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Dr. Google

Dr. Google

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Google

  • Cassandra Auerbach

    Please help protect internet censorship by Google of alternate health sites such as Alliance for natural health; Dr. Mercola .com and others who provide useful health data that are helping people survive better.
    Google is suppressing this vital data in collusion with Pharmaceutical companies with whom Google is now heavily invested.

  • Kathleen

    Thank you for revealing Google’s vested interest in medical information. It’s so dishonest and a shame we cannot trust this company anymore. We all need to find a more repsonsible search engine.

  • “Dr.” Google is a fraud, liar & grifter of We The People. May be die a slow, painful death full of drugs along with Google & Bigpharma. And our “Politicians” who line their pockets & lives with their $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ & lies.

  • Stephanie Shan Russell [friends call me "Shan". ]

    Dr Google needs to grow up.
    At his age he looks like a fool when he acts like one.

  • Sharon VandenHeuvel

    Why is someone or thing like a Dr. Google giving medical advise in the first place? Please take this away!!
    I t just makes no sense!!

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  • vivian idriss

    The attempt by Google to control our access to alternative healthcare sites and to manage our information is the last straw.

  • Jerry Segers

    I switched to Duck Duck Go (DUCKDUCKGO.COM) a long time ago. I recently added software to block all access to anything Google from my machine. I immediately noticed my blocks were catching the fact that mychart.piedmont.org portal with all my health data was communicating with Google and several similar sites. Just tell Google no.

  • Rod Butler

    Google is a monopoly like many other public utilities, only far larger. Monopolies do not serve or work.for the public’s best interest. I do not remember the year but about 100 years back Standard Oil was forced to break up that company. I think the public could use what went wrong in thiat effort to solve many issues and tegain our soveroegmty in the process.

  • TSvi

    Dr. Google is biased toward MD intensive solutions. His brother Prof Progressive Google similarly censors conservative sites like Pregar U.

  • R. Butler

    Google is like an invasive virus spreading its greed based bias by perpetuating BigPharma’s, BigAg, BigChem’s, and BigHealthCare’s desires for trillions more dollars added to their bottom lines while pushing their pharmaceuticals, false information and toxic chemicals, that have disastrous side effects, and in many cases, exacerbate or cause the very medical issue the are supposed to address while using the public as guinea pigs.

    It is wrong for Google to censure the centuries old based alternative health and manufacturers such as GreenMedInfo, Dr. Mercola, Alliance for Natural Health, Beyond Organic Doctors, Organic Consumers, and similar sites and organizations which provide useful and current health information and data to help people to survive our world environments.

    Google has not taken the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm” nor do they have the public’s welfare at heart.

    This is yet another reason to abandon all Google tentacles reaching into our private lives affecting them where it counts most to them . . .

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