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Washington’s I-522 Initiative: Foes of GMO Labeling Are Running Scared

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label-gmosLet’s keep up the momentum! Here’s what’s next for GMO labeling.

Although votes are still trickling in (Washington State voters mail in their ballots), it looks as though GMO labeling Initiative 522 may not pass (Yes on I-522 is currently trailing by a little over four percentage points). One thing is certain, however: thanks to your hard work and incredible support, opponents of GMO labeling have taken a heavy hit to their pocketbooks, reputations, and influence:

  • No on I-522 raised nearly $22 million to defeat the initiative. In fact, they outspent Yes on I-522 by two to one. At this rate, they’d have to spend $440 million to stop GMO labeling in all twenty states currently considering it.
  • The Grocery Manufacturers Association alone gave $11 million—and now has to answer to the Washington State Attorney General for illegally collecting and spending $7 million of it.
  • Nationally, No on I-522 is getting bad press for their underhanded tactics, including this humorous piece from Stephen Colbert.
  • Consumer backlash against food companies that funded anti-labeling efforts is strong and growing.

Thanks to your relentless grassroots advocacy, the foes of GMO labeling are running scared, plain and simple: they know GMO labeling has reached an unstoppable tipping point. After all, they literally had to break the law to defeat WA I-522. GMO labeling laws have already passed in Connecticut and Maine. And in 2014, twenty more states will consider the issue.

We’ll keep you updated on state-level bills and voter initiatives as they come up, and will continue our boots-on-the-ground advocacy efforts in DC.

In the meantime, do your part to keep up the momentum behind GMO labeling:

  • Know who’s spending millions to defeat GMO labeling (see our infographic below).
  • Combat Big Food and Big Biotech’s campaign of misinformation by reading our reports on GMO labeling and food prices, as well as the economic, environmental, and human health impacts of GMOs.
  • Share what you’ve learned—including our Demon Weeds video—with family and friends!

Advocates of GMO labeling, keep your heads up. We have facts, time, and the Right to Know on our side.

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