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Real Supplement Safety

Real Supplement Safety

******** Action Alerts for this Campaign ********
Tell New York Legislators to Oppose These Dangerous Anti-Supplement Bills!
The first bill will enable the health commissioner to ban supplements as recommended by the dietary supplement safety committee.
The second bill (SB.4151) would also ban all sports supplements from being sold to people under age 18—but the bill excludes supplements in liquid form, as well as supplements containing caffeine like the five-hour energy drinks, which are the ones responsible for much of the controversy over supplements in the first place!
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Tell Congress that Supplements Are Not Drugs!
It’s time to take the offense on the supplement issue in Congress. We have been in a defensive posture for too long. What’s needed now is a major campaign to educate our senators and congressional representatives that supplements are very different from drugs, and should not be treated the same way.
We also need to get across a clear message that supplements are already regulated. Many people in Congress either don’t know what regulations are in place, or are acting as if the current regulations don’t exist or aren’t sufficient.
Legislative bills or provisions keep getting introduced to place more and more restrictions on your access to dietary supplements, and we keep fighting them. We think it’s time to change that dynamic. Please contact Congress and tell them that supplements should not be regulated like drugs, and that the regulations already in place are completely sufficient.
Tell California Lawmakers: Hands Off Our Hormones!
Despite their having been shown to be safe and effective in study after study, California now mandates a warning. Such a warning will scare consumers away from these important supplements. No peer-reviewed studies have ever shown that DHEA or pregnenolone are associated with rapid heartbeat, dizziness, or blurred vision. No published studies have shown any risk of seizure from pregnenolone supplementation unless the patient already had a history of seizures.
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Hyped Supplement Tests Reveal Questionable Methods and Motivations
vitaminsApril 23, 2013
Dr. Oz needs to dig a little deeper into this organization.
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Durbin and Waxman’s Anti-Supplement Tactic Appears to Have Backfired
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A government report they hoped would say supplements are dangerous only proves how incredibly safe supplements are.
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Supplement Safety: What You Need to Know about ConsumerLab.com—and More
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One of the most prominent testing laboratories does not appear to us to be either independent or impartial.
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Should I Worry about Taking Supplements
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Worry?—no. Supplements have a remarkable record of safety. Give it careful thought—yes. Here are some things to consider.
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Melatonin Cakes and the Backlash on Dietary Supplements
lazy cakes1May 31, 2011
Melatonin-filled brownies called Lazy Cakes have come to the attention of Congress. Will the FDA use them as another excuse to over-regulate dietary supplements?
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Is the FDA Planning an Unpleasant Surprise?
fdaNovember 16, 2010
We know that the FDA is discussing new regulatory requirements for supplements.
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Supplements Still in Peril
July 13, 2010
As successful as you have been in defending supplements on Capitol Hill this year, anti-supplement members of Congress are still playing on the offense. As Congressman Henry Waxman, one of the leaders of the group trying to turn supplements into drugs, once said that nothing is ever “settled for good” in Washington.
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