communities and cultures in some ways). But “whore” is a sexist word and as here is often misused for effect, possibly forgetting how it marginalizes women and the poor, though consciously or not, I think that marginalization is soothing to the male ego (see To The Lighthouse). “Political correctness,” by the way, is the Right’s term for humane thoughtfulness.



  • I can’t believe that this could happen……. Oh wait knowing the way “our” goverment……. no I should say “self rightous” goverment has managed to take all that they can for themselves and not look out for the “Anerican” says all that it needs to say, this is not a goverment for the people, its a goverment who think they are gods. This day is a day of great sorrow for we are loosing our freedom over a sneeky, back stabbing, two timimg, high and mighty, power hungry, control freaks who can’t run this country if their lives depended on it. these people are out of control and if Americans are not made aware of this underhandedness they, or we are going to become footstools to the power hungry goverment who could care less for anybody but themselves.I find this to be low,low,low, next to this low you got the pit of fire. What , whats that I hear, the horns from above, beware your day is coming for your lives are seen from a much bigger authority…

    • sd7

      we will never win this by using the same angry, underhanded dark energy thats gotten us into this mess in the first place. Its time for LIGHT and for us to take action from a positive place, it will get worse before it gets better, change IS coming. This is a desperate attempt to stop the inevitable, the darkness is coming to an end. believe…

  • Julia

    They all have violated their oaths of office then and should be impeached for stepping beyond the authority granted them by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • Aeleysia

      I agree with you Julia this is unconstitutional . I will not be able to pursue my happiness or even be able to function for without my supplements I will have hot flashes that make the room spin and panic attacks that are so severe that I cannot drive or be in an enclosed building for longer than 15 minutes. I am so screwed ! Golden years fooey !

      • Dr. Manhattan

        Same here. My supplements keep me from having to take their pharmaceutical poison.
        Great results without the harsh side effects. Some herbs do have sides but usually taken at high doses. But recommended doses of pretty much all pharmaceuticals have a much higher incidence of negative sides.

  • George Andrew

    That’s what I’m talking about fallingman!! Simply opting out is the way to go. Vote at the cash register, since that is the only thing they can comprehend. Pay cash for what you need and save up for the things you want. Stop using credit to purchase consumable items. That will get their attention. We can bring the whole game to a screeching halt if we work together and commit to the process.
    We don’t stand a chance as long as we continue to play the game by their rules. The deck is stacked against the people and the house always wins. Even when they lose.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      And those of us who can should try to grow as much as possible at our homes in gardens.

    • Sandee

      George Andrew, please explain your wanting us to pay by cash rather than credit card for consumable items. Thanks.

      • George Andrew

        When I say cash, I mean using the money you have to buy what you need or want, rather than using credit to buy now and pay later. The purchase of consumable goods with credit, if you don’t pay it off every month, is bad debt and enslaves those who owe it.

    • Susan Hornbach

      That’s right, stop playing into the hands of big business. They are the ones that rule this country. Congress, and senate are obediant to big pharma and big business. Pay cash, don’t use credit. You can do it. We have to remember when our parents/grandparents didn’t know any other way to live, but payng cash for everhthing. Also the cell phones have a tracker in them, so big brother knows where and what you are doing at all times. My old cell phone works fine , but the phoone company won’t let me use it any more because it doesn’t have a tracker in it. How’s that for no more freedom?

  • Irina

    All those people on the Hill so corrupted (except Ron Paul) . All of them have price. It is only matter how much.
    USA became a big comedy theatre.
    All World laughing at us.
    What a shame!!!!

    • George Andrew

      It’s the system that is corrupt, the people are “Plug-and-Play” . It doesn’t matter who we put in office, the system is very adept at immobilizing anyone who would attempt to do some good for the people rather than protect the interests of corporations and beaurocrats.
      The system is doing what it was designed to do, deliver cheap credit, energy and goods. To change the systems behavior, we must change our behavior as it relates to credit, energy and goods. How we spend or money is what really matters, not how we vote.

    • Dr. Manhattan

      The American Empire.
      And yet our nation deems to pass judgement on other governments which impinge on their citizens freedom.

  • I tried to alert our representatives in Hawaii 2 weeks ago to stop this bill,but oh well , they passed it anyway.Things seem to be going from bad to worse.Get the dvd called Agenda,grinding America down and alert everyone to this political cancer that threatens all of us. agendadocumentary.com

  • Wwll, I wrote a number of senators and asked them why they voted for it. As of yet I have not received one respinse. Maybe they won’t fund it.

