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Killer: Cancer or Chemo?

Killer: Cancer or Chemo?
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This is the choice that far too many patients face with our conventional medical system.
FDA-approved cancer treatments like chemotherapy are poisoning patients. A recent analysis found that cancer drugs are themselves killing up to 50% of patients within thirty days, indicating that chemotherapy was the cause of death, not the cancer. Of course, chemotherapy can kill patients over the long-term as well.
Chemo can shrink tumors, but it doesn’t eradicate them. It also kills healthy cells in the process. Additionally, cancer can re-emerge in patients still undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers think this is because tumors are fueled by cancer “stem cells” that are largely immune to chemo.
It is also incredibly expensive for the consumer (which is key for the drug companies), costing around $10,000 a month.
Sadly, chemotherapy remains the go-to treatment for cancer in the US. This is the system we have: dangerous, ineffective treatments that are consistently prioritized over safer, natural (or otherwise unpatentable) treatments, because the latter are not cash cows for Big Pharma (for more on this, see our companion article this week). Then, to keep money flowing to the drug companies, the FDA does what it can to limit consumer access to natural medicine and severely restrict what can be communicated to consumers about its benefits.
Clearly, our health system favors pharmaceutical profits over finding treatments that can cure that most dreaded of diseases, cancer.
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