Ban Arsenic and Antibiotics In Animal Feed

Ban Arsenic and Antibiotics In Animal Feed

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Stop the Power Grab by the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources!

Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources has issued an Invasive Species Order, supposedly to help stop the spread of feral swine. But in the order, the swine are identified by such ubiquitous characteristics that most any open-range pigs, especially heritage breeds raised on small family farms, are defined as illegal “invasive species” and are thus unjustly threatened with eradication. Ask Gov. Rick Snyder and Michigan legislators to repeal the Invasive Species Order and support the heritage breeds of pigs being raised by small farmers.
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Tell FDA to Withdraw Approval of Antibiotics in Animal Feed!

Please tell FDA to stop creating ineffective voluntary standards, and finally complete the process they started 35 years ago. Tell them to withdraw approval of non-therapeutic uses of antibiotics in animal feed immediately, as ordered by the court.
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“Big Farma” Still Trying to Hide Their Dirty Secrets

Five states have introduced seven different “Ag-Gag bills” to silence people who try to expose CAFO practices.

Arkansas residents

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Indiana residents

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Nebraska residents

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New Hampshire residents

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Wyoming residents

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Tell the FDA to Ban the Overuse of Antibiotics in Farm Animals
The US Food and Drug Administration issued draft guidance on June 28 for reducing the use of growth-promoting antibiotic drugs for meat-producing animals. Their concern is that the antimicrobials contribute to drug resistance in humans, which could then lead to the development of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Antibiotic use in animal agriculture has been linked to human bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics. Mounting evidence suggests that widespread overuse of agricultural antibiotics also may be contaminating surface waters and groundwater, including drinking water sources in many rural areas. Nonetheless, agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry are fighting hard to thwart restrictions on the use of antibiotics in agriculture.
The public and industry will have 60 days to comment, and the FDA will then use those comments to consider its next move. Please fill out the information below and follow the steps to send your public comments to the FDA.

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Read More About Toxins in Animal Feed:

Feedlot Animals Receiving a Double Dose of Antibiotics
cornfeedJune 18, 2012
FDA doesn’t seem to care.
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FDA Asks Big Pharma to Please Consider Reducing Routine Use of Antibiotics on Farm Animals
fda-antibiotics-agriculture.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smartApril 17, 2012
Read it for yourself, and decide if it’s as namby-pamby as we think it is.
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Surprise: Antibiotics May Be Contributing to the Obesity Epidemic
obesity antibioticApril 3, 2012
Worse, their overuse may also increase our cancer risk.
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Flawed Red Meat Study: You Are What Your Food Ate
raw beefMarch 20, 2012
Are beef eaters doomed to an early death?
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Big Farma Once Again Walking All Over Your Safety—and the Constitution
Ag GagFebruary 21, 2012
The agriculture industry is trying to make it a crime to be an undercover investigator at a factory farm. Goodbye, whistleblowers! Farewell, freedom of speech!
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Big Farma Convinces FDA to Take a Dive
CP-antibiotics_w500January 10, 2012
Just as everyone was making last-minute holiday preparations, the FDA quietly announced they would no longer try to restrict the routine use of antibiotics in animal feed. An Action Alert update!
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The European E. Coli Outbreak: The Real Story
E coliJune 14, 2011
Hint: Its not organic food.
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Superbugs: Will Millions Die Needlessly Before We Act
drug resistant bacteriaMay 24, 2011
Drug-resistant bacteria—“superbugs”—are becoming a global crisis. But the government not only thwarts the development of new antibiotic drugs. It also willfully ignores powerful natural therapies and cures.
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Tell FDA to Ban Arsenic in Animal Feed!
June 14, 2010
The chickens you buy at the grocery store are given feed with arsenic added to make them gain weight faster. Yes, arsenic—the deadly poison and carcinogen. A petition had been filed with the FDA to remove arsenic from animal feed and the FDA had until June 15th to respond. ANH-USA forwarded the thousands of comments our readers submitted in support of the arsenic ban to the FDA. Thank you all for taking action!
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Antibiotics Being Used to Excess in Farm Animals
July 28, 2009
The deputy FDA commissioner testified before the House Rules Committee that feeding antibiotics to healthy farm animals should stop. Experts say that prescribing too many antibiotics leads to super-resistant bugs.
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Food Safety and the FDA
April 14, 2009
According to the editors of Scientific American, “the security of our food supply is at risk—in ways more noxious than anyone had feared.” The article refers to the FDA’s action in 2008 reversing the ban on the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in farm animals.
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FDA Reverses Its Order on Antibiotics in Animals
December 23, 2008
The FDA has changed its mind—again. Despite the mounting concern over antibiotic resistance, which is known to endanger human life, on November 25 the FDA revoked an earlier order that was set to take effect November 30 which prohibited the use of cephalosporin antibiotic drugs in animals.
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