  • As usual the Dems voted in lock-step and ALL VOTED FOR IT.
    14 Republicans voted for it.
    They are;
    Sen. Lisa Murkowski (bunch of Dems crossed over and voted her in Alaska)
    Sen. George LeMieux FL.
    Sen. Charles Grassley Iowa
    Sen. Richard Lugar Indiana
    Sen. David Vitter Louisana
    Sen. Scott Brown Mass. (Brown has been a big disappointment)
    Sen. Susan Collins (no surprise here! Thanks Maine for re-electing her. She has done a lot of damage to the country)
    Sen. Olympia Snowe (thanks again Maine)
    Senator Richard M. Burr (NC)
    Sen. Mike Johanns Neb.
    Sen. Judd Gregg N.H. (never sure how he will go)
    Sen. George Voinovich OH. (extremely liberal)
    Sen. Lamar Alexander TN.(gone to the dark side)
    Sen. Michael Enzi Wy.

  • Katherine MacTavish

    I have had it with these TREASONOUS DOGS in office. They’ve committed treason against the people of this country over and over again! It’s time to put an end to their tyranny! They’ve outright ignored our constitution and bill of rights! Our government is totally out of the control of the people. It’s becoming no more than a tyrannical dictatorship! It’s time for the revolution to start! It’s time we bring all of these greedy fools down!

  • gary schnakenberg

    my idea,is to have a resignation rally on July 4 2011.just bring a one page paper with blank spaces where name goes,and have.. i resign my office today, and will not seek any political office in the special election in November 2011. that wold send the message…

  • Terri Stansberry

    Why are we giving up?!?! Why are we not deluging the White House in outrage?!?!? Why are we not pointing out exactly what they are trying to do to the President…AND…Mrs. Obama. She could be such a strong alli in this battle with her interest in healthy food and the health and wellbeing of the American people. HOW CAN WE JUST GIVE UP AND LET THE BASXXXXS WIN????

  • UdaBB

    I eagerly await the end of the holidays so that we can get the final language of the amendment(s). Until then, and after, I pray peace and anti-violence in our hearts, minds, actions and writings.
    I pray sufficient quantities of supplements to the most vulnerable. I pray creativity and wit in the last rounds of publicity and persuasion— I’m sure that the President would be very surprised if his wife and children were engaged in illegal activities regarding food distributions from the White House garden, for instance!
    The wider public, and probably the Congress, itself, doesn’t understand or know the implications of these bills- yet! I couldn’t find the text of SA. 4830, so why advocate violence, here. The deep stupidity of Codex Alimentarius will be self-evident within a month or so- IF that is what we are up against.
    BUT we have to keep our heads, here. I take my cues from Jesus, Gandhi, and MLK, Jr. who turned nations and oppressions upside-down with gentleness and soul-power and persistent LOVE. These legislators have family and friends who will be greatly affected. I pray that love will soften them, and turn them around.
    Speaking violence here betrays the claims that good nutrition aids in creative- not destructive- thinking. We may have to take on strong next moves, but not violent ones.
    “Peace, Love, Vegetables” and Blessings!

  • Praise God !!! Thank you, Jesus! God is not sleeping. I’m an american citizen by naturalization, I am proud of what you guys have accomplished. Now this government have to be careful how they operate in washington. Americans are getting smart and be more aware of their surroundings. Show them, guys!! They must be pissed-off that people’s eyes are beginning to open. Suck it to them, and make them pay for their wrong doings. They are only interested in special interest groups, and how much they can pocket, and they forget who put em there. Confounded Criminals.

  • Mario Azevedo

    Folks, it is not a matter of liberal or conservative, “dam ole rat” or “re-pube-ecan”; our political system has been corrupt and in the hands of big business for decades. Let me tell you a little story: After 18 years of fantastic payment record on all my financed obligations my creditors decided to raise my interest rates to between 19 and 30 percent because of, in their words, “other people defaulting their loans”, or as a clerk at Bank of America had the courage to tell me over the phone, “simply because they can”, which had nothing to do with my situation since I had NEVER even had a late payment – again, in 18 years of credit history. I then decided to present my case in court and was allowed to default on my loans with the banks (I kept my mortgage, cars, etc in good standings throughout the process and kept all of it after the chapter 7 was approved in court). I am co-owner of a small business (my wife being my partner) and most of the loans had to do with equipment purchases. Through my action the banks will never see a penny more of what I owed them, which was over 50 grand, and my credit score has already started to improve again since I continue to pay the obligations I chose to keep in good standings (one of the things the banks did was to lower my credit limit to force me to always be more than 50% in debt on all the accounts, since they were looking for justification to increase my interest rates – this steadily lowered my rating from 800+ to eventually 680, when I “pulled the plug”). I felt very bad initially about even thinking of doing this, but after all that we, the people, have had to endure for the last few years, with the banks literally in control of government and doing whatever they want even when it involves public money, I would definitely recommend people start seriously considering doing the same. This way only the banks will lose, and you will lower your monthly obligations without losing a single property. Believe me, if the hemorrhage of capital from the system and into the pockets of the banking industry is stopped they will change their ways, or go out of business one by one. WE have the control if we chose to exercise our rights, and that is what we should be doing.

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