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Did Waxman Author The “Waxman” Amendment? A Critic Says No. Here Is The Evidence Behind Our Claim That Waxman Did Author The Amendment

Did Waxman Author The “Waxman” Amendment?  A Critic Says No.  Here Is The Evidence Behind Our Claim That Waxman Did Author The Amendment

question-markA friend has just sent us a recent internet article. The article implies that the FTC expansion amendment does not really threaten supplements. To understand why this is wrong, why the amendment directly threatens supplements, please see our prior articles here and here.

The article also states that ANH-USA made a “false claim” that Congressman Henry Waxman authored the FTC expansion amendment in the House Wall St. “Reform” bill. We will now explain why we feel certain that Congressman Waxman, a long time foe of supplements, was in fact the author of the amendment.
Here is some of what the article said: “This would certainly sound like a typical Waxman tactic. However, the fact is that this bill was reported out of the House Financial Services Committee, on which Waxman does not even serve.”
Fact: This is wrong. The House Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 began life as H.R. 3126, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009.
H.R. 3126 was introduced by Congressman Barney Frank, chair of Financial Services, on 7/8/2009 and referred both to Financial Services and to Waxman’s Energy and Commerce Committee. The Thomas link which explains this is here.
Waxman’s committee marked up H.R. 3126 on Oct 29. It was voted out of Energy and Commerce with the additional controversial FTC language.
Waxman noted in his opening statement before markup in his committee: “Its jurisdiction (FTC) is limited and it has been hampered by a slow and burdensome rulemaking process…We must ensure that the Federal Trade Commission is strengthened, not weakened.”
Just to be certain of Waxman’s authorship of the amendment prior to writing our article, ANH-USA called the Energy and Commerce committee staff. A member of the Committee staff confirmed that Congressman Waxman inserted the controversial FTC expansion language. ANH-USA has detailed notes of the call including time, date, and the name of the staff member who told us this.
H.R. 3126 (with Waxman’s FTC language) was then introduced and presented to the House on Dec 10th as a Manager’s Amendment to H.R. 4173, The Wall Street Reform Act. Here’s information on the vote. Note that what WAS the Wall Street Reform bill became the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009. Final vote on the bill was Dec 11.
The internet article doubting Waxman’s authorship of the amendment continues: “Doing some in-depth checking, it turns out that there were a total of 183 amendments made to the House version of the Financial Reform bill, H.R.4173…. None of these had either Waxman’s name or his fingerprints upon them.”
Fact: That is because the amendment came in through another bill.
Are we burdening our readers with too much detail? We hope not. We just want you to know that we do not make allegations without checking them carefully. We are committed to truthful and factual reporting. If we do ever make an error, it won’t be for lack of checking, and we will correct the record promptly.

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21 thoughts on “Did Waxman Author The “Waxman” Amendment? A Critic Says No. Here Is The Evidence Behind Our Claim That Waxman Did Author The Amendment


    • Dan Nichols

      @Sarah, YOU are the kind of person who should be running for office. People like you really are our grassroots heroes. You go, girl. Thank you on behalf of everyone who feels as you do: frustrated and tired of money-grubbing professional politicians.

  • I want this bill squashed. Being that our gov. and the FDA like to feed us Monsanto bugs which I don’t buy. We need those supplements to keep ourselves healthy. I realize that they ( gov.) wants what the NWO has planned to reduce the population of the world. By any means possible. Waxman
    is an idiot. He doesn’t realize that they have awaken the people up of this country and they are in a fight for their lives. We need to defeat them and get back our Constitution.

  • hank Wheeler

    Don/t mess with vitamins Waxman…it will paint you as a shill for allopaths and big pharma…don’t we have it bad enough with Monsanto’s insane GMO’s and their naked attempt at taking over the world’s food supply after being enabled by you and your fellow congressman against the American people?The fallout from your greed to our friends in other countries is incalculable.? be a force for change and ban GMO’s and leave vitamins alone. How creepy can you get?

  • Waxman is one on a long list of manipulating, dishonest politicians that are running this country. He works for big business and pharmas and not for free. Until we the people pay attention this is what we get.

