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GM Corrupts Our DNA Code

GM Corrupts Our DNA Code
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GMOs are part of so-called “synthetic biology,” an attempt to synthesize and change the code of all living things so everything can be bought and sold as a product.
But genetic modification obliterates millions of years of adaptation to the environment. Whether you look at it as evolution or the work of God, monkeying with genes destroys life as we know it. DNA is the code for the assembly and operation of living things. It also ties living things to other living things and their environment. All living things are tied together by variations on the same code. All living creatures are evolving together: something that affects one, affects all the others.
Deleting, adding and inserting new code into DNA is financially rewarding for biophysicists and others in the short-term, but the eventual consequences of corrupting the code are likely to be a lot more complicated.

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