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Pediatricians Sponsored by Coca-Cola

Pediatricians Sponsored by Coca-Cola
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Recently released documents show that Coca-Cola has given the American Academy of Pediatrics nearly $3 million over the past six years. The junk food beverage giant is, in fact, the only “gold” sponsor on the group’s HealthyChildren.org website.
In a truly astonishing statement, the AAP goes so far as to write on its website that Coca-Cola is “distinguished” for its efforts to “better the health of children worldwide.”
The documents released by Coca-Cola revealed that the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Cancer Society had all received anywhere between $1.7 and $3.5 million dollars from Coca-Cola.
This is, of course, just one example among many of Big Food buying the support of organizations that help set healthcare policy and advise parents and children on proper eating habits.

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