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Toxic Americans—Chemicals Used in Everyday Consumer Products Show Up in Blood and Urine Specimens

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Fire retardants, Teflon chemicals, fragrances, bisphenol A (BPA), and perchlorate were found in every individual tested. The women who lived in Green Bay, New Orleans, Corpus Christi, and Oakland tested positive for up to 60% of 75 chemicals evaluated. Each subject had at least one chemical at a high percentile.
Dr. Anila Jacob, MPH, a senior scientist at EWG, said this is more proof that the Toxic Substances Act is outdated. A major overhaul is needed to protect Americans from the adverse effects of chemicals we encounter in our everyday lives.
As Phil Landrigan and his colleagues at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine have shown, one in six American children are either learning- or behavior-disabled and this is related to their chemical exposures. But now, thanks to the work of physician members of AAHF and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Americans can be tested and detoxification therapies utilized for those whose health is adversely affected because of chemical and heavy metal toxicity.

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