  • Michael Bradley

    Your attention to these details is vital, and a lost art today. In a recent public endeavor of mine, I have been astounded by the media’s cavalier attitude with facts, and their careless acquisition of information.
    It’s such a waste of everyone’s time when one has to defend against drivel, but defend we must, because so many people use this chaff to form their opinions – or should I say, “have their opinions formed for them.”
    Thank you for your valiant efforts on behalf of the public and truth.

  • Ron Matthews

    This is just one more example of an elected official lining up to feast at the trough of corporate malfeasance.
    Henry Waxman should never serve another term as an elected official because it is clear that he has no interest in serving the needs of his constituents.

  • Elle

    Califonia, Oh, Waxman I am getting the picture and Paloski, Feinstien, Boxer, and Californias Gov.??? Maybe they should GO Home there is a lot of HONEST WORK to do in California. CLEAN OUT THE GREED! VOTE them out!!
    LEAVE OUR SUPPLEMENTS, HERBS, and choices ALONE!! Do a Honest Days work!
    Goverment you are there for the “PEOPLE” not to interfer with our lives! Pay attention to all your greedy PHARM., INDUSTRYs, UNIONS, and START LISTENING to the”PEOPLE!”
    We HAVE IQ and brains AND we VOTE!!

  • David Shelton

    I think it’s clear that no one, not even Waxman, wants a fed head telling him what sort of dietary supplements to use. This is about big pharma’s plan to control the market by making toxic pharmaceuticals the only option, and keeping everyone unhealthy and dependent upon them.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if this IS related to the effort to reduce the population by the
    ‘power elite’ (bankers) under the guise of the ‘new world order’.
    This sort of blatant intrusion into the American people’s lives and freedoms, if it continues and is not reversed immediately. in my opinion, will produce a grass roots revolt. Corporations and Congress need to understand who they’re working for, and who’s going to throw them out if this continues.

  • David Perle

    Waxman and other false “friends” gotta go. We need the supplements without interference by congress believing only prescriptions are necessary. Or forcing supplements to meet the standards used for prescriptions. I use supplements daily and know the truth that they work for this Type 1 Insulin diabetic. The only prescription I use.

  • Arnold

    This seems to also be an attack on cultures that have grown up with generations of ancestors that have and do rely on herbs or yierbas. The world order seems to want to get rid of the majority of the minority. Did not the indians of north and south america grow up with herbs and natural supplements? Have they given them up or is this mr. waxman’s hatred showing up, or is he just prejudice? Of course it does look more than the minority are taking supplements of various kinds, so maybe he’s oblivious as to his constituants lives and health or maybe he just doesn’t care.

  • Dr.’s have never been able to give me quality care. I had to find the right books and research what to do to get well.
    Sneaky covert actions by a government claiming to be transparent and a committee on aging
    sneaking around to defend Seniors, but disregarding the toxic effects of poorly or limited research and using human beings as ginney pigs by the pharmaceutical companies and then sharing profits with the Dr. It is a big joke!
    Waxman is a obviously waiting to be handed dough from the fish oil producted by the Pharmacuetical Company and vitamin B-6. He is a wolf in sheep clothing, so they say.

  • Please understand that Waxman is only a puppet of the drug cartel that originated in Nazi Germany. Read these books and you’ll understand who, why and how we are fighting.
    “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin
    “The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben” by Joseph Borkin
    “The Rise of the Fourth Reich” by Jim Marrs
    There are more but these three books document how the German (Nazi) chemical industry took over most of the world’s production of drugs and pesticides/herbicides and STILL are in control. Belive it or not, we are in a fight between good and evil. If we continue to vote in a 2 party system, we will never have any true change. Dems and Repubs are nothing more than two sides of the same coin. John D. Rockefeller (Standard Oil – also in cahoots with IG Farben) once said, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” What he in fact did was buy them out. The same in Congress, no one wants to give up their prestige or their cushy job, so you have everyone talking about reform, but NO one will ever actually do it. So don’t think by voting out the incumbant and replacing them with the oppposite candidate (Dem or Rep) that anything will change. It won’t. Kick ALL the bastards out by voting Libertarian or some other party that doesn’t have BIG corp behind them.

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