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FDA Forced to U-Turn on Ivermectin

FDA Forced to U-Turn on Ivermectin
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The FDA has agreed to remove social media posts and webpages advising Americans not to take ivermectin for COVID. Action Alert!


  • The FDA has to take down social media posts and its webpage warning consumers not to take ivermectin for COVID.
  • To us, the FDA’s previous stance against ivermectin was political rather than science-based because the goal was to get everyone to buy into the vaccines.
  • The agency’s stance likely cost countless lives because many doctors refused to prescribe ivermectin for early treatments for fear of disciplinary hearings from medical boards or having their licenses revoked.
  • We must oppose efforts to institutionalize the ability of public health authorities to control medical treatments and information during pandemics.

The FDA has settled a lawsuit heard in a southern Texas District Court brought by a group of doctors in 2022, alleging that the agency overstepped its authority and interfered with the doctor-patient relationship in its campaign against ivermectin. This is a tremendous victory for freedom-loving practitioners and members of the public. It’s also an acknowledgment of serious failures and cronyism within public health authorities during the pandemic—failures that undoubtedly cost many, many lives, but have yet to be acknowledged.

The settlement forces the FDA to remove several social media posts warning consumers not to use ivermectin, along with a webpage titled “Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19.”

The FDA’s stance on ivermectin made it extremely difficult for sick and dying patients to get the medicine either they wanted or their doctors wanted to prescribe “off-label”. Doctors and hospitals often needed to be sued in order to give patients ivermectin; pharmacists around the country refused to fill prescriptions.

It was our contention during the pandemic that the government health establishment was hostile toward medicines like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine because they were cheap, off-patent drugs that competed with the brand-new mRNA vaccines. It didn’t matter that frontline doctors were saving lives with the off-label use of these medicines. Anything that would threaten vaccine uptake had to be delegitimized and snuffed out.

The studies that public health authorities held up as proof that ivermectin was ineffective were designed to fail, as we noted in previous coverage. There is in fact a substantial amount of evidence supporting ivermectin’s effectiveness in treating and preventing COVID.

While this is an important victory, don’t be fooled into thinking the FDA has learned its lesson. In a statement to the Epoch Times, the FDA doubles down on its position against ivermectin:

“FDA has not admitted any violation of law or any wrongdoing, disagrees with the plaintiffs’ allegation that the agency exceeded its authority in issuing the statements challenged in the lawsuit, and stands by its authority to communicate with the public regarding the products it regulates.”

Translation: when push comes to shove, the FDA will do the exact same thing the next time such an issue arises.

This case underscores why we need to oppose censorship and medicine by diktat—the very measures being debated right now by governments around the world which could hand all responsibility to the World Health Organization in the event of another pandemic. They want to be able to better control public health responses during the next pandemic. They want you to shut up, take your vaccine, and be happy about it. No alternative treatments, and no “misinformation” that makes you doubt what the health overlords have planned for you. We have to prevent this grim future and fight for our health sovereignty!

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them you oppose the IHR amendments and the ‘pandemic treaty’ and because you value democracy, any changes that are proposed by the US must undergo Senate scrutiny and ratification. Please send your message immediately.

5 thoughts on “FDA Forced to U-Turn on Ivermectin

  • dphelps

    The Pfizer, Moderna and other bioweapon shots would not have been able to be get their EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) if the truth about Ivermection and hydroxychloroquine were allowed to have been known as effective, and permitted to be used. Many thousands of deaths would also have been avoided.

  • Cindy Pillings

    This is criminal…it must be stopped….the people r being ripped off once again…protect us PLEASE. Cindy

  • Bob

    They need to be brought on War Crimes charges and the leaders arrested and put on trial. This is the only way to stop them. Once, convicted, they should get the penalty for treason/sedition/ware crimes.

    They are monsters, just like the nazi mad scientists of the concentration camps. Until liberals understand that, nothing ill change.

    Also, let’s be clear, they are nazi/commie/NWO Globalists, working with the UN/WHO/WEF to kill and disable as many people worldwide possible, for their “great reset”, where “you will own nothing and be happy.”

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