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FDA Death Meter

FDA Death Meter
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How many deaths is the FDA responsible for? Our new interactive tool can provide you with a good estimate. Action Alert!
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for all of the following:

  • Approving unsafe drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people, and make millions more sick.
  • Hiding or blocking clinical trials that show safety concerns.
  • Endlessly delaying approval for innovative therapies that have long since been approved in Europe and Japan, and which have an excellent safety profile and record, presumably to protect the monopoly position of existing therapies.
  • Eliminating and restricting consumer access to natural treatments—also presumably linked to protecting the monopoly position of drug companies.

Over the years, the FDA has caused immense damage to the American public through its narrow-mindedness, scientific ineptitude, and bias against innovation and towards dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Yet many Americans are unaware of the full extent of the harm caused by this agency that seems so deeply mired in corruption.
To this end, we are unveiling our new microsite, the FDA Death Meter. Drawing on data feeds from a variety of governmental sources, users are able to look at the actual numbers of serious adverse events like hospitalizations and deaths from FDA-approved drugs, vaccines, and medical devices. Because the government openly acknowledges that adverse events are grossly underreported, the FDA Death Meter allows users to apply different underreporting adjustments to the numbers. This will give the American public a more complete understanding of how extensively the FDA has been hijacked by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The meter cannot, of course, capture how many lives could have been saved by allowing innovative therapies or natural treatments, but at least it can show actual harm done by FDA-approved treatments.
The FDA Death Meter website also contains a thorough analysis of the many problems that have led to this dismal state of affairs, including:

  • the pharmaceutical company “user fees” that make up so much of the agency’s budget and deepen the corruption of the drug approval process,
  • the powerful influence of agrochemical companies,
  • the agency’s bias against natural products,
  • its disregard for small and organic food producers, and
  • its indifference to medical device safety as well as innovation.

At ANH-USA, we’ve worked to expose the corruption of the FDA and fight back against its vendetta against natural medicine. A theme running through much of our work has been the dire need to reform the FDA: to take the agency apart, redefine it, and recreate it so that it supports, not obstructs, the mission of advancing public health and medical science. The FDA Death Meter site houses a petition that calls on Congress to reform this swollen agency that controls as much as a quarter of our economy.
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